RP #5

RP #5

Posted on May 23, 2023 at 1:50 pm by Christopher America

Excuse me one moment. I need to clean my glasses.

I mean, I heard the unmistakable, whiny, self-aggrandizing of Ray McAvay but the words coming out of his mouth are the words of Joe Bergman.

Oh… of couse! I should’ve seen it sooner, but, you know, the glasses were smudged.

I get it now!

Joe Bergman shoved his hands so far up McAvay’s ass that he found the open spaces at the base of the skull and is doing a very impressive ventriloquist act.

Look, Ray. I don’t know what it is. Maybe you, like Bergman, got dropped on your head. Maybe someone pulled a “sports entertainment” and Mick Foley’d your ears off. I don’t give a shit about your champion. He isn’t in HOW. I don’t give a shit whether he has more heart than me. Judging by his look, I’m sure Bill Dickinson has a heart three times larger than most people. Heart disease will do that. As far as his ingrown toenail, I’m not at all shocked that MVW has such piss poor medical care for it’s wrestlers that it does nothing to address medical issues big and small.

And hey, kudos to him showing up to challenge John Sektor for the LSD Championship. Did he win? Did he beat John Sektor? Or… oh gosh… was he not good enough? Was MVW’s pro wrestler not good enough to beat an HOW sports entertainer?


What a bad look for MVW, huh?

Yeah, I was shocked you didn’t order a restart to the match for the HOTV Tag Team Championships. But then again, that’s what wet blankets do. Cause nothing says “I’m a good promoter” like sending your fans home upset instead of happy, am I right?

Also, what do you mean by “Dusty” finish? Are you referring to Dusty Rhodes? Are you referring to the fact that weird endings seemingly happened a lot to Dusty Rhodes?

Ooh…. Oh no.

I hope you’re not suggesting that because they happened to Dusty more than anyone else that things were rigged in Dusty’s favor. I mean, to intimate or suggest that our great sport is somehow fixed is pretty lofty accusation, even for you.

Do me a favor, Ray. Focus on your company. Instead of looking to HOW for ideas or checking in on me, your favorite wrestler, how about you put out something worthwhile? How about you worry about getting more than 10 clicks on your website. How about you look to expand your base beyond Farmer Joe and the 10,000 children he sired with his sister to fill your arenas?