[REDACTED….]The Price, and the Value, of a Change of Priorities

[REDACTED….]The Price, and the Value, of a Change of Priorities

Posted on January 23, 2020 at 11:56 pm by Brian Hollywood

“Here I was…entering uncharted territory in what felt like forever…it’s been years…almost going way back to my rookie days before I put myself on the map.  I start again as I turn and set the steering straight towards uncharted waters once more…not knowing what I will find.  However..the difference between the first coordinates of uncharted waters I set sail in all those years ago and these waters…is that at least I have a better bearing on where I’m going…at least in the sense of all things HOW…which is something that I never really took the time to deeply think about at its microscopic layers…until now.  Now it’s time to right the ship because this ship has seen better days.  I feel from here on out…at least in the beginning, I fear that I’ll have to take some precious time to find land.  However, I know I have to be strategic about it because the timing of finding that land has to be perfectly timed…otherwise, I’m doomed to sail in the unknown for forever…and I wasn’t about to do that…no…I’m going to force land to come to me…even if I have to do it right here in the baron middle of nowhere.  It’s going to be somewhere and I’m going to name it…that is, how it’s supposed to be anyways, how discovery is possible right?  Who knows…I was making this shit up as I went along…”


Chicago, Illinois


Just Outside the City


January 18th, 2020


It was the overnight hours following an iconic, well, ICONIC…and Brian Hollywood was seen driving in a rental car…yes, a rental car.  Why not riding in his black limo you ask?  Well that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, while at the same time, is somewhat surprising seeing as how serious Hollywood actually took to his word when he was going to drop it all and actually return to the purest of his roots in wrestling.  He left Hollywood Enterprises…he left his limo…his mansion, which by all accounts people are going to miss…they just won’t admit it…but here Hollywood was..he was just like your average everyday joe.  One of the people.  How could Hollywood really give up all that fame and fortune?  He had it all!  Why abandon it?  Why jeopardize his mission at Hollywood Enterprises?  Why jeopardize his taxed as fuck mansion?  Why throw it all to the wayside?  These were all interesting questions as Hollywood struggles to keep his eyes on the road…he was dozing off.  He had put in a very long day..it was an exhausting one as he was still feeling the effects of his surprise MVW appearance win in Valparaiso, Indiana.  He didn’t really take the time to feel the press of that match as he rushed to ICONIC where he knew he didn’t even have a match.  Hollywood needed to be there, though.  He needed to feel that atmosphere and use it to reflect, and I mean reflect long and hard why he wasn’t even on the card.  Hollywood felt like an afterthought.   He knew it would be painful to just sit quietly in the shadows while everyone else had a chance to showcase what they had while putting on match of the years and proudly defending championships…but not Hollywood.  Oh no.  That angered Hollywood…as it should.  But it wasn’t an angry type like the kind someone would wish to do bodily harm on someone else…it was a different type of anger…it was the type of anger that festered within someone like guilt and that anger was pitted against Hollywood himself.  He was angry at himself as he continues to dwell so far deep that he closes his eyes behind the wheel and further gets lost within himself…the car begins to sway side to side…

Between the lines…

Off to the side….the dirt can be heard racking against the tires…

Hollywood’s dash cam catches the scary, gutted heart drop into your stomach kind of feeling until….



Hollywood quickly jolts awake with shock and a new feeling…a feeling of terror and desperate to make a quick judgement call..but how clear…how quick was that decision?


Hollywood had turned the wheel sharply to the right to avoid the car coming right at him, but he had gotten hit from the front side, promptly causing the car to flip over a couple times before the car finally ends upside down, with Hollywood trapped, unconscious, no signs of movement.  With what’s left of Hollywood’s dash cam, which visibly shows a few cracks, it catches a figure approaching Hollywood’s driver side, frantically trying to see if Hollywood is alright.


Unknown Driver: “Hey!….are you alright?!  Sir, if you can hear me and can respond…please give me a sign!”


It wasn’t immediately known how bad the other car got it, but this unknown driver wasn’t worried about damages right now.  They were obviously more concerned with Hollywood’s well being.  Sounds can be heard before broken glass echoes on the ground.  Finally, the other driver is able to get inside the car.  The dash cam finally picks up a bit better on the identity of the other driver.  It is a man.  He is seen wearing a ball cap and a denim, flannel vest.  Based on this description, it appeared to be a truck driver.  The assumed trucker is finally able to tap on Hollywood to see if he can get him to wake up.  After a few moments, Hollywood slowly, finally is able to open up his eyes.  He’s got a nasty cut on the top of his head as blood flows down the side of his face.  Confused, Hollywood looks up at the man.


