Respect is no Joke

Respect is no Joke

Posted on September 15, 2020 at 1:36 am by Brian Hollywood

THAT’S what I was waiting to hear from you, Mike.


Thank you for giving me what I wanted.  I know for a fact this isn’t some disguised joke from you.  I know better.  But getting what you want from someone like you is like pulling fucking teeth.  I see it as a legit accomplishment…and I don’t say that lightly.  It’s an accomplishment coming from a guy who actually fucking RESPECTS you.


There, I said it.  But I’ve said it before, Mike.  I’ve always wanted to be just like you.  You would have NEVER heard me say that ten years ago when I came into HOW.  It was all about war for us, still is but the pretense is different.  January 3, 2020 was a match up like none other.  It was close, it was serious and I gave you all you could handle.   Then I got kneed and I lost.  You’re right.  I spiraled down a path where I almost couldn’t get out of.  Then I won the HOW Tag Team Championship and started figuring things out for myself again.


But you’re right.  I haven’t been the same Brian Hollywood that faced you that cold January night and it has haunted me ever since because all I ever wanted to fucking do was impress you.  Impressing arguably the best HOW wrestler in history is no easy task.  I humbly took that defeat but I took what you said at heart.


Fuck, I even went to the Six Time Academy knowing that was the temple you built because I wanted to be BETTER!  Maybe it didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to but I still showed up.  Something did come out of it though.  I learned how to be better and how to be tougher.  I’m a champion today because of those new lessons I learned at your gym.


Don’t you see…all of this has been leading up to wanting that next match with you knowing the possibility my career could end or I could wind up dead.  But I pursue it because I want to PROVE myself, want to make myself BETTER!  YOU fucking taught me that, Mike, and I would have rather wanted to get hit by a fucking train back in the day than admit that I do today.  That is the TRUE amount of respect that I have for you.  I know how these HOFC matches work and I know you’re the guy that made this division what it is today.  But I wanted that chance to face you after the new path that I took because I felt like that was the only way that I could make myself BETTER no matter how punishing it might be for me.  That is where the true heart is, Mike.


This may be a fucking shoot between the two of us but I wanted you to know it was all out of respect.  I haven’t forgotten our match from that night.  All I want to do is out do the last match and I know I can do that.  That’s why I called you out.  That’s why I was as annoying that I was.  Because I know I can give you the match that you fucking want.  It’s the main event for fucks sake and our matches deservingly belong there like they always have.


This match can be and WILL be too.  I know we’re going to go to war again for the sole purpose that we’re going to destroy each other.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way, nor would I have the intestinal fortitude to give that to someone other than you, Mike.


We may never have teamed up or seen eye to eye, but I would be fucking lying to myself if I didn’t say I haven’t learned anything from you. We’ve always been on opposite ends of the spectrum but we’ve done some of the same things and have accomplished some of the same things in HOW and THAT’S the Brian Hollywood I want to give to you.


No bullshit.  No jokes.  Just honest truth.  Thank you for giving that to me again because it’s not easy getting that from you.


Everything has led us down this path and though we’ll be locked in that cage together I know one thing I can’t lose.


Respect. Because it is exactly what it is.  But respect is also used in another light that I want from you.


Earned. Even if I have to die for it.