Salvation has its Price; Greed is not Free

Salvation has its Price; Greed is not Free

Posted on October 28, 2021 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Salvation has its Price


Two days before Alcatraz lockup


Los Angeles, California


Hollywood had a lot on his plate.  Rightfully so.  His mind was on Rumble at the Rock, in fact, he was obsessed with it.  He was so damn obsessed with it, he wasn’t business mindset with what was going on with everything else.  Hollywood used to be able to juggle multiple things at once.  He was the task setter when it came to multitasking.  Long gone are those days, though, as Hollywood focuses on one, big picture.  His mind has been on that picture for quite sometime and everything else was just cannon fodder.  Hollywood just sits staring at a wall as his mind has gone wandering.  He was at the Los Angeles Police Department and sitting in Buck Wringley’s office.  He continues to stare off into space as his eyes look glazed over, but not from any drug you would normally think.  No, his eyes were filled with greed, the need to control everything and if he didn’t, find a way to control it.  Hollywood had to control the situation, it was what he was best at.  Even still, he doesn’t move as Buck charges into the office.


Buck Wringley: “Hollywood, ole chap!  I think we’ve got ourselves a lead, brother!”


Silence is all that follows.  Of course, the lead Buck was talking about stems back from the last confrontation Hollywood had with The Chair and how botched and quick that mission went which resulted in Hollywood’s girlfriend, Audrey, being shot and creating a rift between Gerald Reeves and Buck.


Buck Wringley: “Yo, earth to Hollywood, you there?  Did you hear what I said?  We finally got a solid lead on The Chair and this time we really think we can nail this sucker!”


Again, nothing.  Hollywood doesn’t even show any emotion.  Audrey was still laying in the hospital fighting for her life which sent Hollywood on a blood path with literally anyone who came in contact with him, let alone got in his way.  Hollywood was checked out emotionally.  Revenge was on his mind, but it seemed like it took a backseat ever since Hollywood returned from Alcatraz the first time.  Here he was getting ready to go back and he hasn’t been the same since coming back from that two week stay on the island.


Buck Wringley: “God damn man…what is wrong with ya?  Gerald and I are trying to make up what happened to Audrey.  No one should have gone through that and I admit we had no right interfering the way we did.  We shoulda just trusted ya and Lukas because it was obvious you two already had a plan.  I see that now.  Can you please for the love of Joseph say SOMETHING!”


It was here that finally Hollywood snapped his head Buck’s direction and he just looks at him dead in the eyes.  It looked like the life literally left Hollywood’s eyes.  Hollywood just shakes his head as he shrugs his shoulders towards Buck.


Brian Hollywood: “What do you want me to say, Buck?  Thank you?  You and Gerald really fucked things up, you know?!  I’ve already got a lot on the line.  In two short days I’m literally leaving in which case I’m going to be gone for two weeks and will literally have no contact with the outside world.  I’ve got a chance to not only win back my HOTv Championship, but I’ve got a chance to win this match and head off to ICONIC for a chance at the HOW World Championship.  Do you know how much that title means to me?  Do you know the history that championship and I have together?”


It was literally the last thing Buck thought Hollywood would be talking about.  Hollywood dedicated a good portion of his adult life tracking down The Chair, a man responsible for literally burning everything Hollywood loved to the ground and here he had a chance to potentially end it…but he didn’t even care.  Greediness has a tendency to cloud the mind and judgement and all Hollywood wanted to do was get back to holding the power he used to have.  How he welded it seduced him and blocked off the rest of his senses to the world.  He was sick but wouldn’t admit it despite hearing it from those close to him.  He was obsessed and he was about to risk it all just to get everything back.


Brian Hollywood: “After Rumble at the Rock, we can talk about what to do next.  Nothing else matters to me right now.  I mean, you said it yourself Buck, I’ve been after this man for years, what’s delaying it for a couple more weeks?  The Chair will still be here…he’s not going anywhere.  I don’t care about the rear view mirror right now…I really don’t.  There’s a lot of emotion there and quite frankly, I don’t fucking have the time for it!”


Buck Wringley: “Seriously, wake the fuck up Hollywood!  You’re sick!  Ya need help!  Ya have to put this stupid fuckin distraction behind ya and start carin again.  The Hollywood I know would have jumped at the chance to hear what I had to say and quite frankly, I’m really disappointed that ya don’t give a shit anymore!  Ya know what, though?  Fuck it!  Imma tell ya anyways and maybe jolt a few loose screws in ya head in the hopes it resets your caliber.”


Brian Hollywood: “Buck don’t you dare do–“


Buck flat out ignores Hollywood as Hollywood points at him but Buck doesn’t care and tells Hollywood anyways.


Buck Wringley: “The Chair apparently has some kind of deal goin down just a couple blocks from the Hide Out.  He’s gonna be there personally to oversee the deal to make sure it doesn’t go sideways.  Now, I’ve gotten this credible information from Gerald who has been working with the Spider…the Spider has been working closely in The Chair’s organization and he confirmed the meet up.  We don’t know the Spider’s identity because he’s being protected very heavily by the CIA but the information is legit.”


