Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine

Posted on May 20, 2021 at 11:06 pm by Brian Hollywood

My oh my…you’ve been gone from HOW for quite awhile and Jesus H tap dancing Christ does it fucking show!  I’ve beaten myself up before, but the fact that you actually think that’s the case is quite funny.  I never took you for a fool, Buttersworth, but perhaps I should start treating you like one.


Trick or Treat?


Here have a lump of coal while you’re at it.


No it really is astonishing that you think I can’t live up to who I used to be.  I don’t need a lesson on the art of deception…I know that one all too well.  The truth is Buttersworth, I couldn’t be more excited for this fight between us.  Sure, I lost to Mike Best, but if I were truly down on myself don’t you think I would want to steer clear well away from Mike?  Don’t you think I would have just retired and left HOW all together?  It’s these facts that you don’t think about, and it fucking shows.


Let me explain myself better on my latest losses…they are piling up at an alarming rate but that doesn’t discourage me whatsoever.  I mean for fucks sake, Darin Zion beat the Best Alliance in a three on one handicap match last week and all the guy knew how to do before grabbing that win was losing.  In all actuality, I’m about ready to erupt.  I’m due a win, but most importantly, I’m due to get back on fucking track again.


If anything, our fight this coming weekend in that cage is going to allow me the chance to take out a lot of anger and frustration and the best part is I get to do it against you.  Bobby Dean may have been a warm up fight for you, but I’ve been in more HOFC matches as of late than anything else.  If anything, I’ve learned the craft of not only getting my ass fucking kicked, but I’ve learned that inside that caged ring is also an opportunity to harden myself.  What better way to have a fight when all that’s been pumping through my veins has been hate.


How fitting that this isn’t a match, but rather, a fight.  I get to unload all that anger and hatred onto you knowing that I can literally do anything I fucking want.  Well what I want is to beat you within an inch of your life just to prove a point..and that’s just to prove a point.  We haven’t even gotten into the other side yet.


While I may have lost to Mike Best several times in some select HOFC matches, I STILL left that cage with pride and dignity.  I’ve seen people in worst shape after fights against Mike and they really got fucked up.  Me, though?  I kept getting back up practically begging to dish out more pain my way.  That’s the thing you seemingly don’t understand, Farthington…You instantly take me at my words but the truth is it wouldn’t have mattered what way I explained something…you would have attacked it anyways.  Well this is me telling you be careful what you wish for, because you may just fucking get it.


It must be nice being best friends with Mike.  The pressure of not being completely under pressure must make you a pretty comfortable guy, Buttersworth.  Well, I’m going to make sure you’re as far away from that comfort zone as possible.  I’m going to make you pay for all those transgressions against me over the years when I take it out on your god damn face over and over again.  By the time our fight is just about done with, you’re going to regret stepping into the HOFC division.  I may be a former HOW World Champion, but I’m going to fight like it’s on the fucking line. 


Truth is Farawayington I’m only one win away from being back in the conversation and what better way to do it than against a former HOW World Champion and still freshen Hall of Famer.  I’ve still got a lot left in the tank and it’s about time I get back on track and grab myself a big win.  You’re not taking me down that easily and you sure as fuck aren’t facing a pity fuck…you’re facing a guy who’s ready to open the flood gates of rage and I’m going to make sure you drown in that flood of rage, Buttersworth!


I’m far from being finished…I really hope you’re ready to fight.