Redemption leads to Revolution and overthrowing of a King

Redemption leads to Revolution and overthrowing of a King

Posted on September 9, 2021 at 11:32 pm by Daytona

A computer screen flickers with brightness with no one in view but a logo for Bottomline appearing.  Suddenly a smiling Daytona moves into view.  Her chest is rising and falling with the sucking of breath that she is doing, the spandex halter plastered to her body enhancing the view.  The smile on her face appears to be bright as it is also creeping up into her eyes.  Her blonde hair is bonded to her skin by sweat that the wipes at only to have the hair loosened enough to push back.  She approaches the camera and looks down the lens.

“What did I tell you?  Did you listen to me?” Daytona spits with a sneer.  She tosses her head and shakes it negatively.  “No, you didn’t, did you?  That’s fine, I knew that you would underestimate me and look what happened.  Poor Kevin Capone with his little hardon to face ME…”

Tauntingly, Daytona holds up her little finger to emphasize her comment.  A seductive giggle escapes her as she offers the camera a wink.

“I hope he learned his lesson tonight.  When you want something that bad, be ready to get it and to have it get the better of you.  Yeah, there was a little bit of fight in you Kevin.  But I could also tell that when I faced you, it was probably the first time that a girl took you to your limit.  Hell, I am surprised that you didn’t suffer a bit of PE with this match.  You know…the excitement of a female touching you going right to…your little Richard.”

Daytona looks downward with a smirk then back at the camera.

“Do you know what beating Kevin Capone did.  It was my debut’s redemption.  I lost my first match in HOW but I still laid down the notice that I was coming to kick ass and take names.  I thought at the time I was going to have to say them aloud before they would get in the ring with me.  But all Kevin did was prove that I am the opponent that they want.  They know that I am confident when I step into the ring and their only desire is to try and dominate me in the ring.  Put me in my place under them.  Yeah, y’all gotta know that I have always been on top and I just proved it in that ring,” says Daytona as she points behind her in the general direction of the ring.

“I am hungry for the wins.  Which means that makes me dangerous.  There are three strong drives that I am driven by.  The first is survival…the kill or be killed instinct that I bring to the ring.  And tonight, it was the kill instinct that won.  The second strongest drive is the sex drive and that is what was the cause of Kevin’s loss tonight because he was more interested in getting his hands on me in any way he could.  How did it feel Kev…how did you like my complete domination of you huh?”

Daytona once more brushes her hand on the damp tendrils of blonde hair that were beginning to curl as it dried against her skin.

“Let me once again put everyone on notice that there is a fire that is burning in me.  I have one loss and now I have one win and I will be honest with you…I like winning.  I like it very much.  And tonight’s win was only an appetizer for the next part of my career here in HOW,” she states as a finger rises up and moves along her bottom lip as a murmur of thoughtfulness escapes her in a soft moan.  Slowly her eyes roll upward in thought as another smirk crosses her face.  “I know I know, being cocky isn’t a good look for most people but you have to admit that it looks good on me.  You have to admit, everything looks good on me.  But Mr. Lee Best…I have a question for you.  How do you think I would look in gold hmmm?”

Daytona begins to back away from the camera only to appear to turn to the side as if hearing a calling from the cameraman behind the camera.  She stops as he slowly moves the camera view into a close up.  Daytona offers the cameraman a smile as he follows her backing towards a doorway that has writing on it but it is unfocused and the words are partially covered by her body.  Reaching behind her, she lays a hand on the door ready to push it open.  By her hand, her name is highlighted in red indicating that it was her locker room.

“I only have one last thing to say,” she says to the cameraman who can be heard to mumble what.  “Tonight, Kevin Capone felt what I am capable of.  Next week, who knows, maybe some other lucky wrestler will get to be touched and beaten by yours truly.  It will definitely be the highlight of their night at Refueled.  That I promise you.”

Sparing only the slightest of smiles as if boredom has set in, Daytona pushes her way into her locker room which hides her from the camera’s view.  Disappointed the camera moves closer, sneakily trying to enter the locker room where it catches a quick glimpse of flesh before the tossing of the halter of Daytona onto the camera sends it to black before a scuffle is heard of the camera being ejected from the locker room followed quickly by the cameraman.


It was one of those weeks.  You know the ones where everyone seems to keep coming out of the woodwork.  First it was my mother with some nonsense about Grammie who wanted to talk to me about some major issue that she has.

Driving to the small ranch style house belonging to Grammie, I can’t believe that I was giving up training time to deal with something my mother deems important.  The only time that Grammie had for my mother was when she wanted something and the only time that my mother dealt with Grammie is when she flashed the green at my mother.

Oh, didn’t I tell you…Grammie is rich.  Not rich as in I have a couple of thousand socked away for a rainy day.  She was loaded but as tightfisted as hell.  But that was Grammie and trust me she knew just what to do with my mother.  Benjamin Franklin was her only love so when Grammie needed something she waved a Benny at my mother and I was told to visit the old gal.

My camaro purred as I pulled up in front of the house where my Grammie was sitting on the porch.  The not so frail woman smirked at me as she called out to me.

“Took you long enough to come see me Missy.  I am dyin’ you know!” she exclaims with a cough that just makes me laugh into my hand.  I exit the car and walk up the walkway.  “Hi Grammie,” I call out as I open the small picket gate and move through.  “I don’t think that you are that close to dying.  There is way too much fight in ya.”

“Speaking of fightin’ girl, what is this I hear that you is wrasslin’?” That’s my Grammie, direct and to the point.  “And don’t you try to tell me different Missy, your ma told me what you were doing.  You are a lady, not a lady wrestler.  Tell me that you ain’t doing that.”

