Posted on October 14, 2022 at 8:41 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Bobbinette Carey and her MILF friends beat me down with barbed wire wrapped Kendo Sticks.

Was that a statement that I thought that I’d ever have to make? Of course not, but it happened last week, long after Chaos 012 went off the air. Some people would say I deserved such a beating and maybe they’re right. I am no Saint, and I never will be. Getting jumped by a bunch of angry women using Scottywood branded dildos is just one of the hazards in the line of work that I do.

But see here’s the thing…

Forget the fact that these bitches went out and found a magenta-colored Golf cart to run me down with. Forget the fact that I was beaten bloody by three grown ass women who got way in over their heads. The end result is still the same as it’s always been.

I’m still standing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not 100% at the moment. And as I rub my hand over the stitches needed to close the wound on my head. It does nothing other than fill me with a rage that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. But I’m still breathing, I’m still kicking. I’m still able to stand up on my own two feet.

Obviously, leaving me alive wasn’t the plan when Bobbinette and her ‘HOME GIRLS‘ decided to try and jump me for my lunch money. Maybe they would have finished the job and made me suffer the ultimate comeuppance. But that didn’t happen because I had a friend watching my back.

Specifically, I had a 307.1lb STRONKEST MAN ALIVE watching my back.

But how? Why would I have friends? I’m the lowest form of human scum walking this planet. I’m a snake in the grass and a master manipulator. Someone like me shouldn’t have friends. I cannot be trusted. Just ask Conor Fuse, ask Steve Harrison, or you know wait ten second and Carey will tell you since she loves the sound of her own voice. They’ll all tell you the same story but there it was as plain as day. My friend STRONK Godson came to the rescue to save me from a handful of psychotic women.

For every criminal level act that I’ve committed in my life, I have friends that I can count on when times get tough.

I have The Board.

Although, we’re supposed to be just pawns to Lee Best. A group of brown-nosing egomaniacs that can’t pull our own heads from our asses. We’re supposed to be the ‘BAD GUYS’ in everyone’s High Octane fairytale. So, can I really call them friends?

Cecilworth Farthington is probably somewhere across the pond looking at himself in a mirror naked without anything on but a scarf while sniffing glue.

Strike one.

John Sektor? Eh, he’ll be gone and retired from HOW before this thing even airs on the website.

Strike two.

Michael Lee Best and his son Tyler? I’ve been rivals with them both. We’ve butted heads more times than I can count but at the end of the day. Whether they admit it publicly or not, I know I can count on both of them when the chips are down.

GREAT SCOTT might not be an official member of The Board, but the kid has a good heart. I am glad he is taking the HOTv Championship belt to the same heights that I took that title belt. GREAT SCOTT and I are ride or die and I know he’d run through a brick wall if I needed him at any time.

STRONK and Shelley… Er… Choi are more than just friends. They are like family to me and yes, sometimes family members fight. But when it really matters, I know STRONK would kill in my name. You all saw it, by the way Carey, how is the Mom Squad doing? STRONK is my friend, he is my partner, he is my business associate, and most importantly he is like a brother to me. We have a bond that cannot be broken by even Bobbinette Carey and the seafood factory between her legs.

I think I knocked it out of the park friend wise.

But that leaves the current HOW World Champion…

Are we friends or colleagues? Can I trust him, or can he trust me? Regardless of what happens Sunday night or at RATR, I will always have friends to pick me back up if I fall.


I am able to get results is why. I’m not a nice person, I’m not even a trustworthy person. I’ve hit women, I’ve tried to orchestrate murder of a fellow Hall of Famer. I’ve set someone on fire, but I still have friends. You can say The Board is as thick as thieves or whatever cliche you want. The point is, I haven’t had to sugarcoat much of anything, I haven’t had to exchange Christmas presents or babysit someone’s crib midgets. I haven’t kissed ass or any of that other Kumbaya bullshit that you people are fond of doing.

