Remember the Titans?…Neither do I

Remember the Titans?…Neither do I

Posted on November 5, 2020 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

“Here I was again….fighting for my life.  The Best Alliance had done their damage.  They made their move.  Of course they did…I knew their ploys all too well.  So why couldn’t I shake it from happening?  Had I really gotten too far deep within myself and my new found sense of wrestling that I let this obvious fact escape me?  I had beaten Steve Solex…one member of the Best Alliance down.  Of course the shenanigans followed, but I should have seen the numbers game coming.  I was still soften up pretty good after my HOFC fight with Mike Best and after wrestling Steve Solex, I was pretty damn vulnerable.  The Alliance knew that, of course.  They had done their homework.  These were men I had RICH fucking history with.  Jatt Starr, John Sektor, they both knew me well.  Perhaps that’s why they took me out first.  They knew Matthews would be a sitting duck without me.  That’s not to dog on Matthews in any way…they just had the numbers game that night.  Well this wasn’t something I was willing to repeat.  They wanted a fucking fight?  I was going to give it to them.  By any means fucking necessary!  I knew this was fucking WAR!


The Alliance isn’t so much the same Alliance


“So are we really doing this thing?  I guess the trigger has already been pulled huh?  The Best Alliance is ONCE AGAIN interfering with my business.  I guess I shouldn’t call it old news.  I was always intertwined with them.  Lee is testing his soldiers.  Good for him.  But really, at what cost?  What is the fucking point?  This is 2020, not 2014 or 2015!  I took out his Alliance members then, and I’m going to do the same thing now!  Come on Lee….it’s what ultimately led to you recruiting me in the first place…to lead your NEW revolution of Best Alliance because you knew you found your knight in shining armor.  Yet here we are…doomed to relive history repeat itself.  I may be a much different man than I once was four years ago…but mark my words…I’m not that much different in that ring when it comes to execution.  We all knew your last Alliance was weak, Lee.  Now you’ve really recruited the big guns…brought in your All Star team….or should I say STARR team.  Now this week, I fight against a man who I have probably the most history with.  Jatt Starr.”


“Jatt, you and I are no strangers in that ring together, are we?  We’ve both had a very enriched history in that ring together.  You’ve beaten me on so many occasions…I’ve lost fucking count.  But Jatt was vulnerable at one point, and I figured out how to expose his weaknesses.  Now, here we are four years later doing it all again.  The thing you have to realize, Jatt, is that I’m a far different man than I once was the last time we fought.  Sure, even your daughter Gilda holds a victory over me….perhaps I can chalk that up to your wits and knowledge you gave Gilda so props on that….but I’ve hardened much since that match.  A LOT!”


“This time, Jatt, you face a man who has familiar territory with a man like you.  A man like you who is associated with an Alliance I know all too fucking well.  I get it, Jatt, I really do.  You’re a desperate man these days.  Now all the pressure is on you to perform.  You really want to find out if you have anything left in the tank.  Well if your match at Rumble at the Rock against Conor Fuse is any fucking indication, you really are just grazing by these days, aren’t you?  I mean….look at you.  Come on.  Even the latest rookie can tell you don’t have much left in that tank of yours.  Your physical appearance is different.  You’ve aged…and not gracefully might I add.  I mean Luke Skywalker looked a lot fucking better than the Jatt-I-master I see before me.  Give me a fucking break, Jatt…this isn’t 2011 anymore.  All those fucking catchphrases of yours are fucking outdated and nobody gives a fucking shit about them anymore.  Sure, maybe Lee still has a hard on for them….but who else is left that gives an honest shit?  The answer to that question, Jatt, is fucking NOBODY!  Sooner or later, the rest of your Alliance is going to see that your all washed up.  You’re going to go from the big shark in the tank to the little fish that is consumed by the bigger shark.  Sooner or later…Lee will turn on you, too.  He turns on everyone who can’t return his investments.  Luckily, I didn’t have to feel the cold hands and the fiery breath from the GOD of HOW because HOW closed down in my fucking prime.  I was on top of the world and I returned those investments to Lee and made him and HOW a fucking fortune.  I OWNED HOW for fucks sake…I know how the Alliance works….all too well.  Take your stablemate, Steve Solex, for example…”


