Regarding Hollywood; What Exactly is Family? PT II

Regarding Hollywood; What Exactly is Family? PT II

Posted on November 18, 2022 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

God damn it I hate the holidays.  Christmas is one thing…but the prelude of Christmas with Thanksgiving?  How could someone have such bad memories around what is supposedly supposed to be the best time of the year?  Absolutely unfounded if you ask me.  Unexplained.  My entire career I’ve been able to explain the unexplained.  Never been a problem for me to make a statement when and where it mattered.  Being able to answer questions, solve solutions on the drop of a dime.  A lot of it was motivation to find a way, find the answers, but nowadays it just seems like that isn’t enough anymore.  What the fuck happened to me?  I’m aware of the passage of time and all of its fucking rules.  You know, the laws that tell us that none of us can outrun time itself.  Father Time catches us all in the end, just like Death does.  Is that really what I’m debating right now?  No…it’s a simple deflection.  I was always the master of the art of deflection.  But this is one deflection that I could never outrun or deflect.  The holidays?  Yep…always brought out the fucking worst in me..




When I was younger, right before my life really got complicated, things were never rough for me.  My father and my mother had their arguments, but they always made things work.  They made things work for my sister Serenity and myself.  We had moments that showed that we could be the perfect family ever…but there were secrets that ultimately destroyed my family.  The holidays…at least for a few years were the best times of my life.  Secrets do destroy families but sometimes fate steps in and ends them abruptly before the secrets have a chance to grow off the roots off of all the lies and despair.  Sometimes I want to say that I was happy that fate stepped in and the events that followed prevented my family from falling apart.  But no matter if it was fate or it was the secrets, my family still fell apart and I still to this day don’t know which one was more fair.  It eats away at my very soul and that the way fate interjected, it robbed me of the memories that could have been.  I can’t help but wonder if those two key events didn’t play out the way that they did, I could have made the most of the memories that could have been and at least could have prevented one of the disasters that fate had a hand in delivering to my family personally.


It’s why today I am bitter around this time of the year and it’s because of those events that reminds me that the bitterness that I have is what fucking keeps me going.  You know, keeps me breathing.  It’s just sad that it’s these two months that should remind me to act all year round.  These days, it’s my bitterness that keeps me successful.


Everyone still thinks that I’m some rich, entitled asshole that deserves his comeuppance.  At this stage in my life, there is nothing that I hold onto that makes me feel rich.  Hollywood Enterprises was blown up by my former best friend, the Hollywood mansion was blown up by my mortal enemy.  Don’t you motherfuckers realize that the rich part of my life has been uprooted?  Of course you don’t because you don’t fucking pay attention!  There is only one thing left in my life that I have left that is considered to be rich and that is HATE!


Hate…such a strong word isn’t it?  I don’t think so.  It’s all I have left in this miserable world.  And it’s something I will continue to tap into because it continues to feed me.


Life is full of ironies and hate is always there to remind me of why life is so god damn unfair!


So I’m in a match this weekend against Bobbinette Carey.  Where was I for Rumble at the Rock?  I was nowhere to be found.  What kind of fucking message does that exactly send?  Carey, you should count your fucking blessings.  You’re a HOW Hall of Famer.  Sure, I was a Hall of Fame nominee…and fucking rightfully I should have been.  A lot of people in this company have forgotten what I gave to this company.  I even think the GOD of HOW had forgotten.  I ran this company!  I don’t care who was or wasn’t around when I was dominating this industry!  The point and the fact of the matter is I carried this god damn company on my back and I cared every step of the way!  Yet I have proven at every injunction that I am still good at what I do!  I don’t know if they were tests or if the GOD of HOW had forgotten the kind of man that I was….at every turn that blind fuck kept putting me against people he was associated with and what happened?  Time and time again, I knocked every one of those fuckers down!  He relied on my loyalty and my gifts that at one point, he put his entire alliance against me and one by one I defeated every single one of them!  It didn’t matter any alliteration of his so called “alliance” I bested them all when they were pitted against me!  I didn’t fucking care if it was a test or not, you could always expect I took them down with ease!  Best Alliance, House of Best, The Board, I took them all down!  There has to be some kind of stock in that!  So what’s the gig, anyway?!  There is a reason for everything…no matter how insignificant!  At one point…I WAS the entire fucking Alliance!  So could I do it again?  Recent memory seems to suggest so.  I mean for fuck sakes…I took down the Demigod of HOW in Scott Stevens.  Where do I go from there?