People are friends with me, and people align themselves to me because when the dust settles, I get results. I’m on a losing streak sure, but I’m still the LSD Champion, I’m still the last ever ICON Champion. I’m still Wrestler of the Year until someone else takes that crown. I am still a HOW Hall of Famer that actually matters.

Bobbinette Carey doesn’t get results.

Bobbinette Carey rides people’s coattails to relevance.

Ask Shane Reynolds.

Bobbinette Carey screws over her friends in their most important matches just so the spotlight can be on her and her alone.

Ask Scottywood.

Bobbinette Carey wasn’t even wanted by the other members of the Locker room War Games team this past year.

Isn’t that right, Harrison?

Conor Fuse, much like everyone else in her life, will soon smarten up and take that 235lb deadweight off his shoulders until no one is left.

But me?

I have friends.

I have The Board.

I have Christopher America to watch my back.

And that’s bad news for both of you.


TEN-X Wrestling facility.
Chicago, Illinois.
Friday, October 14th, 2022.

I was pretty exhausted by this point of the day. From the crack of dawn, I had been here in TEN-X to talk to and train with HOW World Champion Christopher America for our match coming up Sunday night against the odd couple of Bobbinette Carey and Steve Harrison. America had demanded that this would be a closed-door kind of deal. No students, no media, no cameras at all.

I had no problem obliging the Champion’s request at all but everyone else that was normally here training inside of the TEN-X facility? They were disappointed to say the least. I sat on the ring apron with a towel wrapped around my neck and a water bottle in my hand. It was interesting to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with Christopher America. A man that has won three different War Games matches wanted to pick my brain about tag team wrestling and how to be more cohesive as a group within The Board.

We worked on our tag team chemistry with two other trainers that America approved to remain inside and we also worked on submission moves and tactics where Steve Harrison was concerned. That was something else America wanted to pick my brain about since I have more experience when it comes to Harrison than he does due to our time in The Best Alliance together. America on the other hand seemed satisfied, at least for now, with the work we accomplished here today and wasted no time in heading off to his next destination.

I gave it a good thirty minutes before I allowed the two other trainers to open the doors to the students of TEN-X. They flooded into the building like they were actually going to catch a glimpse of Christopher America. I could see the inspiration in their eyes as they searched the facility for anything that Christopher America might have left behind or touched while he was here. I shook my head a bit and took another drink from the water bottle until one student decided to come up towards me instead of joining the Christopher America Easter egg hunt the other students were on.

“So, he’s long gone, huh?” A young student named Lance asked with disappointment written all over his face.

“Do you think you’d be standing here able to ask me that question if that wasn’t the case?” I gave him a look of amusement over his dumb question.

Lance just nodded his head and stood there awkwardly for a moment before coming up with his next question.

“What is he like?” Lance inquired as he tilted his head.

I raised my eyebrow a bit from the sheer surprise at such a question. I took a moment to think over my answer before responding.

“Everyone sees this big walking gimmick and an egomaniac but that’s just the surface. Many people don’t bother to peel past that layer and he’s happy about that. But the man himself? Well, that’s a complicated question. I would call him a thinker, a man that loves to absorb knowledge. He’s passionate but like everyone else he has his flaws and fears. He is a pretty private individual outside of the ring. But having a conversation with him? You’d think the man had a computer in his head.” I said with a chuckle.

I could see the smile form on Lance’s face as he was clearly an admirer of Christopher America.

“Did he really ask for your help heading into the match Sunday night because you’re a tag team specialist?” There was a lighter mood coming from Lance.

“Yes, he did.” I said simply.

“What did you tell him, and will it work?” Lance pressed for more info.

“You’re going to have to watch Chaos and find out just like everyone else.” I said, refusing to give out any spoilers.

Lance’s demeanor turned somber once again as he lowered his head. Another awkward silence hung in the air before he raised his head again.

“Is being selfish a bad thing for a wrestler?” His voice was barely above a whisper.

