Return of The Calrissian: Episode VI

Return of The Calrissian: Episode VI

Posted on June 8, 2022 at 11:54 pm by Scottywood

So here we go, the final crunch until War Games.  Most everyone is cramming to prepare for what has always been the biggest match of the year in HOW.  Trust me, I wish I could say that Rumble at the Rock was the bigger night, but there is little argument that War Games is the premier show of the year.

It’s always been a match I have struggled in… rarely have I ever done well.  It’s in the late spring and early summer timeframe.  We are all getting out of that winter funk… or the hockey haze as I would call it.  Yeah, from October to April… and hopefully longer, hockey consumes my life.  Even if my actual job is that of a pro wrestler.

Maybe I should have gotten a job in hockey?  Sure a lot of you fuck in HOW would have preferred that shit from me ever coming here.

I really want this year to be different.  I really want to be a stand out… and not take a fucking mace to the face again like I did last year.  Fuck my jaw hurts even thinking about that shit.  Couldn’t even get my revenge against the fucker too cause guess what, he flaked out soon after the match.  Fucking surprise there…  Ugh, I’m just bitter.

This might be my… no pun intended… best shot at a memorable War Games performance.  I mean Fuse and Byrd seem to be holding their team together by a fucking thread.  While Team Best has cut some fat and pasted an upgrade into our War Games team to make us even better, even stronger as we head into the final stretch.  I know me and Stevens haven’t seen eye to eye for a long time… he may even fake pretend retired me.  But when it comes to skill inside that ring, when he is on his game and not being an idiot, he is tough to beat.

Meanwhile, who was the big pick up for team locker room circle jerk?  Darin Zion?  I mean, it’s no secret I have backed Zion for a long time.  I’ve stuck my neck out and tried to defend him countless times.  Yet he still act like he does… zero lessons learned.  Doomed to repeat the same shit over and over again…

Can someone get me another beer!

But Zion is easy target practice.  He’s like shooting fish in a bucket… with a fucking hand grenade.  Everything is dying… but it’s gonna be a fucking mess.  Hence why I made sure not to tell Frankie all this shit in my car, I just got that shit detailed.

What about the dude with the dumbass name?

Simon Sparrow?

No, not fucking a Jatt by any other name is just as fucking dumb.

Steve Harrison?

That is legit the most normal bland name anyone has even had in HOW.

Ben Reeves?

Fuck no  He will make his HOW in ring debut after War Games though… at some point.  When he is ready.  When Frankie is ready?

Kid may never debut then.

As I said before, there is only one place that Frankie would run off to when everything else in his life was crumbling apart.  The once constant that has always been there for him, no matter what.  LEGO.  Those glorious bricks have certainly never lied to him for nineteen years and hid one of the biggest parts of his life from him.  Also they have some sick Ghostbusters and Star Wars sets that will make you… well do nasty ass things that LEGO would certainly not approve their projects be associated with.

Scotty may have gotten a letter or two warning him against promoting their product.  Seems like The Hardcore Artist is not suitable to the family friendly brand that LEGO promotes.  You know they won’t make any kind of realistic weapons?  Only shitty words and musket guns.  You know, like the only kind that the founding fathers knew about when they penned the second amendment.

Too fucking deep for a Scottywood promo?  Too fucking bad… be apart of an actual solution and not just suggest locked doors, man traps and arming certain building more hardcore than fucking prisons.

Fuck, we were talking about LEGO and someone got sidetracked about fucking guns.

Point is LEGO is so pure, so genuine… just like Frankie.  Sure, I bet they have their dark secrets too.  I mean the initials of one of the leaders of LEGO was KKK, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen… but that must still mean something horrible to the fuckers with the aluminum foil caps.  Fucking idiots…

So before taking off to Ukraine… a country that for months has been ravaged by a real war, to play a war game, Scotty took one last shot in the dark to try and start some form of healing for his family.  To try and make both Frankie and Ben realize what he did was for what Scotty thought would be best for them all.  What they both needed in order to make the most of a shitty situation and one day lead them both back together when they could actually be a team that could succeed.


