Reflection Point

Reflection Point

Posted on May 1, 2024 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood



Chicago, Illinois


Tuesday, April 30, 2024


With HOW being in Chicago for the next several weeks leading up to War Games, Hollywood knew that there would be a period that he would have to take an extended layover in Chicago.  After all, Hollywood had just as much connections in Chicago as he did in Los Angeles.  The problem for him, though, was that those connections were mostly situations he had been putting off as there was a lot of pain that this city now held here than what it did in the past.  His father had relocated to Chicago after the last showdown with The Chair a few years ago.  There was another presence now in Chicago and that presence had presented more pain for Hollywood and it was a pain that Hollywood felt directly responsible for, especially after he had fully gone to bat for his brother who was the one who caused the particular pain for Hollywood in the first place.  It was in that direct thought that Hollywood knew would be most painful to reveal to the one person he had to clear the air with.  They had to know what happened after.  Hollywood owed that person that much, even if after he reveals that information that that person would definitely want no further contact from him.  Hollywood was feeling knots in his stomach as he was pulling up to a residential area.  The SUV pulls up by the curb as Hollywood looks out the window towards the house.  There was no joy for what he was about to do..however it had to be done.  Hollywood needed his conscious cleared and today he must practice what he’s been preaching in High Octane Wrestling.  He’s taken ownership for it, yes, but as for being honest with himself and the person who was owed what was going on, Hollywood wasn’t going to stray away from it.  He wanted to stay true to himself in his new image…even if that meant losing perhaps the one person he’s cared about more than anyone else over the long years of his life.  Hollywood finally takes a deep breath as he opens the back door of the SUV and steps out.


Brian Hollywood: “Hang tight here, Grant.  I’m sure this won’t take very long..”


Grant: “You got it Mr. Hollywood.”


Hollywood finally makes his way away from the SUV as he approaches the house.  He could feel his resolve grow weaker as the knots turned within his stomach like rolling over an exposed razor blade over and over.  The anxiety grew stronger as he practically felt faint as he got closer and closer to the front door.  Hollywood takes one last deep breath before ringing the doorbell.  As he could hear the sound echo throughout the entire house, Hollywood was standing barely holding onto his calm, panic on the brink of takeover.  His heart started to sink as he could hear footsteps slowly approach the door.  They were gingerly as Hollywood stared in front of him.  Those few moments felt like an absolute eternity for him, even if it was really just a short time.  Finally, the door slowly opens as we see Hollywood’s face become flushed with guilt.  There he was just looking in front of him.  A few more seconds goes by as there are no words from either side before finally Hollywood breaks the awkward silence.


Brian Hollywood: “Hello Audrey.”


The camera pans over as we see a concerned Audrey, Hollywood’s long time love, staring back at Brian.  She remains silent for a few more moments as we can clearly see bruises on her face.  She had just gotten out of her coma which she was in for several months thanks to the actions of The Chair.  Hollywood shakes his head as he looks down, the grief filling his heart.  Finally, Audrey sighs as she responds to Brian.


Audrey Renfroe: “Brian….I got to say….I wasn’t expecting to ever see you again.”


Brian Hollywood: “I know what you told me, Audrey, but there’s something that’s been weighing on my heart ever since you came out of your coma.  In fact, after we parted ways, there was information that I became aware of.  Let’s just say what I found out absolutely shocked me.”


Audrey Renfroe: “Look Brian, I told you I wanted to be left alone and you told me you would honor that request.  What the hell are you even doing back in Chicago anyways?”


Brian Hollywood: “I’m here for my wrestling career, Audrey.  High Octane Wrestling is holding Friday Night Chaos here at the Best Arena for the next several weeks leading up to War Games and I’m in town for mainly that.  However, I’m also here conducting some business and I absolutely needed to see you.  Look…I’m not here going back on my word or anything like that.  I came here to say what I needed to say.  I need to get it off my chest and I felt that you had the right to know everything.  After that, you’ll never have to see me again.  Besides…I’m pretty sure what I’m about to tell you, you’ll want nothing to do with me after.  I just need to tell you….no matter how painful it might be.”


Audrey waits a moment as she ponders Hollywood’s words carefully.  She lets out a deep breath before slowly nodding as she steps outside on the porch and goes over to sit down in one of the chairs set up on her porch.  Hollywood goes over to sit down in the other chair as Audrey looks at Brian ready to hear him out.


Audrey Renfroe: “Alright Brian.  Say what you’ve come to say.”


Brian Hollywood: “I told you that there would be no more secrets between us.”


Audrey Renfroe: “I hardly see how that’s relevant anymore seeing as how we’re not together anymore.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, maybe but I still care about you Audrey and whether we’re no longer together or not, I still love you and I want my conscious cleared.  It’s weighed me down and I don’t want that weight anymore.”


Audrey Renfroe: “You do look different.  But you look like you’ve been carrying a burden on your shoulder for so long.  Alright…I know you want to clear the air, so I’m ready to hear you out.”