So yes….being left off Rumble at the Rock….with the momentum I had….pissed me the fuck off!  You at least got on the card, Carey.  You faced off against Jace and what happened?  You went down and was anyone surprised?  No…they really weren’t.


You talk a big game, Carey, and quite frankly I don’t see how you fare any different than I do!


You’re washed up, and it’s as simple as that.  What drives you these days, Carey?  I’m curious to know the answer to that.  Sure, the last time I had a match in HOW I lost against Jatt Starr.  But the difference between me and you Carey, is that when my back is against the wall, I can figure a way out and pivot the circumstances in my favor.


That’s why this week, I’m going to come out from the back and I’m going to come down to that ring and fight you straight up.  But I’m going to use the only thing that is driving me anymore.  Hate.  That word has a lot of smite and a lot of meaning and you should know because you’re best friends with the man who had a stable named after the very word.  But you can’t comprehend the meaning of the word.  You’re still trying to live out all your nostalgic days in the ring and that’s all it is.  Nostalgic will only get you so far and you’re living in a fantasy world if you’re relying on all your old antics to deliver you a victory these days.


I’m far from done in HOW.  I feel the icy cold, yet constant reminder that my days in HOW are numbered now.  We all can’t wrestle forever.  What is driving you?  Because I can guarantee you that what is driving you and what is driving me are two very different things.  I know I have one last run left in me.  But at the same time, the way that you and I handle the every week handling of the machine that is HOW is very different.  You’re waiting on the perfect scenario to land in your lap.  Me?  I at least recognize that my time in HOW is nearing its end.  It’s that feeling that has my back against the wall but I fight better when my back is against the wall.


That fight has a way of shuffling ones priorities when it comes to what’s immediately important in HOW.  I have always recognized, when the opportunity present itself, that it’s all about timing.  Timing is everything in this company and I know that my window is closing.  I can’t help but to think you’ve become complacent in HOW and complacent is simply somewhere I refuse to fucking accept to admit to where I’m at.


ICONIC is just a few short weeks away.  I’m not about to just sit on the sidelines again at the biggest PPV in HOW while I let time pass me by again.  I’m going to find ways to seize the moment and make it my fucking own!  Are you just going to cruise by and try to live upon your greatest hits?  I don’t know about you…but when it comes to moments, or recognizing that I may need to shift my priorities and find certain alliances to help push my agenda in this company, I have to recognize that I may have to swallow my pride and choose a side.  Let me remind you that strength in numbers, while it may be against my better judgement, is sometimes the way to go if I want to bolster my fucking profile again in HOW.


You can continue to just be complacent and replay your greatest hits with Scooter McGavin, but I have other business to attend to.


Family is a funny thing in HOW.  Hell, family is a funny thing in general.  I don’t have much of it left…but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability to pivot and find a way of making more of my own when it comes to family.  Personally, I’m all that’s left of my family…my father tapped out years ago and can’t be fucking man enough to own up to those mistakes.  That is something he’s going to have to live with with the rest of his miserable fucking life…but me?  I’m not gong to let it define what I clearly know I can do in this company!


My family was robbed from me when I was just a kid and that’s something I have to live with for the rest of my life.  But what I have now…what I have left to hang onto, doesn’t mean I can’t define a new family for myself.  I may feel like I’m alone, but there is one man out there who has taken me into his family…despite all the history that him and I may face and that is something I’m willing to fight for….no matter what is left for me.


I have plans for ICONIC and when I drop those bombshell plans they will be revealed at the moment I want them to…but as for this week, I will start my holiday slaying season by toppling the supposed Hall of Famer in yourself Bobbinette Carey and I will dictate my own ending that I have envisioned here in HOW because I fucking refuse to be complacent in this company and I will not lay down and go quietly into that goodnight because I simply don’t know how to fucking do that!  I will go out on my own terms and those terms do not have anything to do with you.  You and I always seem to be on opposite ends of the playing field and maybe there was a time we could actually be on the same side…but it’s not this time.