I turned my head to look at him before taking a deep breath.

“Lance, come with me. I want to show you something.” I gestured over towards my personal office inside of the facility with my head.

I hopped down from off of the ring apron and left my water bottle sitting there. I headed towards the office as Lance followed behind me. I opened the door and allowed Lance to step inside. I followed behind him and I closed the door behind us. I flipped the switch on the wall to turn the lights on as Lance stood wide eyed in the middle of the office.

“Clearly, you watched the promo that Christopher America did for this week.” I announced while walking past him.

I headed towards my desk inside of the office then turned around to face Lance as I leaned my back against it.

“Yeah, I did, it’s just Christopher America is a Hall of Famer. He’s the only Three Time winner of War Games and the current HOW World Champion. But there is no denying that his tag team matches haven’t gone well at all and–” Lance tried to explain but I held up my hand to stop him.

“Tag team wrestling isn’t something you just suddenly become good at overnight. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to build up that kind of trust with someone. You have to get on the same page with a partner no matter what the situation is in the ring. Yes, I gave America some advice and we trained together. but that doesn’t mean we’re going to suddenly be the perfect team. Clearly, there will be some bumps along the way but you could say the same thing about our opponents.” I lowered my hand.

“Okay, Christopher America says he is a selfish man. You’ve known him for a long time now. You should know if things turn south that he’ll throw you under the bus in a New York minute. How can you overcome something like that?” There was a mix of passion and desperation in his voice.

I simply smiled as I pulled myself away from the desk. I walked over to the large display case against the wall and slid the glass back. Lance watched as I reached in and pulled out a Championship belt.

“Do you know what this is?” I asked as I turned to face Lance.

“The HOW ICON Championship belt.” Lance said bluntly. “But isn’t that retired now?”

“Technically, you’re correct on both of those things.” I looked down at the title belt in my hands with fondness in my eyes. “However, it’s so much more than just that. This right here in my hands is proof that Christopher America isn’t just a completely selfish human being.”

“I don’t understand.” Lance narrowed his eyes.

“This belt here isn’t the same belt that I won from Tyler Best. No, this is the first ever singles Championship belt I won in my HOW career.” I took the belt and handed it over towards Lance. “The title was vacated at the time and America was handed the title. There was an open battle royal to decide an opponent for him and I decided to throw my name into the proverbial hat.”

Lance was focused on the ICON Championship belt in his hands, but I could tell he was soaking in every word.

“I managed to win that battle royal by eliminating John Sektor from the match. I was happy, but honestly? I was fucking spent and then came Christopher America ready to defend his title.” I paused, remembering the entire thing like it was yesterday. “In that situation it would have been easy for America to beat me and retain that ICON Championship belt.”

Lance glanced up from the gold plate of the ICON Championship belt to look me in the eyes.

“Right there in the palm of his hands America held the fate of a young rookie in HOW who was trying to go to the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. America hadn’t just competed, and he was in his prime. At that moment, he could have stomped out the small ember of a career that had barely started in High Octane Wrestling.” I lowered my head for a moment.

Lance remained silent as I raised my head and used my index finger to tap the gold plate of that ICON Championship belt.

“He could have crushed me before I ever really got started but that’s not what happened.” I shook my head side-to-side. “He might think he’s selfish and the fact that the world paints him to be some horrible person doesn’t help. Yet, that same Christopher America laid down for me in the middle of the ring. He let me pin him without lifting a finger and awarded me that ICON Championship belt in your hands.”

“Why did he do that?” Lance pondered out loud.

“I guess he saw something in me.” I smirked a bit as Lance placed the ICON Championship belt over his shoulder. “Right after that, I was invited to join The Best Alliance. I went on to win the main event of RATR and became HOW World Champion. I competed in the main event ICONIC, and I won the LBI. I broke the record for longest reign, I won title after title to the point people started calling me The Conqueror. America had faith that if he didn’t snuff out that small ember that it would turn into a roaring flame. Thanks to him I’m an HOW Hall of Famer and one of the best to ever do it. If Christopher America didn’t trust me to be able to provide results, then none of that would have ever happened.”

