Regarding Hollywood

Regarding Hollywood

Posted on October 14, 2022 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Was I truly blinded so much that I didn’t see this moment coming?  Did I really feel so fucking invincible that I was so fucking arrogant and foolish not to consider this moment could possibly come?  There’s a saying…an old age adage if you will that describes a moment in someone’s life that they will know who their true friends are in your darkest hours….Is that even really fucking a thing?!  If it was, than it was fucked up what my mind was telling me.  Here stood supposedly one of my best friends in my life who had been there through thick and thin for me..but the only problem is I couldn’t fucking trust him in THIS moment.  I thought your best friends stood by your side ALWAYS.  I thought your best friends would have your back no matter what you were going through or how distant you may be at times.  We all have those moments but do we all have those types of friends?  I was beginning to question everything as I stand here with a proverbial knife lodged in my back.  However, it wasn’t sorrow I felt.  It wasn’t pity and it sure as fuck wasn’t regret…I’ve been feeling less and less with each passing day as the revenge and hatred within my heart grows stronger and wider within me.  I’ve acted on those feelings and they were feelings that I was actually enjoying.  So was it really a concern that I felt when one of my best friends double crossed me?  I guess not…because in all reality…the man I’ve become as I’ve hardened my heart already expected this to happen and that’s because I had another friend that I had been relying on lately and this man that I called friend would have terrified me months ago…but that was definitely not the case.  I was most definitely going deeper down that rabbit hole and my expectations have changed so much that it has undoubtedly changed me completely to the point that who I was was not the same person that I am today.  It was evident that that Hollywood was dead and any signs of bringing him back flat-lined finally with no trace or reminiscence of my former self resided within me any longer…good riddance trimming what made me weak in the first place.






I would be lying if I said I wasn’t massively disappointed who I’m facing this week.  Sure, last week I got my bell rung…but you know what?  It was exactly what I wanted.  Could I have beaten Clay Byrd if I wanted to?  I know I would have this time.  But the truth of the matter is Clay was just another big man that I would face and quite frankly, I’ve gotten all the studying I needed when it comes to fighting big men.  I just needed that last little piece of the puzzle and Clay gave me exactly what I wanted.


If you’re all confused, I’m glad you are.  You see, I’ve won when I wanted to and I’ve lost when I’ve wanted to.  The best part is none of you have been able to figure out when I’ve been trying to do one or the other.  I have no problem revealing to you all my strategy in that plan because none of you would be able to figure out what I’m doing one week or the other and I’ve mastered that hidden craft to near perfection.  Take Scott Stevens for example.  I told him and I told all of you that I was going to beat him again and that I would take another shot at another member of the House of Best and I did just that.


I’m pretty prideful when it comes to taking down members of the GOD of HOW’s legion.  Whatever you want to call it these days, Best Alliance, House of Best, The Board…it makes no fucking difference to me..I’ve taken them down every chance I’ve gotten.  I guess you could call it a gift but some things never change over the years and I once again proved that by defeating the so called Demi-God of HOW.  If you want some help at Rumble at the Rock in putting Stevens down, Scottywood, give me a call.  What Lee sees in that damn fool I don’t know but once again I’ve done yet ANOTHER favor for the GOD of HOW in taking down another one of his supposed trusted allies.


I would say it’s a coincidence that I keep facing members of his alliance…but you all know me..I don’t believe in coincidences.  Never have and never will.  At this point you minus well just hire me as an emotionless third party player who doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him and eliminate any target that is put in front of me with no remorse or any fuck to give at all.  There’s an olive branch there…just a hint..if it benefits me in the long run and if it’s detrimental to a plan, we’ll see what’s there.  I know I’ve stated many times that I work better alone and there’s a lot of truth in that so I don’t have to worry about any fucking collateral.  Let’s just say I’ve learned a lot of shit and have a lot of experience being one of the best tag team specialists in this industry!  I mean, I am, after all, only one reign short of the best tag team specialist in HOW history, Mario Maurako.  You can put stock on that if you’d like…I really don’t give a fuck if you do or not.  Point is I’ve been in the tag team scene long enough and have enough experience to know that you can’t rely on a partner forever…not if you want to climb the ladder of success in HOW…which I’ve obviously done twice.  However, that is neither here or there right now.  This week, is about closing a particular door once and for fucking all!