Hollywood sighs as he shakes his head, momentarily breaking eye contact with Audrey.  Audrey knew Brian inside and out, better than almost anyone and she could always tell when he was in pain.  The look that Brian was projecting off his face suggested that it was really bad and Audrey all of a sudden felt like perhaps this wasn’t a good idea.  She becomes uneasy as she moves around in her chair.  Finally, Hollywood’s eyes meet Audrey’s as he looks directly into her eyes, not taking them off her.  He was fighting to hold back the emotions that were fighting to get out of his eyes like a dam getting ready to break.


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t really know how to say this in any good way so I’m just going to come out and say it…The Chair he’s……he’s my….he’s my brother..”


Audrey’s eyes light up with shock and unease as she jumps out of her chair at the shocking news that was just delivered to her by Hollywood.


Audrey Renfroe: “Wait….WHAT?!  What the fuck do you mean he’s your brother?!  Is this some kind of sick joke?!”


Brian Hollywood: “No it’s not I’m being–“


Audrey Renfroe: “You came all the way out here to antagonize me like this?!”


Hollywood gets up from his chair as he starts to walk towards Audrey, trying to put his arm on her shoulder.


Brian Hollywood: “Come on, you know that’s not–“


Audrey Renfroe: “Get your fucking hands off me!  Don’t you fucking touch me!!”


Brian Hollywood: “Will you please just LISTEN!!!”


Hollywood says as his voice raises, letting out just a bit of anger.  Audrey looks shocked and scared as she slowly backs away, sitting back in the chair.  Hollywood has never yelled at Audrey.  He didn’t mean for her to see that side of him, a side of him that was once apart of him when he was still apart of his old, darker self.  Hollywood was even shocked as he thought that was completely gone from him.  A tear finally fights through, trailing down his face as he quickly wipes it away keeping the rest of the flood from commencing.  Hollywood kneels down in front of Audrey as he once again starts talking to her, back in his calm demeanor.


Brian Hollywood: “I’m..I’m sorry, Audrey.  But you should know me better than that if you think I’m trying to antagonize you or bring you unwanted pain.  But it’s true….The Chair is my brother.  His name is Jasper Oliver Creed.  I found out a few months ago and I’ve been coping in my own way.”


Audrey Renfroe: “Alright, so what if I choose to believe you, even in the slightest.  Why do I care?  Why do you need to tell me that?!  Did you really come all this way just to tell me that?”


Brian Hollywood: “I’m afraid it actually gets worse…”


Audrey couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  She couldn’t tell how truthful Hollywood was being.  The Chair as his brother was completely preposterous.


Audrey Renfroe: “How could it get any worse than finding out the man that put you in a fucking coma is your ex-boyfriends actual fucking brother?!  You know how fucking ridiculous that sounds?”


Brian Hollywood: “Yes, I do…but it’s true.  I didn’t believe it at first either.  Even after I did, I confronted him and we had a big brawl…that’s how I got this scar over on the right side of my head.  I confronted him after all the pain of finding out the news even though I didn’t wanna believe it after actually working together with him for so long in tracking down my sister Serenity’s killer and I–“


Audrey Renfroe: “Wait, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!  You’ve been working with that piece of shit after what he did to me?!”


Brian Hollywood: “Uh yea…that just kind of came out.  That was actually the worse news I was needing to tell you…”


Audrey, feeling betrayed and disgusted with herself and towards Hollywood, storms out of her chair pointing away from her house.


Audrey Renfroe: “Get the fuck off my property you son of a bitch!”


Brian Hollywood: “Audrey please I needed to tell you.  For my own sanity and my own guilt I was feeling inside.”


Audrey Renfroe: “You disgust me!  Did it ever occur to you that maybe SOME things are best left unsaid?!  I didn’t need to hear that, nor does it help me in an way!  Did it ever occur to you that what you’ve been wanting to get off your chest might actually HURT me more?!  Fuck your conscious, Brian!  And FUCK YOU!  Maybe you’re not the person you claim to be now.  Perhaps you need to look deeper inside of you if you want to find anything good about you!  I hope you suffer for what you told me….cause I know it hasn’t brought me any good.  I didn’t need this pain and I DON’T FUCKING NEED YOU!  NOW GET OFF MY PROPERTY AND TAKE YOUR GUILT WITH YOU BASTARD!!”


Brian Hollywood: “Audrey please, I’m sor–“


Audrey gets inside her house as she slams the door on Hollywood’s face before he can even finish.  He stares at the door as his heart breaks into a million pieces as he let’s out the one word he wanted to get out but can no longer express.


Brian Hollywood: “Sorry…”


Hollywood closes his eyes before he slowly turns away from the house, walking back to the SUV.  He walks slowly, struggling to get to the SUV as he finally stumbles into the car.  He barely gets the door closed before he can no longer hold back the flood gates as he breaks down in tears, collapsing in the backseat holding his chest in absolute agony and pain.  Hollywood was completely broken and he was still learning that despite him becoming a new better version of himself, there was still work that needed to be done on him as he was having troubles weighing the morality of his decisions as the scene slowly fades to black.



I wish I could have had a better outcome in my match against Christopher America.  I really do.  I wanted that win bad.  But I didn’t get it done.