Lance’s smile couldn’t have blown away with a nuclear weapon as he admired the Championship belt on his shoulder.

“No one is completely selfless, especially not in this business. But Christopher America isn’t completely selfish either. He helped me take my first steps to HOW stardom. He sat back and allowed the members of The Board choose who would become HOW World Champion after winning his 3rd War Games match. Does that sound like a man that is too selfish to win a tag team match against the likes of Steve Harrison and Bobbinette Carey?” I placed my hands on my hips.

“Not at all.” Lance bounced on his feet a bit while holding the Championship belt.

“Looks good on you, kid.” I complimented him before taking the belt away from him much to his displeasure. “However, you’re nowhere near ready to produce the results necessary to rightfully hold something like this. I suggest you go out there and get to work if you want to have one of these with your name on it.” I pointed towards the office door with my free hand.

Lance nodded his head eagerly then turned and headed out of the office. I looked down at the ICON Championship belt last time before placing it back into the display case. I’ve accomplished a lot of things, but the ride isn’t over yet. I still wanted to keep climbing that mountain. I still had time left to prove that I could still get results when it mattered the most.


Steve Harrison.

While Bobbinette Carey and Conor Fuse got baited into a war of words with Christopher America, you remained focused on the task at hand. Get the win over the Champ and me so that you keep your momentum going into Rumble at the Rock.

I know what you’re thinking, and I can’t say that I blame you, but we’ve done this dance before, haven’t we? You had to bite the bullet and work together with Conor Fuse to get a cheap victory over GREAT SCOTT and yours truly. Congratulations to you on that, good job not being a total hot-headed jackass for a good fifteen minutes.

But is the result going to be the same this time around?

How low are you willing to stoop for a win that will ultimately mean nothing? Sure, in the record books it says that Steve Harrison defeated Jace Parker Davidson in a tag team match. But the reality of the situation? You were just there in the match because it was Conor Fuse that hit me with his Super Splash and got the pin. That seems to be a recurring theme in the career of Steve Harrison.

You won the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts as a guy that was ‘JUST THERE’ with Cancer Jiles.

The HOW World Champion at the time. The man that was on the hottest roll at the time and then there was… you. Your first taste of HOW gold and you had no idea what to do with it. Only Jiles got bored with the belt and teaming with you. And Lee Best didn’t think you were cut out to defend those belts with a new partner. So, he allowed the team of John Sektor and Jatt Starr to literally rip those title belts right from your hands and claim them as their own.

And can you blame him? Steve Harrison or two HOW Hall of Famers, you weigh the scales on that one, bud.

Ultimately, Jatt and Sektor lost those titles at War Games and thus the first ever Championship reign of Steve Harrison in the HOW record books that lasted a grand total of 36 days was nothing but a dud.

But it was a ‘GREAT’ title reign, wasn’t it?

So much so, that you both decided to run it back. You and Jiles regained the belts and in the only memorable thing that Steve Harrison has ever done. You injured Dan Ryan’s knee and put him in a retirement home for active wrestlers. Yay, a second title reign for the Miracle Mid… that lasted a grand total of three fucking days.

Cue the Whammy sound effect from the show Press Your Luck.

Lee Best was ‘SO’ impressed with that title win that he decided that the belts should just go away. With Steve Harrison as Champion the entire division was obviously in the toilet.

You know the rest of the story. Carey and Scottywood did the dumb cause of course they did. The titles came back and got passed around until The Highwaymen ‘WONthem. But Clay won the HOTv Championship belt and Solex was trying his darndest to beat Christopher America for #97red. So, good ol’ Steve Harrison got yet another reign, a hand-me-down one, but a reign nonetheless as World Tag Team Champion.