I’m of course talking to you, Darin Zion…


Jesus fucking tits how many times do we need to do this shit?  If I could count how many times we’ve fought inside a ring, I’d be rich on that alone.  You just don’t seem to grasp anything in the present, do you?  Allow me to elaborate…


I’m sure I’ll get some fucking heat for saying this…but how many times do you have to change your persona?  Go with what works, right?  What’s all this LOVE Zion shit?  You sure got your bell rang the last time you were in that ring, didn’t you?  I believe it was against Frank Dylan James, right?  What happened after that match?  Please remind me…oh that’s right…Frank gave you such a brutal beating you had to take time off with how brutally beaten you were.  Man…such a tragedy..your pathetic ass was sitting at home nursing your pussy beaten ass wounds while I was still fucking fighting each and every fucking week!  I took nearly the same beating you did and I shrugged it off and begged to be given another match the following week.  You want to know what separates you from me, Darin?  It’s the drive.  It’s the focus.  You’re not stepping into the ring with the same Hollywood you once knew.  No…that Hollywood is fucking DEAD and you’re going to find out first hand all that remains…


Speaking of which…all that remains is the hatred and anger inside that I so desperately want to let out!  Unlike you, I’ve become accustomed to the pain and torment that gets dished against me, but I enjoy it even better when I’m the one who’s unleashing the pain and torment against whoever is across that ring against me.  You can’t even fucking fathom the person you’re stepping into the ring with this week and I’ll take great pleasure in showing you who the fuck that man is!


You want to know something, Zion?  After I get through with you this Sunday, the beating I’m going to give you, is going to pale in comparison to what Frank did to you.  When I get through with you, I’m going to be sending you on a more permanent holiday than the one that Frank gave you.  If you couldn’t handle the pain and torment that Frank dished out against you, then I’m afraid you’re not going to like what I do to you and I’ll make sure to make Frank’s attack on you look like a walk in the fucking park.  I’m going to do what I should have done to you a long time ago…I’m going to make sure to put you on the shelf where you belong.  Unlike you, I’ve always been able to adapt and change myself within the machine and that’s why I will always be better than you.  Who knows…maybe there’s a reason you and I were pitted against each other one more time and I’ll gladly indulge what the GOD of HOW has placed in front of me to prove once and for all to not only finally prove who the better man is, but prove that I am a threat in this company and that when called upon, I can execute my opponents and really channel the hatred that flows through my veins…that it gives me a high, an adrenaline shot…the euphoria of pounding my fists against the flesh of my opponents…for it is the only satisfaction I feel any more…


I’m secretly going to give you what you’ve always wanted, Darin.  I’m going to give you a way out of HOW..for you and I both know you’ve been plagued for far too long by the machine and you simply don’t have what it takes to be a cog of that wheel here anymore.  Then and only then…will I shift my focus to Rumble at the Rock.


Mark my words…I WILL be at Rumble at the Rock this year and unlike last year…I will make sure I walk out victorious.  One way or another…I will get onto that card and I will make sure my presence will be felt.  It’s almost as if Alcatraz itself has been calling my name.  I don’t need any time” off!  I will prove to be a more worthy contender than I was in 2020.  I will finish out this god damn year fighting each and every week…something that has never been done before in the history of High Octane Wrestling!


I don’t crave to beat a record.  I don’t crave to boast about my endurance or longevity of fighting every week…I just want to FIGHT! I just want to BREAK my fists into people and watch as the blood comes spilling from underneath their skin.  THAT’S what I fucking crave, Darin, and I will make sure I get what I want!  I had the most matches of 2020…and you know what?  It wasn’t enough!  I want MORE!  I want to keep fighting week in and week out…something no other person here in HOW has ever done.


You can call me crazy and you can call me suicidal…but for me…this is an opportunity to show that I have PLENTY left in the tank.  Hollywood is far from being finished and I challenge anyone to do the same.  But first, Darin, you are next up on the menu.  You’re going to wish that Frank did what I’m going to do to you this weekend.  I’m going to prove that you don’t have to be a big man to cause maximum damage.  Hell, I showed in my match against Frank that you don’t have to be big to do damage in that ring.  Same thing goes against Clay.  There isn’t anyone here in HOW who is crazy enough to ask for punishment more than me.