Brian Hollywood: “Wha–what happened?”


Hollywood says as he tries to get his bearing on the situation.  He begins to look around, but finds it difficult to move around which prompts the man to keep Hollywood still.


Unknown Driver: “Hey man, welcome back…try not to move!  I’ve got EMS on their way right now!”


This didn’t seem to sit well with Hollywood.  He didn’t have time for EMS.  He was trying to get himself going as his mind was solely focused on his upcoming HOW schedule.  But like Hollywood finding it difficult to move, he also found it difficult to really get his bearing on his upcoming HOW schedule.


Brian Hollywood: “No man, I’m fine!  Just help me get out of here and we can figure this out without the distraction of EMS!”


Hollywood may have been changing up his wrestling strategies and even his immediate life around him, but one thing that obviously wasn’t changing was his stubborn attitude towards whatever the current situation was.  However, the other driver showed stubborness as well…further hinting that he was most likely a truck driver keeping Hollywood where he was at.


Unknown Driver: “Oh I don’t think so, partner!  You’re not going anywhere!  No point as like I said, EMS has already been contacted and they’ll likely be here any minute so you minus well not put up any further struggle!”


Hollywood sighs as he surprisingly, but reluctantly, lets go and seizes to cause anymore struggles.  Hollywood just stares up at the ceiling of his rental car as he starts to dwell further into thought before he crashed.  He couldn’t help it as the other driver tries to talk to him but Hollywood is already deep thought as he thinks to himself..


“Am I really losing it?  I kept to myself at ICONIC and I watched everyone else seize their spotlight.  It infuriated me!  It pissed me off because I feel like I just blew my chance!  Maybe I was locked in…but I’ve lost sight on what I should be doing and I’ve lost sight of my passion of what I apparently left in 2016.  I mean, the problem is when High Octane Wrestling came back last year, I picked up where I left off.  I got to the finals of the HOW World Championship Tournament and then after that, everything just went to fucking shit!  I mean…I don’t get it!  How could I have fallen so far?  It doesn’t make any sort of sense to me!  I used to be the most methodical, strategical opportunist in all of High Octane Wrestling!  Hell, Strategic Opportunist was my fucking calling card for god of HOW’s sake!  So what the fuck happ–“


And just like that, Hollywood was cut off as his attention was brought back out of his inner thoughts as the EMS were already right outside.  Hollywood heard a voice from outside the car.


EMS Man: “How we doing tonight buddy?  Are you able to move your legs?  How are you feeling?”


Brian Hollywood: “How the fuck do you think I’m feeling?!  This is simply just a setback…an accident…I’m not really sure what happened though..”


EMS Man: “Well, this gentlemen has told me that he was driving his truck down the road when you started swearing towards him.  Before he knew it, you were already in his lane and he couldn’t move out of the way and that’s when he hit you.  I’m going to check you for other injuries.  Are you able to tell me your name?”


An accident?  Hollywood pondered to himself as he didn’t immediately answer the EMS guy.  Was he is so precarious, so fragile and distracted that he actually got into an accident?  I guess this is where he figured this is why he really didn’t drive and why he had a limo.  Lesson one already received.  Hollywood was missing the limo already as this new journey proved to start out harder than he thought it would after giving everything up.  Finally, Hollywood slowly responds to the EMS man.


Brian Hollywood: “The name’s Brian.  Brian Hollywood and yes I’m actually able to move my legs!”


Shocked, the EMS man reacted to the name.  Of course it was dark so he couldn’t see Hollywood easily but definitely knew the name!


EMS Man: “Oh no way!  I know exactly who you are!  You’re a High Octane Wrestler!  Gotta say man, I’ve always been a fan!”


Hollywood reacts with a surprising look on his face.  He couldn’t believe, out of all the chances of how this night has gone for him, that he would run into someone who knows him for his wrestling.  That was a rare thing as most people outside of HOW, especially when it came to Hollywood Enterprises, he kept the wrestler life close to the chest and hidden.  There weren’t really anyone who knew Hollywood outside of them knowing him from his business dealings.  However, Hollywood wasn’t in California anymore.  He was in Illinois and, of course, HOW was very well known here.  Hollywood, thinking about how coincidental this whole night has turned out to be, opens up to the EMS guy.