Hollywood shakes his head in defiance of Buck’s information.


Brian Hollywood: “You see this is the fucking problem Buck!  You can’t follow orders very well and follow my lead!  What ever happened with that anyways?  This is why botches happen and why Audrey is fighting for her life in a fucking hospital bed!  Call it off, Buck, or we’re going to have problems!”


Hollywood gets up from his seat and starts heading towards the door.


Buck Wringley: “Where the hell do ya think you’re goin?”


Brian Hollywood: “I’m going to prepare my flight to Alcatraz.  I’ve got one of the most important matches of my career coming up.  I don’t need these distractions right now.  Call it off, Buck.  That’s all I’ve got to say.”


Buck Wringley: “Ya just don’t get it, do ya Hollywood?  This could bring an end to ALL of our problems!  It’s not just you that are dealin with this threat from The Chair!  One way or another, this is goin down!”


Hollywood scoffs at Buck as he goes towards the door.  Before he exits, though, he leaves one final message for Buck.


Brian Hollywood: “If you don’t want this to get any worse Buck, you’ll call off the operation.  I’d like to think you still trust in my judgement.  Shut it down…”


With that, Hollywood starts to leave the office but not before Buck shakes his head defiantly and basically ignores Hollywood’s advice.  Hollywood rolls his eyes as he leaves the office.  He walks out of the station and heads to his limo outside as he gets inside of it.  The limo starts to drive off as Hollywood stares out the window.  Hollywood’s eyes roll a bit as it looks like he’s fighting the truth Buck told him and his own greedy agenda.  Hollywood’s mind goes to his match up at Rumble at the Rock and the need to seize all the power he can.  Seizing power has its limits and its consequences and Hollywood was definitely under the spell, drunk with gaining power again.  In almost a moment of clarity, Hollywood has one thought before pulling out his cell phone.  He looks down at it for a brief moment, almost unsure if he wants to go through with the one thought that popped in his head.  He didn’t seem to care, though, as he was so occupied with regaining the HOTv Championship, nothing else mattered to him.  It was in this moment that we witness a moment in time that no one would come to expect would happen.  Hollywood shakes his head as he opens up his phone.  He scrolls to one number.  It was the one number in his phone that has called him before and Hollywood thinks for one final moment before the greedy glaze fills his eye one more time…enough to push him to what he’s about to do.  He dials the number as we hear it ringing.  Before long, on the other side of the phone, there is an answer and it’s the voice everyone has come to know well.


The Chair: “Well, well, well….this is unexpected indeed.  To what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call Mr. Hollywood?”


Hollywood remains silent for just a few moments.  Before long, clarity hits him as he opens back up his eyes and speaks confidently and strictly.  There was no going back after the words starting coming out of his mouth.


Brian Hollywood: “It’s come to my attention you have a deal and a meet up going down tonight.  It’s a trap.  Don’t show up tonight.”


The Chair: “Well this is an unexpected development.  I like to know how they got that information.  Of course, I only told one person and now I know I have a rat in my organization!  I’m not sure why you are telling me this…but coming from you, I know you have your sources so thank you Mr. Hollywood for re-instilling my confidence in you.  You sure are full of surprises!  I appreciate the kind heads up…so you go deal with what you have to and I’ll go deal with what I have to now!”


The conversation ends as Hollywood inadvertently just signed the Spider’s death warrant.  Hollywood doesn’t seem to realize the repercussions of his actions as he’s completely blinded and fogged with the greed that rages within him and because of that, the salvation of Hollywood’s sins has its price as the scene slowly fades to black…



Greed is not Free




Long have I waited to actually become relevant in HOW again.  I never left, really.  The reality of the situation is that you have to know how to play the game.  I’ve played it all too well lately in HOW and there’s not a fucking line I won’t cross to get the job done!  As I sit in this cell, I have sat in anticipation for these cell doors to open so I can unleash my hell onto the world.  This seven deadly sins match has been something of a return to power and it starts at Rumble at the Rock.


I’m fucking through playing other people’s games.  If it doesn’t suit me, I put a nail in the coffin and I move on.  You could say I had a little bit of a hand for being involved in this match up.  This will prove to pay off for me and I’ve been waiting for a payoff for a long time.  The seven other people in this match, what do they really know what awaits them?  Greed has and will always be the worst of the seven sins…not because the price costs everything, but it’s because greed is methodical.  I am the one man in this match who has had the consistent momentum on my side.  I found what was missing and I used it to reign in my destruction on everyone around me.  There’s not one person in this match who is taking it more seriously than I am.


What you think Jeffrey James Roberts is?  He talks a big game.  Sure, he’s proven that he can stand among the elite but I do not fear him.  I can do whatever the fuck I want to in this match and I don’t have to pin him cleanly to win this match.  I can just take him out of the equation.  Pure and simply as that.  This motherfucker talks about living in prison.  He had a shitty childhood and I won’t even argue his validity of the life he had growing up.  That might give him an “edge” so to speak, simply because he’s spent a good portion of his life behind bars.  But the problem with representing wrath is that anger cannot drive you alone.  In fact, that’s how mistakes are made.  JJR, all you see is blood.  You can tout your anger all you want, but I was once driven by anger alone before.  You know what I fucking learned?  I learned that the angrier you are, the more prone you are of making mistakes.  All it takes is ONE JJR…just one.  If anyone knows me well enough, they all know that I capitalize on the mistakes of others and I do it without giving any fucks.