“What happened to me after I beat him clean in that ring was an IMPULSE and I think you and John Sektor BOTH saw it coming…a mile fucking away.  Solex lost CLEAN to me and I know that didn’t make Lee happy.  So it has the rest of The Best Alliance on razor thin ice.  I know how it works.  You put so much fucking pressure on yourself, you know you have to perform at the top of your fucking game.  You have to do that WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT EVERY fucking week!  A single loss may be acceptable, but what does it show you and the rest of the Alliance?  What does it show Lee?  It shows there’s WEAKNESS among the ranks.  Sooner than later, Solex is going to be cast aside and it’s only a matter of time before you and John Sektor join him.  That is the pressure you face when you step into that ring with me this Saturday, Jatt, and you know it.  This isn’t going to be the pressure of facing a rookie at a PPV…no…this is the pressure of knowing what happens when you fail the rest of the Alliance, and Lee, most importantly….and you’re doing it against a fucking VETERAN this time…NOT a fucking rookie.  I saw how you performed in that ring and you almost lost to Conor.  Now what do you think is going to happen when you step into the ring with ANOTHER legend and a former two time HOW World Champion like myself?  I’m going to do far worst things to you than Conor could ever fucking dream of.  And I’m going to be giving you nightmares about it that will haunt you for the rest of your fucking life!”


“You should have stayed retired, Jatt….you really should have.  I’m going to make what your feud against Mike Best in your prime did to you look like a fucking pony walk.  You’re not facing Brian Hollywood, the fucking jokester from years past.  You’re not facing the comedic version of Brian Hollywood who likes to make subtle 80’s jokes and is one half of the HOW Tag Team Champions representing the Hollywood Boyz…no….you’re facing a man who always sees blood in the water when The Best Alliance comes gunning for him and knocking at his front door.  I know you and Sektor are gunning for these HOW Tag Team Championships that Darin Matthews and I hold.  I know these titles are what represents the Best Alliance.  They always have.  I know what this fucking formula is and because I’ve been around the fucking block here in HOW, I know what’s coming next.  That’s why I intend to end this shit right here and now before it even gets that far.  I’m aware The Best Alliance is one of the most notable tag team champions in history.  However…there’s one problem….there’s too many variations of the Alliance…and THAT is what honestly taints the Best Alliance legacy.  The problem is that there has been so many members that have held these titles, I don’t even remember all of them.  Do you really think you and Sektor are going to make that much more of a difference?  I thought Jatt Starr wanted to stand out from the rest of history?  Or was that the 2010 version of Jatt?  I really don’t fucking know anymore.  All I know is that you’re NOT that Jatt, anymore.  How could you be?”


“I always see red…I always see blood and I execute every time when a Best Alliance member is knocking at my door and breathing down my fucking neck.  Makes me twitch, honestly, but not in the way you think.  It makes my first impulse turn around and fucking destroy what is behind me.  You wanted to revive an old adaptation of Hollywood?  Well you’ve fucking succeeded!  But maybe, just maybe, that wasn’t your intention.  Perhaps the desperate attempt and making you all look strong at the expense of Solex’s failure led you to an impulse that you really didn’t put much thought into.  I get it, Jatt…I really fucking do.  I’ve been down that road before…but it’s a road that has no destination.  It’s a dead fucking end and that’s where your career is heading in your twilight phase.  Don’t think I don’t know all your tricks by now, Jatt.  We know each other far more better than that.  At least…I like to think so.  But that is the problem with you, Jatt, is your impulses.  You really thought you and Sektor got the job done at sidelining Matthews and myself?  You really thought you didn’t have to do anything to take these HOW Tag Team Championships away from us?  Perhaps you were really hoping that Lee would award you and Sektor for your efforts at taking us out and sidelining us by stripping us of the titles and awarding them to the two of you.  You obviously don’t know me as well as I thought, Jatt.  I always come back stronger and angrier than the last.  I always get my vengeance and revenge will be my next play against you because revenge is a dish best served fucking cold…and believe me when I tell you this, Jatt, I’m feeling pretty fucking COLD right now!”


“This Saturday will be my next strike against my supposed revived campaign against The Best Alliance.  You know I’ve honestly given it some thought…if history really is doomed to repeat itself here…how do we really know this isn’t a courting process?  I mean, the last time I took all you motherfuckers down, I ended up running the damn Alliance.  Can’t lose against them, join them, am I right?  Of course, I was a different man back then.  I had a fucking conquest, I wanted to run fucking HOW and that’s what I did.  I made a deal with the devil..and perhaps that’s what’s happening here as well?  Who knows…but I can tell you that this strike is going to deal another blow to the Alliance.  And if history has anything to say about it, I believe I won our last encounter, Jatt.  That’s also when you were quite younger and didn’t have the problems you have, now.  I know Lee wanted you in the Alliance more than he wanted anyone else.  I know you’re his true golden boy because Lee likes to relive the past.  The problem with that, though, Jatt is that time ages us all.  I may not be young anymore either…but I’ve adapted and have grown in my wrestling ways in that ring.  I’ve made myself stronger, edgier, and damn near composed in that ring.  I’ve evolved with the times, Jatt, what have you done?”