So come at me, Real Love…or whatever the fuck you’re calling yourself this week.  Come at me and find out what happens when you get into the ring with someone who only wants to dish out the most maximum pain possible.  You’ll have plenty of time to evaluate your career here in High Octane Wrestling when I’m finished with you, Darin.  But I’ve got my eyes set on more accomplishments after this Sunday, Zion.  Unlike you, I plan on fighting at Rumble at the Rock.  What about you?  I don’t get any indication you’re going to take our match this weekend seriously and if you can’t even do that, what makes you think you have any chance to fight at Rumble at the Rock?  You’ve failed yourself for the last time, Zion, and this Sunday I’m going to make it an Executive Decree to beat you within an inch of your life as I watch the blood leave your body and I won’t have the slightest bit of sympathy for you when it’s all said and done, Darin.  All I’ll be proving is that you still don’t have what it takes to measure up in that ring with me.  Unlike you, I’m looking to do more than just beat you this weekend Darin.  I’ll be looking to putting your ass on the shelf permanently because that’s where you belong, Zion.


So I implore you…bring your best this weekend Darin, because anything else will simply not be enough.  When this is all said and done, I’ll make you lesser of a man than you already are right now Zion, which is already an exaggeration…but I digress..


I know you don’t want to face me again for the millionth and one time.  But you just can’t help yourself each and every time we face off.  You have failed time and time again to defeat me in that ring and come time for Sunday, I will only prove why you still can’t get the job done.  In our many encounters you’ve managed to defeat me only a couple of times and that pales in comparison to how many times I’ve beaten you in that ring.  The difference this time is you’re going up against a Hollywood you’ve never stepped into the ring with and I’m going to make sure to make our latest encounter a nightmare for you that will effect you well beyond our fight this Sunday.


Take the moment in while you can, Darin, because this will be the last time you ever get a chance to face me ever again!  So I’ll make sure you remember our last encounter for the rest of your pathetic, miserable fucking life!





The scene opens up at one of Hollywood’s private air strips as he sits in the back of Buck Wringley’s car.   Hollywood is seen in handcuffs as he shakes his head looking out the window.  He still couldn’t believe that Buck double crossed him, but he always knew the possibility existed that he might try something like this.


Brian Hollywood: “Wow Buck, I must say…I didn’t expect you to have the fucking balls in pulling this stunt you just pulled!  I do want to mention, I hope you know what you’re doing because I won’t be detained for long!”


Buck couldn’t believe the gull radiating from Hollywood.  Was this truly the Hollywood that Buck had come to know all these years?  Was this the best friend he remembered of old?  Clearly he knew Hollywood had changed and not for the better.  In fact, Buck could barely recognize this Hollywood and he felt terrible because of it.  He definitely missed his best friend but the Hollywood he knew was clearly gone.  Hollywood looks on forward with an absolutely cold look in his eyes.  It was hard for Buck to bear but he had a mission he needed to stick to.


Buck Wringley: “Ya should have known better, Bri.  All these here years that Gerard, ya and myself have spent in combating The Chair, ya should have known that we would have never wavered…no matter how tough things would have gotten.  What happened to yer self, Bri?  It’s almost like ya don’t even give a flyin fuck about the current predicament ya find yerself in.”


Hollywood just smirks as he continues to shake his head…he really does have no worry that he’s been apprehended.


Brian Hollywood: “Honestly, Buck, I would have never imagined how much better I would feel knowing what I know now and how much time I’ve spent with The Chair.  Sure he was my mortal enemy…but there are things you simply don’t know about him that I do.  I would have never imagined that I would find things in common with him.”


Buck Wringley: “Bri…just listen to yer self.  You’re not makin any fuckin sense!  What could the two of ya possibly have in common?!”


Hollywood just scoffs as they get closer and closer to the precinct.


Brian Hollywood: “Buck…I want you to listen to me…we’re not going to make it to the precinct.  All I want is the file on Roberto Ramirez.  That’s it!  The fucker killed my sister and he deserves to die for it!”


Buck Wringley: “Ya see what I mean?!  Listen to what yer sayin, Bri!  You are not a violent man and yer not a murderer…please don’t take that plunge because once ya go down that path, ya can’t escape it!  Ya would pass the point of no return!  We’re not there yet…there’s still time to make the right call!”


Brian Hollywood: “I’m sorry, Buck…but there’s only one way this ends…”


Just then, two black tinted SUV’s come squeaking around the corner.


Buck Wringley: “What the fuck?!”


Brian Hollywood: “Sorry Buck…but I told you I have other plans…”


Both SUV’s run Buck’s car off the road as Hollywood reaches over and knocks Buck out cold with a shot to the back of the head.  Hollywood’s able to get out of his cuffs thanks to the men that The Chair had tail Hollywood.  Hollywood sees the file laying on the seat of the passengers seat up front and grabs it.  He looks at Buck for a moment before grabbing the file and fleeing the scene as the scene slowly fades to black…