Posted on September 30, 2022 at 11:38 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Manhattan, New York: Apartment Complex
Date: September 28, 2022 Time: 12:30 PM


The scene opens up do this cool, but beautiful day outside in the cesspool known as the concrete jungle with the Hardcore Artist, Scottywood, and his son, Frankie by his side almost getting ran over by a taxi cab.


Scotty yells as he slams his fists onto the hood of the yellow vehicle.

“We’re walking here!”

Scotty enunciates in that New Yorker accent of his as he watches the taxi’s driver side door swing open and a man that looks like the taxi driver from Coming to America jumps out.

“You dumb fuck!”

He growls aggressively towards Scotty who simply shakes his head gingerly as he is wearing a soft neckbrace as he recoveries from the injuries suffered from STRONK Godson.

“Now sir….”

Frankie tries to be the voice of reason, but the taxi driver pushes him and Frankie hits the ground like a sack of potatoes holding his arm screaming bloody murder.


Frankie continues to scream as he rolls around the ground in pain and Scotty quickly goes to check on his son before shooting the taxi driver a murderous look.

“You can either leave or I paint your cab with your blood.”

Scotty threatens as the taxi driver slowly backs into his vehicle. He shuts the door and backs up before speeding away. Once the cab is out of view, Scotty turns to Frankie.

“Nice job.”

“You think?!?!?!?”

Frankie asks enthusiastically as he gets to his feet as his father nods.

“Time to drink.”

Scotty informs his son as they head towards the nearest train station.

45 minutes later……………

Location: Brooklyn, New York: Other Half Brewing

The image opens up to inside the brewery and we see Frankie sitting on a stool at one of the tables drinking a clear liquid what either appears to be a water or possibly Sprite because the last time Frankie got drunk he had a kid.

“The Double Dry Hopped Double Nelson Daydream sounds good.”

Scotty says to the barkeep.

“Coming right up.”

The bartender replies as he goes over and fills the frozen mug with Scotty’s vice on tap. Scottywood throws down a twenty and tells the man to keep the change. As he turns to head towards Frankie, he and another patron accidently collided causing the person to spill their drink on their hoodie. The patron Scottywood collided into face is obscured except they are wearing a black Nike hoodie and blue jeans.

“My bad.”

Scotty apologizes.

“I’ll buy you another. What did you have?”

Scotty asks and the patron waves him off.

“No worries. I didn’t need that last one anyway. Got to sober up before work.”

Scotty gives the patron an awkward look before replying.

“That’s true.”

Scotty replies as he eyeballs the patron until they are out the door and he makes his way over to Frankie and Scotty continues to look towards the exit as he takes a seat. Frankie looks towards the exit and then back at his dad.

“What’s wrong?”

Frankie asks nervously.

“The person I bumped into…..”

Scotty’s reply lingers.


Frankie asks getting his father’s attention.

“Their voice sound too familiar.”

Scotty replies before shrugging it off and taking a sip of his alcohol.

Hours later……………………..

Location: Manhattan, New York: EAW Training Facility
5:30 PM

The scene opens up into a lavish training facility that has an old school feel and inside the training facility is the muscular mountain of a man known as Ben Reeves. Scottywood’s grandson. The man is dripping in sweat because he’s trying to hone his craft before re-debuting in a wrestling company because he’s far too green to be a part of any that are worth a damn and have a semblance of competition. Last time we saw Ben Reeves he was competing in FIGHT with Tyler Streets better known as Tyler Best and we know how long that company lasted and was poorly operated. Ben takes a moments rest from slamming the dummy pads and leans against the ropes wiping the sweat from his body with a Rangers towel.

“Don’t work too hard now!”

A voice outside the ring yells and Ben looks over to his left and simply smirks.

“If I don’t how am I going to make it to the big leagues like my father and grandpa?”

Ben asks as one of the training facilities coaches comes into view.

“Very true, very true.”

The coach replies before stopping in front of the ring.

“However, you don’t want to pull something and hurt yourself. Make sure you rest ten to fifteen before the next session and ice when you get home.”

The coach informs Ben who nods.

“I’m headed out, make sure to lock up when you leave Ben.”

“Sure thing coach.”

Ben says to the trainer before he heads towards the door.

30 minutes later…………………

Ben who’s watching an iPad of his training method of his suplexes hears the front door to the training facility open which causes him to look towards the front.

“We’re closed!”

Ben yells, but no answer. He squints his eyes to get a better look and he sees a figure in the distance.

“I said we are closed!”

Ben yells as he rolls out of the ring and heads towards the front and as he gets closer he suddenly stops in his tracks and his face turns ghost white as a familiar voice says…..