“You know, there is a sense of familiarity with this story, Jatt.  I was a different person when I last spoke of this fable….but the story of living in the past really is the death of a mans perspective.  It’s also the death of an ego.  I’ve killed people with far less ambition for next to nothing…what do you think I’m going to do against a man I know so much?  A man who literally represents everything I hated about evolving myself back in 2015 and 2016?  I buried my past and moved on and it only evolved me.  I took one look in the mirror at myself and wanted to return to that timeline when HOW opened its doors again and it nearly ended everything for me.  It nearly destroyed me and I vowed from that point on never to do reflect on that again.  That’s why I evolved and bettered myself.  That’s why I left everything behind in search of understanding wrestling at a deeper level, a much agile level and a much more aggressive level.  And since I took that turn, I rediscovered myself….REINVENTED myself!  I made a god bleed and I won the HOW Tag Team Championships.  I then took a member of the Best Alliance down…now I have the chance staring me in the face again.  Only I’m going to enjoy this opportunity far more than I enjoyed it against Steve Solex.  I have the chance to take down not only a premiere player of the Best Alliance, but I have the chance of taking down a HOW Hall of Famer.  These opportunities don’t come often, so when they do, you have to make the best of them.  So here we are, Jatt, and here we are about to face off against each other in that ring once again.  A revived rivalry renewed.  But you’re not stepping into the ring with a familiar Hollywood here, are you Jatt?  No…you’re not…”


“You’re stepping into the ring with a fucking war machine.  You’re stepping into the ring with a man who is going to end all of your cheeseless puns and you’re pathetic attempt at being relevant again.  Let’s be honest with each other…you THINK you know which Hollywood you’re stepping into the ring with…but you really don’t, Jatt.  I’ve been able to adapt to the times…I’ve been able to evolve with HOW and it hasn’t been easy..that much I will admit to you.  But the truth of the matter is….I’ve always looked out for number one and I’ve always found a way to be a better man than I was yesterday.  That is why you really have no idea what awaits you when we lock up in that ring on Saturday night.  You started a war that you have no idea how to win…how to carry and how to forge.  I’ve lived and made a living on capitalizing on moments like these, Jatt, and the truth is you haven’t been back long enough to realize just how much.  Sure you were able to beat Conor because he doesn’t know you like I know you!  The fact of the matter is, Jatt, I think you really have no idea how to approach our match this weekend.  I really don’t think you do…”


“But that’s OK!  That’s why this match is happening.  That’s why I can ENLIGHTEN you.  I can TEACH you that you’re in way over your head this time, Jatt.  You should have stayed fucking retired because at least you were at peace, then.  Now, though?  You are at odds with yourself because you really don’t know if it was the right move or not coming out of retirement.  I really hope you’ve been training…because I have.  I may know I’m facing an older Jatt…but that hasn’t stopped me from rigorously training in anticipation for our match up this weekend.  I really don’t know how you can be at peace with yourself.  I get that time changes us all.  I’ve often wondered when I would hang up the boots.  I’ve often thought about the moment that I did, what would happen years later when I wanted to come back?  When I felt that itch to get back into the ring.  The problem here, Jatt, is that I’ve been wrestling actively for years and you haven’t.  You managed to pull out a victory at Rumble at the Rock, but it was my understanding from watching your match that it was only by a cunt hair.  It’s not going to be the case when we lock up in that ring this weekend.  I refuse to be a pawn in a game of leverage and stepping stones to something bigger in HOW.  FUCK THAT SHIT!  This is about ending something quickly before it ever becomes a fucking thing.  But I digress…I know what I’m in for this Saturday….I really do.”


“I know what awaits me if I beat you in that ring, Jatt.  I even know what happens when I threaten to beat you in that ring this Saturday.  You’re going to become insecure and that’s when your Best Alliance buddies come to save the day and save you from another CLEAN loss!  Another CLEAN win that I could rack up in the win column against The Best Alliance.  The sad reality is that I already know that scenario, Jatt, because I’ve seen that in the playbook far too fucking much to know that possibility is more probable than knowing who shot first between Han Solo and fucking Greedo!  The writing is on the wall, here….and even though Darin Matthews may still be recovering from his injuries, far being more severe than mine, I’m far ready to fight a numbers game this time than I was when I took out Solex.  So the ballot has been cast and the war drums are revving up.”