I can’t help but wonder if my time in this company is nearing its end and I’ll be fucking damned if it’s to be against a complacent Hall of Famer who doesn’t have a fucking care in the world in regards to someone like me who you fail to take seriously.


I’m fucking angry all the time, Carey, and I’m tired of being a footnote in this company in a company I single-handedly put on my back when no one else bothered to fucking care!


So I hope you keep that in mind when I put you down on that canvas the way you deserve because I’m tired of not being taken seriously in a HOW I helped shape to what is today because without Brian Fucking Hollywood, this company would have been DEAD years ago and I flat out refuse to let the memory of what it is today continue to move on without knowing that without me, this company would have seized to fucking exist!


There is no HOW without Brian Hollywood and I don’t give a fuck on how that makes you or anyone else feel because like it or not…this company was shaped in my image and I’m going to remind you and everyone else that fact this weekend because like it or not…I’m far from being done and I’ll ride out into the sunset on my own fucking terms!





Brian Hollywood: “Took you long enough!”


Hollywood quickly states as he’s now back with The Chair in his lair.


The Chair: “I only have the best men working for me, Hollywood, you know that!  But if it’s any consolation, I knew you could get your hands on what we needed!”


Hollywood shakes his head but he knew that he was on his own in this mission.  He knew that The Chair wasn’t going to fully risk himself in this operation.  However, that appears to be exactly what happened and Hollywood can’t seem to shake that feeling as he presses The Chair in that regard.


Brian Hollywood: “No, we aren’t going to be playing that game!  Like it or not, you needed me and you can’t bring yourself to admit that!”


Hollywood remained defiant in his words, not afraid to stand his ground against The Chair, even in the presence of all his men.  The Chair doesn’t immediately reply as he looks around at his henchmen who can’t help but to look at him waiting for his reply.  The Chair smirks before he addresses the room.


The Chair: “Give us the room.”


Everyone in the room slightly hesitates as they look at The Chair who couldn’t believe he had to almost get to the point where he was asking twice.  Finally, everyone in the room floods out leaving just Hollywood and The Chair.


Brian Hollywood: “Here.  I believe this is what the TWO of us have wanted to get our hands on for some time now!”


Hollywood slams the file that he retrieved from Buck Wringley squarely in front of The Chair.  The Chair looks at the file but doesn’t say a word as Hollywood couldn’t help but to let his emotions out.


Brian Hollywood: “You know, I can’t help but to think of something.  I can’t help but to shake the feeling that this time of the year effects you the same way it does me.  You don’t have to say anything because I get it.  I can see it in your fucking eyes.  You’re in just as much pain as I am and I can’t help but wonder if it’s in the exact same way as I see it!”


The Chair is hesitant at first but at this point, not even he can hide what he feels from Hollywood.  Hollywood couldn’t help but get the feeling that how he felt was the same way The Chair had felt.  Hollywood knew the look and he knew what he saw.  Curiously, The Chair displayed the exact same dispose that he did.  Finally, The Chair is able to speak.


The Chair: “You know….for so long, you and I have fought.  But you’re right.  I won’t lie to you, Hollywood.  I guess I do owe you an explanation.  Growing up wasn’t easy for me…I was always envious of your childhood.  I wanted what you had until I saw what was taken away from you.  I didn’t have the same connection you had.  I didn’t have that emotional connection you had…but at the same time, I identified what you lost.  I felt the same pain you felt…just in my own way.”


Hollywood raised an eyebrow as he couldn’t help that over time, The Chair was slowly starting to crack in a way that Hollywood had never seen before.  The Chair had finally started showing emotion and Hollywood couldn’t explain it at first.


Brian Hollywood: “Why don’t you just fucking talk to me?!  We are on the same side here…I’m tired of fucking fighting!  In general…I’m just fucking tired!  I just want you to be able to fucking open up!  Is that too much to fucking ask?!”


The Chair was cracking and he struggled to give Hollywood a straight answer which was telling.  But just like everything else, The Chair was able to pivot and keep himself from cracking completely as he points to the file in front of them, thus changing the subject again.


The Chair: “We have what we want now!  Now we set up the next phase of our plan!  It’s time we seek justice against Roberto from what he took from us!”


Hollywood was shocked but at the same time, couldn’t believe he may have found something in THe Chair as the scene slowly fades to black