May 23rd, 2022
The LEGO Store
Rockefeller Center, New York City

We see Frankie sitting in a near life sized replica of a NYC taxi cab with a much less life sized version of The Hulk next to him.  Usually he is overjoyed to be next to the big green guy… but today he just can’t even seem to crack a smile.  In his hand he is holding a LEGO version of Thor’s hammer… Mjölnir for all the Marvel nerds out there… or the one Norse God nerd there way before the MCU came to pass.

He tries to play it up like he is the God of Thunder, but he can’t even get into any kind of RPG mode.  How could Scotty lie to him for so long?  How could he keep something like this from him?  I mean did he really think that little of him all these years that he didn’t think he could handle this?

I mean he is currently sitting in a LEGO taxi cab next to a LEGO Hulk and holding a LEGO fantasy hammer trying to cope with all of this.  Soooo…..

But that isn’t the point to Frankie.  He should have had some input.  He should have at least been given some kind of a chance to voice his opinion and not just be forced down an avenue that he may not have wanted to go down.  That is how all of this started in the first place… right?

Finally Scotty walks into the LEGO store… relieved that he was actually correct and that Frankie was here.

“So you’re worthy?” Asks Scotty to Frankie who doesn’t even look up from half asses playing with the hammer.

“You tell me.  Seems like you get to make all the decisions for me anyways.” Snaps back Frankie as Scotty nods his head… understanding that for once Frankie is not wrong with his assessment of the situation.

“Ok, you got me there Frankie.  I’ve tried to protect you… for a very long time.  There is a lot of fucked up shit in this world… take it from me, someone who has been responsible for a lot of it himself.  I wanted to spare you from as much of that as I could, especially from what that bitch tried to do to you… to us all those years ago.  Maybe it wasn’t the right thing for me to do… but it was what I thought was best at the time.  I gotta live with that decision… and unfortunately now, so do you.  But you have to know… I was trying to do what was best.  I never meant to cause you more pain.” Tries to admit Scotty, pouring out an emotional rant that catches even Frankie off guard a bit.  Is this really the Scottywood he has known for some twenty years?  Is he showing… actual emotion and empathy?  Frankie hopes he’s not suffering from another brain bleed in his head.  Should he call 911?

“I just… don’t always want to be treated like a kid.  I’m thirty-six years old.  I deserve to… I should have some say in things.  I know the reality of things Scotty… I know I can’t do the things you can… but I just… I don’t know.  I know you’re always looking out for me… I appreciate that.  Don’t think I don’t.  It’s just… a lot to digest and I don’t know how.” Replies Frankie as leans into Scotty who puts an arm around Frankie, trying to comfort his son.

“It is then that the door to the store opens again… and there enter Ben Reeves.  He’s a bit reluctant to enter, but Scotty nods his head and the kid makes his way into the store towards Frankie and Scotty.

“It’s not gonna be an easy road.  But together, together we country and make this work.  We can do something amazing and write a whole new chapter in the Woodson-Calrissian wrestling saga.  Star Wars was far from over after the original saga ended… and neither is our saga.” States Scotty as the Star Wars reference gets a smile out of Frankie… Scotty knows his audience for sure at the moment.

“We aren’t gonna do a prequel story though… no one wants to go back in time and relive a bunch of stuff though.  They want new, they want the future… they will want you Ben.” Says Frankie as he continues to smile and extends the LEGO Mjölnir towards Ben.

“You are worthy.” States Frankie as Ben smiles back at his father and takes the LEGO toy from him, easily wielding it as the new prince of the Calrissian family.

“Thanks… Dad.” Replies Ben as he flips the hammer around and catches it back on the handle.

“But we got a lot of work to do still Ben, like I said, this isn’t going to be easy.  First your ring name… I know the Star Wars reference the family picked in naming you Ben… but the name Ben doesn’t have the best reputation here in HOW.  So how about…” Tries to suggest Scotty until he is cut off by Frankie.

“I know the best name ever!  Frankie!” Exclaims Frankie with a huge fucking smile on his face as Scotty just shakes his head with a smirk.

“No… Frankie is a horrible wrestling name.  That shit inspires zero fear.  But you have half a good idea.  What about Frank?” Proposes Scotty to Ben who nods his head, not at all hating the idea that Scotty has.

“Frank Reeves?  Not bad at all, I actually like the sound of that.” Smiles Ben… or now Frank I guess as the trio finally make there way for the exit the LEGO store and together as a family make there trip over to Ukraine… for Scotty to fight in one more WAR.