Repetition: it’s what’s for dinner

Repetition: it’s what’s for dinner

Posted on February 11, 2021 at 5:18 pm by Steve Harrison


I feel like you and I are just not going to get on the same page, Dan.

The whole premise isn’t about you being a farmer.  It is about you being a soulless zombie that lives in a fantasy land where comprehension has become a noticeable sin.  You are a psychopath with more holes in your words then empty graves on your cattle ranch.  I apologize…I forgot you feed them with your hopes and dreams not actual food.

Silly me…I assumed you were at least adequate at this.

I don’t need your approval on my intelligence when it is coming from a man whose excuse for lacking any originality is “oooof uh…you are just dumb like everyone else.”  Fuck man…you got me in my feels.  Such biting commentary will earn you a podcast someday.  Your whole opinion on me is based on me being dumb and uncultured.  Yes…let me take tips from the guy who enjoys murdering people (allegedly).  You got me.  You are a cultural icon, cannot wait for your new blood-based cologne to come out you dried up husk.

Fixate much about one small comment about you having a failed marriage?  Your life is a mess, you are an emotional wreck with no concept of reality and all you got was that?  Look, Dan… what I said was true and I never once said whose fault it was.  So, yes…I do not give a shit about it.  This is not a GOTCHA moment this is just me needing to explain common sense to you and I am seriously going to yawn myself into a coma if you keep failing to understand.

I lost to John Sector and Jatt Starr and you lost to Cancer Jiles…what is your point, big guy?

The Miracle Man is not perfect, and it is that need for perfection that has cost me two victories.  But I came back stronger and defeated Jatt just weeks ago in this same very tourney where I will pound your shitty ass Ray Bans down your throat.  All of this is pointless though because this is in the past and doesn’t mean anything when you are locked in a cage with me.  There are first times for everything and just because you and Mike want to play Dirty Dorito in joy of facing each other again it is not going to happen.  I am guessing you guys just share the spoils since it seems you guys like sharing with each other.

This isn’t random…I just know you honestly cannot understand it and that is fine.  I hope to punch you so hard that you start understanding that you need help.  I am not going to be the one to help you but maybe LT will forgive you for almost killing her and forcing her sister into hiding.


I mean—crazier things have happened.

Sutler could get a stand up special.

Conor Fuse could move out of his mom’s basement.

Just keep your head up, Dan, we are all hoping it doesn’t break the ceiling joist you hang yourself from.


You are such an arrogant mindless dickhead that it makes me seem reasoned.  I by no means think I am a great guy.  I am an asshole who knows damn well he is just trying to get his dads approval by— you know…destroying him.  That is the Harrison life, Dan.  If I have no issue with going nose to nose with my father I damn sure am not afraid of Bruce Banner as a wrestler.  You are big grunting mass of idiocy that I am going to use as if it was a cadaver.  We will finally see what preposterous thing inside you has made you such an unbearable cancer on the world.  Good mumbling hypocritical bullshit about villains again.


Yea…we know you have been doing this since I wore Keds with the fucking Velcro.  Your past accomplishments mean very little to me right now.  I may have been in awe of them at one time, but I am not a child anymore and I don’t bow to anyone.  I have been an active professional wrestler for a little over a year now, Dan.  I was gone a long time so you are correct…I have a lot to do and eventually maybe you will give me the respect I deserve.

If not—I will just beat it out of you…

…You washed up human recycling bin.

Go Green, Dan and choke on your own vomit.