“I’m here to train Ben…..”

The voice replies before a snide chuckle and the image cuts to what Ben sees and we see standing before him is the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens, as his 97 Red shades glisten in the light as he lowers his black Nike hood. As Stevens moves forward, Ben takes a step back. Stevens marches forward and Ben stumbles to the ground which causes the Texan to smirk. Stevens quickly delivers a knee trembler to Ben knocking the daylights out of the young man. Stevens reaches down and pulls Ben up by his cheeks.

“Let’s see if you’re ready for the big time Ben.”

Stevens says with a sadistic cackle as he slams he head onto the floor as the image fades.


Brian Hollywood.

Mr. Executive.

The man who put the money in Sex and Money.

Former Mister All or Nothing.

The last man to hold all singles championships of the last era of HOW before the hiatus.

The man with a Hall of Fame resume.

All of these accomplishments and accolades mean nothing to me Brian.

Think about it.

I stalked Scottywood and his family for days unnoticed because HE told me to eliminate the problem that is Scottywood. HE states in the Book of Best in the Kostoff Revelations you eliminate all problems by any means necessary and I’m doing just that.

Brian, if I’m willingly to stalk and capture and beat the living shit out of Ben Reeves, Scottywood’s grandson to send a message to my nemesis what the fuck do you think I’m capable of doing to you?

Do you think your Elite Guard can protect you from me?

If I want to get to you I will because HE commands it, and when HE commands it there is no stopping me from achieving my goal to serve our GOD.

Most people will shit on you Hollywood because of your past affiliations, but like those that choose to be stupid and ignorant, my eyes have been opened for the first time in a long time and I’ve seen the error of my ways where others have not. You may have fallen off of the beaten path for a while now, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less dangerous. You’re a tag team specialist that has dominated that division with many different partners. You proved you can be a singles success when you won the LSD and ICON titles before contending regular for 97 Red before finally fulfilling that dream of becoming HOW World champion.

I was the same way. Came in hot and dominated for a little bit before losing my way as well before I found direction from the House of Best and I became champion, a dominant force, even if it was only for a few months, but I had finally ascended to the top when others thought I would never achieve it, but the House of Best saw differently. As the representation and Pope of the House of Best I see differently when it comes to you Brian. You have much potential inside yourself and all you need is a little direction. All you need is a little guidance and I can help you with that Brian, but you have to pledge yourself to the House of Best just like I have.

This isn’t like the failed Best Alliance where you do it for the fame, and fortune. Pledging to the House of Best is joining a family and that is something you’ve never had. John Pariah used you for cannon fodder when PWX came to invade here and just like all invaders they lost and he left you high and dry to be the be the wannabe hero and pretend to be the voice of the voiceless. You were used by people like Valerie Belmont who abandoned you once their shiny new toy was taken away. The story driven character, Noah Hanson, and Real Love himself, Darin Zion held you down more than anyone. Together as unit you were strong, but that only held you back because once you were able to loosen their chains of you, you were finally able to reach your untapped potential.

You see Brian, HE has noticed and appreciates this kill or be killed mentality you have began to display, it has an Austin Reeves type of vibe except the difference you aren’t just a muscle bound brute. Oh no, you are much more than that Brian. You have the skills to not only pulverize your opponents, but you have the smarts to get back to where you want to be in the HOW higherarchy. I’ve said it many times before Brian and that it takes Gods to survive and run HOW and I am one of them. However, you can take your place by our side because every God needs a good Board.

How does Mr. Executive of the Board sound?

I think it has a nice ring to it, but you have to abandon all hatred towards the Best family and accept Lee Best as your Lord and Savior. I know it sounds silly, but Lee has turned my life around and he can do the same for your Brian. HE can turn you back into Brian Hollywood instead of this shell that you’ve been displaying that’s really Brian…..James…..Thomas.






Peach State.



All blasphemers that have tried to put an end to the spread of the 97 Red enlightenment, but all of them have failed and HOW has risen stronger from the ashes of adversity like a golden phoenix. You’ve battled HOW longer than I have and it’s time for you to shed the glasses of ignorance and take your rightful place in the House of Best Brian. You see Brian, in the Book of Best, you fall in between Adonis Smyth and Professor Keller. However, you aren’t a one hit wonder like Smyth, and you aren’t annoying and full of yourself like Keller.

This Sunday, in HIS arena in HIS hometown, let’s put on a show for the ages and show HIM you are truly worthy of my recommendation into the House of Best and finally you can eat at the executive table again instead of looking for scraps at the kiddy table. Accept HIS offer Brian because you may not get another opportunity to turn your life around again.

I’ll see you soon in the Golden Circle soon and praise be to Lee Best.