And then those belts were retired also…

But, because of Conor Fuse’s stupidity and Joe Bergman’s dumb luck. The Highwaymen won at Dead or Alive and became the first ever HOTv World Tag Team Champions!!!

Wooooooooo!!!!!! But then… uh oh…

Those belts were ripped from Steve Harrison’s grasp for a third time. Belts that were supposed to light PWA on fire with competition from all the different companies and… well… The Highwaymen lost them in their first defense.

All the potential in the world with those belts and then it ended in a big wet fart. 3-1 in a five-match series. The Highwaymen would have gotten swept if it wasn’t for Clay Byrd literally cheating during match number three.

At least there was the reign as LSD Champion.

Wait, this LSD Championship? The one in my possession? The one strapped around my glorious waist?

Yeah, that one.

You had a ‘NICE’ little run with her but ultimately uninspired and barely memorable.

Impressive… ly boring: The Steve Harrison story.

The old saying goes ‘Everything I touch turns to gold’ but with you, Harrison? It’s ‘Everything you touch turns to absolute shit.’

But this week will you be ‘JUST THERE’ or will you carry Bobbinette on your back to victory?

That’ll be fun for you, BUT I’ll still be the LSD Champion. Christopher America will still be HOW World Champion.

Sunday night win or lose, you’re still walking out of The Chase Center empty handed.

And after Rumble at the Rock? The Board or a Board affiliated wrestler will still hold every single Championship belt that HOW has to offer. The Highwaymen have been reduced to a laughingstock. Joe Bergman is out here begging Lee Best for a rematch for the HOTv belts while you’re demanding an answer from America on your wild match stipulation. And you call this success? You’re proud of this? You pound your chest and claim you were the glue that held The Best Alliance together?

What stage of brain damage are you at, Steve?

Why in the name of Bobbinette Carey’s Hardcore Artist, vibrating anal beads would you throw away the chance to sneak a victory and the title from America? All you had to do was keep him down for three little seconds but nope. I’m a badass who hasn’t done much of anything relevant in HOW so I’m going to toss that golden opportunity out of the fucking window. I’m going out on worldwide television and yell at the top of my lungs that ‘I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM THAT YOU GIVE UP!!!’ Bitch, please. Tell me you’ve never been the top guy without telling me you were never the top guy.

You had the nerve to call all of us a logjam of loud wrestlers with zero substance.

Motherfucker, were you looking in a goddamn mirror when you said that?

Loud, Brash, and Bald… that’s all you are Harrison. You can have the buns and all the fixings in the world, but you aren’t Arby’s. At the end of the day, you don’t have the meat, son. You’re a pot of boiling water in the landscape that is HOW.

Good for absolutely fucking nothing until something important is added into the mix.

You already know the deal here, Steve. America and I will do our best to beat you down and make sure you’re not 100% going into RATR. You’ll stand there shooting off at the mouth while pretending that you didn’t swallow your pride faster than Bobbinette Carey panties drop at the mere occurrence that someone talented says hi to her. That’s your partner, that’s who you have to depend on.

Newsflash… They don’t make water hot enough to burn away that shame.

Best case scenario for you is that you walk out of San Francisco still able to walk under your own power. And even then, come Halloween night? Bobbinette Carey will still be annoying, and you’ll be sitting there holding a bowl of cheap knockoff brand candy while second guessing your life decisions.

All the barking and posturing in the world isn’t going to change that.

Listen to whoever you want to. Side without whoever you think has your back. The end result is that you’ll just be the next Highwaymen member that tried and failed to climb the mountain. You’ll move to the back of the line and maybe it’ll be Bergman or Byrd’s turn.

And years from now you can tell all the little Steve and Rebecca pet sperm that one time back when you weren’t completely useless, that Steve Harrison was ranked #2 in the standings.

We’ll be here polishing all the belts we hold.

Facts don’t lie and the fact is.

You can’t get results like The Board does.