You’re mistake will be your complacency of being in a prison.  You have a blind spot, JJR, and I’m going to expose that ten fold and you will find out that you are just human as the rest of this in this match.  You’re violent tendencies don’t fucking scare me in the least bit and all it will take is one distraction with whoever you are destroying in this match and that’s when I’ll make my god damn move.  You may be a fear driven man, but you still have a mind of a child and that will forever scar your soul into oblivion.  If there’s one thing I’m good at over anything else, it’s exposing the weakness of others.  You are not immortal…nor are you untouchable.  You have to have more than hate in your heart to drive you further in this business and I’ve got six of them that make me the most rounded out sin in this fucking match.  At Rumble at the Rock, you will learn that even fate has its consequences and all it will take is one Executive Decree to knock you down to humility and I’m a patient man.  I wait for my shot and I fucking take it!  My shot will be heard around the whole Island of Alcatraz when I snap your dreams in half.  Did I say dreams?  Perhaps I meant your hopes because a man like you is incapable of having dreams.  There’s nothing else that drives you and I will prove that this coming Saturday night.  One way or another.


Another man who seemingly thinks he has a chance in this match is Scottywood.  Gluttony has it’s own price tag as well and Scotty, I know yours all too well.  Are you evenly mentally fit to be competing in this match up?  I know you’ve taken a few too many knees to the head as of late and you’ve got a few loose screws rolling around in your head.  I know you love violent match ups, it’s what makes you so good.  Perhaps you and I don’t need to spill too much blood against each other.  In fact, it’s in both of our best interests if we team up in this match up.  Let’s take out the rest of the competition and lets have a straight up fight between the two of us.  Like I said earlier, I’ve got some plans in my mind involving you beyond Rumble at the Rock, so why not team up and take the fight to the other six people in this match?  You seem to have your head on straight enough to recognize that there’s something there that benefits the two of us.


Gluttony has its limits too, Scotty, and I too have HOW World Championship aspirations.  I recognize a partnership when I see it and you and I have known each other long enough that we have each others best interests at heart.  But if we have to shed blood against each other, than so be it.  I’ll gladly cross that line because you and I have done it more than anyone else in this match, haven’t we?  We know each other more than any other man in this match up so do the math on that.  Why not team up to take out the rest of the field in this match and then just fight amongst the two of us?  Better odds, yes?  The question will be not only how bad you want the HOTv Championship, but I know you want a shot at Mike Best.  You seem to assume that he’ll beat Conor Fuse for the HOW World Championship.  So what happens when he doesn’t?  That changes the whole game right there.  But you said it yourself, you want to spill my blood the least in this match because you recognize there’s not only history there, but that we hold the best chances of surviving against everyone else so why not take the chance and knock the odds down just a bit more?


What haven’t I said about the Egg Bandits?  Let’s be honest here, we all know it’s in their best interests to align in this match and fight together.  The problem is when you have Envy, Lust and Sloth all fighting together, you have a recipe for a disaster that was waiting to be brewed from the start.  You can’t have Sloth and Lust working soundly with each other without having Envy fuck it all up.


Seriously, you three are a ticking time bomb.  Bobby Dean, Cancer Jiles and Doozer, the magic won’t be recreated.  You all are holding onto false hope.  I think it’s the lamest of the seven deadly sins right there.  Nothing good can come from Sloth, Envy and Lust and you’ll all implode before the match up really gets started.  I mean, you three are good at one thing and that’s fucking up something good.  The Egg Bandits may have been something of a successful beat at first, but once you break it all down and figure out how to burn it, the only thing you get out of that is failure and failure will follow the three of you for the rest of your miserable HOW careers.


Then you have pride in Steve Solex.  What flavor of the month are we going to get this time?  Seriously Solex, what happened to you?  You went from being a success in the Best Alliance and being the former HOTv Champion to being a fucking joke of a man.  No one thinks you’re a threat anymore and it seriously looks like you’ve lost a few beats and you really can’t figure it out can you?


Which brings me right back to QT Reese.  Again, why are you in this match?  You got an endorsement from HOW but really, what else is there?  Your light has failed and with it, you fell when I beat you for the HOTv Champion.  I figured you out pretty quickly QT, and something tells me everyone is gonna be gunning to take you out to win this match.


I’m not a prophet by any means, gentlemen, but this was always my match to win.  Simply put, you can’t predict against greed because greed can have it all and have it all I will…one way or another.


I’m coming for my HOTv Championship again and after that, I’ll officially sign my name on the dotted line for the main event at ICONIC for a shot at the HOW World Championship because if there’s one thing I know it’s this….greed can have everything because greed is not afraid to sacrifice it all just to obtain all the power once again.  That’s what makes me the dangerous one in this match gentlemen, and I’ll climb my way back to the top of the mountain….one way or another…because greed is simply not free…