RP 1

RP 1

Posted on March 21, 2020 at 9:38 pm by Chris Kostoff

{Well, another week another match. This is a nice one tho. I mean a 4 man dance? First one that he is thinking of is Max. These two have had a few wars over the years. The funny thing about these two is that for as long as they have both been a aprt of HOW, they never really faced off as much as you would think they have.}

{But now, now this time this match is a bigger one than before. A title on the line. I mean he has held that title before so it is not like it would be something new to him. Maybe to the other two guys, we know MAx has held many a title in HOW. Is this rung any differ than ones in the past?}

{Look at it, I mean he has more tread on his tires than my man here, but…is it really that much? Is he really that more better than my boy here or are his wins a little more….family friendly?}

{Ah, well, regardless of what, this will be one heck of a match. Yeah there are two other guys in the match, but it is always fun to see Kostoff go against a all time great.}

(The scene opens up in a cloudless sky field. A slight breeze pushes the blades of grass. The sounds of foot steps crunching the grass comes into earshot as you see him stepping into the picture. He stands and looks around, with a thoughtful expression on his face. A slight grin crosses his lip as he takes a seat on the ground.)

(He tilts his head to the sky and takes in a deep breathe. He slowly lets it out as he gets back to his feet and begins to make his way farther into the field. The further he walks, the scene, slowly and slowly…drifts to darkness)