Brian Hollywood: “Well…I greatly appreciate your service man.  You people do a fine job and it doesn’t matter how famous or how well off someone is or isn’t…your job is non discriminating towards life events.  I guess I understand that bad things can happen to anyone and no one can really take for granted what they do.  I’ve been so lost in thought all night about my life and how I’m going to turn it all around.  I’ve given up a lot to be able to really pursue my wrestling more passionately and more attentively.  I’m looking to get back on top and find my footing again.  You caught me trying to head to a wrestling school where I can pick up my training and really get back into tip top wrestling form again.  So let me just say how appreciative I am of you again…I never really gave my gratitude much outside of what I used to do and I’m starting to see that now..so…thank you..”


Hollywood was definitely changing alright.  It was almost as if we were seeing a complete three sixty on Hollywood and how he was reacting after he dropped his business life to turn more attentively to wrestling.  Hollywood indeed had a lot on his mind as he was on his way to the Five Star Academy and to prepare for his upcoming match with Alex Redding in the opening bout of the LBI.  The EMS Man smiles and nods his head as he thanks Hollywood.


EMS Man: “Well thank you Mr. Hollywood.  I sure do appreciate the kindness!  Means a lot to me and it definitely made my night for sure!”


There is a slight pause as the EMS Man and the truck driver both help Hollywood out of the car.  We finally get a view of the outside and the car is totally done for.  Not going to go well with the rental agency, but that was the least of Hollywood’s worry right now.  Hollywood is able to get to his feet and is able to walk alright as the only injury he seemed to sustain was the gash to his head, which the EMS man was already attending to.  Hollywood turns his attention to the truck driver and extends out his hand.


Brian Hollywood: “Let me just say thank you for checking me out and keeping me at bay until EMS arrived.  I’m terribly sorry about the accident..and any damage you might have sustained.  I will take care of the damages.”


Truck Driver: “Hey man, don’t worry about it!  I’m just glad you’re alright!  Here, let me give you my information and we can get this taken care of in due time!  Perhaps a lift in town?”


Hollywood nods his head in agreement.  The EMS man finishes up as he clears Hollywood to leave.  Hollywood hops into the truck, which really didn’t sustain too much damage, as it appears he may have met an interesting new friend as the truck takes off down the highway and back into town as the scene slowly fades to black…


Well here we are.  The dawning of a new start for me in High Octane Wrestling.  I’ve got to say…it wasn’t easy making the decision to just give everything up.  In fact, when all the thinking was said and done…it was actually a pretty easy decision to leave Hollywood Enterprises in order to really put more of a focus on my wrestling.  It’s been desperately NEEDING and it was something that had to be done…however, my next decision was not an easy one…


And I, of course, am talking about making the decision to join the Five Star Academy….everyone who knows me probably didn’t see that one coming.  I’m very passionate and very focused on the things I am decisive on and everyone knows my history with Mike Best.  Of course, you all want the details…but what fun would that honestly be to just let it all out at once?  Perhaps a more preview and an explanation awaits for Friday Night on the start of the LBI.  Which speaking of…is more important to address that right now.


Friday Night I will get the HONOR of kicking off the 2019 LBI.  And I will do that by facing newcomer Alex Redding.  I will be honest…I haven’t the slightest idea who the fuck you are…but know this…I’m going through a revolutionary change that comes at a dangerous time for anyone who is stepping into the ring with me.  I’ve reshuffled my focus more to my wrestling and putting more time in investing training and really developing a battle plan for my matches and that’s not good news for anyone…especially you, Alex.  This starts with you and while this may be your first match in HOW…this isn’t your normal wrestling company.  There’s a learning curve here in High Octane Wrestling.


I may not know who you are Alex, but I do know that you used to wrestle….ten years ago!  Now I know you might be eager to make an impact in your debut in HOW, but you’ve got to take into account that it’s been ten years since you last stepped foot in a wrestling ring.  You’ve got to be mentally ready and you’ve got to be ready for your opponent and I know for a fact you’re not ready for me, Alex!  I may be changing up my lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean I’m a different person in that ring!  That just means I’m gong to have a renewed, more focused approach on you and that isn’t good for you!  I look forward to seeing you in that ring on Friday Night, Alex, because I can promise you I’m going to start this tournament out with a win and introduce you properly in HOW!  You can bet that as an Executive Promise!


See you Friday, Alex!