“I wish I could Grammie but yes, I am a wrestler.  You know that I like doing things that shock people.  No one thought that being in the Navy and a pilot was something that I could do but I didn’t let that stop me.  Made the Top Gun program and I loved the adrenaline Grammie.  This is just the next adrenaline rush for me.  Besides, I think that I am good at it.”  I smirk at the scoff sound from Grammie.

“Of course, you are my granddaughter,” she exclaims with a look of pride as she turns to reach for a glass that is sitting on the small side table at her right hand.  “Well, I did call you here for a reason, let’s get right to the point.  I am dying and I want you to take care of everything for me.”

My smirk turns to a look of surprise.  A guffaw from Grammie at the look on my face makes my eyebrows rise then my eyes narrow as I look at her.  “No way!” I exclaim.

Nodding slowly Grammie sighs.  “Yes Missy, I’m dying.  Doc says I have ten to fifteen..”

“Months?” I interject as I rush to the old woman and reach out to clutch at her hand.

“Months…don’t be daffy girl.  Ten to fifteen years Missy!” she replies as she yanks her hand away leaving me to slump on the porch at her feet.

“Grammie!” I exclaim as my hand rises and angrily I brush my blonde curls out of my face.  “You scared me half to death.  Why would you tell me that you were dying and then say it was going to be years!  Damnit, I oughta…” I don’t get to finish my sentence as I am surprised by a rather swift cuff against the side of my head and a muttered curse escapes me as my hand moves to the injured spot.  “What was that for?”

“If you would stop your ranting and let me finish.  I want your help to get all this planned for when I go to be with your Grandad.  I want you to help me write my will and I want to keep your mother completely out of the planning.  Ever since she ran away with that Fuller Brush man…”  I begin to roll my eyes.  The Fuller Brush man was her reference to my father who was a simple salesman when he met and married my mother.  “Anyways, your mother would just screw things up and I know that since you have that navy discipline thing, you will do exactly as ordered.  So first we need to…”

A buzzing sound interrupts her as my phone goes off.  Looking at it, I notice it is my mother and I hold up a finger to motion for silence from Grammie as I answer it.  I listen intently for a moment before I speak.  “You mean to tell me that I have a match at the next show?  And it is for a title…thanks Ma.”  Dazed at what I had just heard, I disconnect the call and then turn to Grammie who has crossed her arms.  “I guess you heard huh?”

“No.  Not only am I dying but I’m going deaf,” she cackles which only makes me glare at her.  “I heard and now I know that you are my granddaughter.  Getting a title shot in your first what…two matches?”

“Actually, it is my third match in High Octane Wrestling,” I answer as I rise to my feet.  “And since it is, I better get ready to make you proud Grammie.”  Before she can answer, I rush off the porch towards my car as she calls out to me.

“Missy,” she shouts getting my attention.  “Give ‘em hell girl!”  I toss her a bright smile as I climb into my car and pull away.

That’s my Grammie…mind like a sieve but always in my corner.


Have you heard…Refuelled LXXII has been advertised and have you seen the main event?  I almost couldn’t believe it myself.  As expected, it is a title match and unexpectedly it just got that much better because I am in that match.

Now maybe you might be saying…’Daytona, why do you deserve a title shot so early in your career?’  I can almost hear the moans and groans and bitching that is about to take place because I have been given this shot.  In only my third match I have been given a title shot.  Like I didn’t deserve it when I walked into this company and I laid down the challenge.  I put it right on the line that I am here to beat the best and finally I am going to be given the chance to.  Funny, isn’t it?  I lost my first match, won my second and for my third match I get to drape this waist with HOW gold.

Now you might be wondering who it is that I am facing in the ring for their gold.  I know when I first heard of who it was, I had to admit I was tickled.  See I have seen this person as the endgame challenge.  I had certain timelines.  Win a few matches, make my challenges for titles but now…now IS the endgame.

This upcoming show has me in the Main Event challenging for the HOTV title held by none other than Jace Parker Davidson.

That is right…THE Jace Parker Davidson, the self proclaimed King of Everything.  I hate to correct you Jace but you are using false branding and I am going to have to prove that when I take that pretty little title from you.  You are not the King of Everything.  You are just a pretender with a paper crown and I am going to rip your title from your hand and I am going to be the HOTv champion in a few short days.

I am ready to hear you talk about how you have beaten some of the best in the company to keep your gold but that was before you faced me.  And Jace, you aren’t my King…I don’t see you as a king, I see you as the servant that is holding the belt for the real royalty who will make that title look a million times better than you do.  In case you don’t know who I am talking about Jace…I mean me.

I can almost feel the gold of the belt as it caresses my waist.  I can almost smell the leather as it drapes over my shoulder to shine brightly.  I can almost taste the victory that I am going to have over you.  Do you know what it tastes like Jace?  It tastes like the melting of a fine chocolate on my tongue.  But I guess for you, it is going to taste like ashes in your mouth when I take that title.

Listen while I am speaking of beating you, I am sure that you are very confident that you will retain because you have beaten so many who have challenged you.  However little man, you have yet to beat me.  And you won’t be starting to any time soon.

Your kingdom going to be overthrown at Refuelled.  The coup will happen in the main event.  The revolution will end with me standing over you, title in hand and the paper crown of your King of Everything moniker nothing more than a broken dream and I am the one that will be breaking it.  I would like to say that I am sorry but in reality…that title is something I deserve.  And I will not apologize for telling the truth.

The King is dead!

Long live HOTv Champion…Daytona!!