I’m sorry, I’m in my feelings this week.  It hasn’t been a good week for me.  Even now as I blog out this promo, I am struggling with myself as I try to press on forward.


Things in my life are not getting any easier.  There just getting much harder.


I know nobody cares about my feelings, hell, sometimes I just want to burn them.  But I have to endure them.  Even though as I write this, my heart has been broken into a million pieces.


It’s not easy being a moral compass.  I find that being HOW’s conscious and moral compass comes with a lot more pain than I ever thought.  I’ve been through a lot, but I had been managing it.  Even now I question if I should have made a different choice.  Should I have kept that to myself?  Is a secret sometimes okay to keep if it potentially spares someone else pain, even if it’s the woman you love?  Maybe I need to reflect more on my actions.


Even now, this week.  I’m set to team with Hugo Scorpio to take on the team of Scott Stevens and Darin Zion.


Can this week really get any worse with bad news and bad timing?  Once again, I’m forced to take on Darin fucking Zion.  The scum, daddy craving and validating piece of human shit.  But I guess that’s what the Final Alliance is, though, right?  Human fucking scum of the earth.  Well, after everything Darin Zion has fucking done, that man is nothing short of a waste of human filth.


Last time I left you on your back and in Lee’s little fucking dog house but that’s where your home is, isn’t it Zion?  All you are to the Final Alliance is their little fucking bitch.  You live in a dog house because that’s how you’re fucking treated.  I must be right because this week Lee has you teaming with Scott Stevens, another man who used to be in the Final Alliance and was actually in a similar role you were Darin.  He, too, was Lee’s little lapdog.  A bitch.  Absolute filth that Lee didn’t want to give any attention to but he had to have someone around didn’t he?  He didn’t even want to feed the scraps to Stevens.


Don’t you see what this is, Zion?  This is Lee’s way of sending you a fucking message.  Are you even still in the Final Alliance?  I mean, you haven’t exactly produced anything for him.  You haven’t done anything positive for the Alliance.  Then again, has anyone done anything positive outside of Sektor and Mike retaining their titles?  I fail to see anything good going on with that Alliance as I look to move in for another impending strike on them all.  But this week, I guess we’ll just have to prove Lee right, won’t we Zion?


I don’t get any satisfaction making that piece of shit happy or prove him right.  However, if it’s to stick it in his face and hand his little Alliance yet another fucking loss than I guess that’s what I’m going to fucking do!  But Zion, I hope you see the writing on the wall because Lee teaming you with Stevens is a message that I know you don’t fucking see.  I can see it a mile fucking away.


I’m sure you don’t have any satisfaction teaming with Zion, do you Stevens?  What exactly are you even doing around HOW anymore?  You run your mouth, but in my opinion, all you’re doing is bringing more negative energy around the HOW locker room and as HOW’s Conscious, I can’t be having that.  I just can’t.  So I will take great pleasure in fighting you this week Stevens and showing you just how much your negativity isn’t needed in that locker room.


But I know there’s negativity coming into this match on my side, too.  Hugo Scorpio seems to have that negativity about me heading into our match against Stevens and Zion this week.  Look, Hugo, I know you’re new on the main roster.  You’re still a rookie and I know that you haven’t really gotten the chance to get to know me.  Perhaps that’s on me.  Perhaps I could have approached you after finding out that we were teaming this week and actually sit down and talk to you before our match.  You’re right.  I used to have a big fucking ego.  But I have since let that ego die hard.  That’s not me anymore.  I may seem like I still have an ego, but it’s really the fighting spirit that burns brightly in my soul.  It’s the spirit that I have for this place, for HOW altogether.


I love High Octane Wrestling and I no longer want this place to be consumed in suffering and negativity.  I want a change.  It needs a change.  That’s why this week I look forward to teaming with you, Hugo.  Sure I may want to take the lead in our match, but I have no problem letting you take a foot forward if it means giving you the chance to show that you can be a bigger star in High Octane Wrestling.  I want you to have your moment, Hugo, and if the opportunity presents itself in our match and I see an opening, I’m going to let you take it.  Because the man I am today is nowhere near the man I used to be.  I want to see you strive and if that means letting you take a moment, even if that leads us to victory, I’m going to let you take it if it’s there.


Because I care, Hugo.


You may not see it yet, or haven’t had a reason to notice it, but that just goes along with me serving my penance and repenting my sins of my former self and I’m completely fine with that.


Zion, Stevens, this week I am in no mood to tolerate any of your negative bullshit and if it’s another chance to stick the big fucking middle finger in Lee Best’s face, I’m going to make sure it’s delivered good and prominent.


Sooner or later, Lee is going to have to deal with the fact that I have a new purpose in HOW and that he’s going to learn just why I am HOW’s Conscious and The Consequence in this company.


This week will just be another chance to show that I’m getting better and that I’m getting more direct on my shots and that shot is going to be sent loud and fucking clear when you and Stevens find out just what happens when you continue to be negative fucking pricks.


I’m over that shit.  It’s done and this week, I’m going to make sure Hugo and I put it where it belongs.


And where it belongs is out of this fucking company!


My heart might be hurting, but my resolve and my spirit fights on and is even more ready to make things right.


See you both Friday.