“This Saturday night…I will take great pleasure handing the Best Alliance yet ANOTHER fucking loss because that’s what I fucking do here in HOW when the Alliance comes knocking.  Again…who really knows the real narrative behind the obsession with coming after me again.  All I know is be careful with how you mess with history.  Be careful with how you approach opening old wounds and rehashing old wars….because I’m a master of the craft.  Only this time…I’ve had more time in making myself better…making myself more ring aware…and more time in adapting my wrestling abilities in that ring.  You have not faced me in that ring since I have adapted it, Jatt, and you’re making a grave mistake in trying to find out for yourself in the harsh consequences in what happens when I pin you cleanly in that ring.  What happens, though, when you lose?  I’m quite curious as I’m sure you’ve thought about that very question.  Maybe you haven’t thought about it so much because with being in the Best Alliance, you feel that you are untouchable?  Might I warn you….Solex sealed his fate on that very curiosity.  He bragged change as well and I ended up making him pay for it harshly.  What happens when you’re that next domino to fall?  The only one to stand in my way at that point, logically, HAS to be John Sektor, am I right?  I know this game…I know this formula, Jatt, and you’re going to be in for a rude awakening this Saturday in finding out that very answer to that question.”


“The only thing I know is that it will be just another basic instinct in my quest to absolve HOW of the old Best Alliance once again.  And it won’t be fucking pretty, either.  One way or another….this Saturday will just be another lesson to be learned when you cross paths with a man who knows The Alliance more than ANYONE here in HOW when he’s on opposite sides of the ring from them!  Be careful with fate, Jatt, because you never know when you’ve awoken a former HOW World Champion longing to climb the ranks in HOW once again only with my own agenda!  That is the dangerous game we play in this business….only I know what I seek in all of this.  Do you?  Can you honestly answer that question, Jatt?  I don’t think you can…”


“This won’t be fun and games this Saturday, Jatt.  This is going to be all business.  The time for games is over and you and your Alliance took that shot that you shouldn’t have.  Only this time….I’m going to fucking END it before it evolves into a more obsolete idea.  Mark my words Jatt…..I FUCKING MEAN IT!  I’ll see you Saturday….”


“Don’t fucking test me!  I’m not in the mood to push this any further than it needs to be…just don’t be upset when the result is something you had no preparation for in the first place.  All you have to be is mad at yourself for finding out what happens when you poke and prod at someone who doesn’t want to be fucked with….but will use it to my advantage all to the hopes of pushing my own agenda.  You asked for this, Jatt….just remember that…..”


“Just remember that….”



The scene opens up…but not in the familiar Los Angeles area that we all know.  In fact, the scene opens up just outside of an old abandoned dock outside the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois.  We see Brian Hollywood and Lukas Montana waiting patiently at a harbor as the sun has already set.


Lukas Montana: So the Chair is back?  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.”


Brian Hollywood: “Well, in a matter of speaking, yes.  I just know it’s him.  Buck and I met with a couple of trusted businessmen I’ve had dealings with over the years.  They seem to have matched up with a theory of mine pretty well.  Everything seemed to have checked out.”


Lukas Montana: “Yea…I get that…but how do we KNOW it’s The Chair?  I mean…you’ve been obsessed with him for quite a while and we’ve had no evidence that he’s even resurfaced.  I’m not calling you a liar…I’m just saying it’s been a couple years since we’ve even heard anything from the guy.  What makes you think it’s him?”


Hollywood understood Lukas’s doubts.  Lukas had been away on some business dealings of his own.  He used to be an enemy of Hollywood’s, but the two had set aside their differences and had come together in unity against The Chair.  The Chair had also threatened Montana Industries Corp so the two had a common enemy.  Hollywood nods his head at Lukas’s questions, though.


Brian Hollywood: “Trust me, Lukas, I wouldn’t have brought you here if I wasn’t a hundred percent sure.  It just so happens that the businessmen that Buck and I had met with knew reputable sources as to the insurance company that had supposedly financed the covering of the fire damages of Hollywood Enterprises.  I did some prying….because I came to find out that this company also had ties to the mafia.


Lukas Montana: “Whoa…the MAFIA?!  What the fuck man?!  That’s some heavy shit!  We shouldn’t be getting tied up with guys like that…especially the fucking Mafia!”


Brian Hollywood: “Normally I would agree with you….but it just so happens that my Grandfather had ties to the mafia…”


Lukas Montana: “You’ve got to be kidding me right now….man this is some deep shit we’re in now…”


Brian Hollywood: “If only you knew…”


Just then one man surfaces and makes himself known.  But he stays in the shadows at first.


Man: “I hear you guys are looking for some information on the insurance company financing Hollywood Enterprises explosion.”


Brian Hollywood: “That’s right.  I’m led to believe you have information on that very thing.”


Man: “As a matter of fact, I do…but I don’t think you’re going to like how I know that…”


Brian Hollywood: “How do you know that though?  Who are you?….”


Just then…the man steps out of the shadows and Hollywood is shocked by the face he sees..


Brian Hollywood: “It….it can’t be….”


The man steps into the light and we see that it is a former member of the Men in SUITS as Hollywood is left speechless as the scene slowly fades to black….