PWA Tag Semi-Finals: The Alabama Gang Get Relaxed

PWA Tag Semi-Finals: The Alabama Gang Get Relaxed

Posted on June 26, 2023 at 5:26 pm by Drew Mitchell

June 25th -New Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas at a Texas Championship Wrestling show.
The young and talented Wendy Willis, a tall Texan with long legs and brunette hair was cut short around ears that were capped with pink rhinestone earrings that dangled freely from fitted piercings as she gracefully makes her way into the center of the ring. Her white cowboy hat is offset by her black buttoned shirt that’s tied in a knot above her navel. She wore a jean skirt that fell just above the knees and her cowboy boots.

Wendy Willis: Ladies and gentlemen! Y’all please welcome to the ring… the Missouri Valley Wrestling Men’s Tag Team Champions… The Alabama Gang!

The opening riffs of Chris Janson’s “White Trash” play over the public address system and one by one they come out.

First, R.G. Jenkins, 39 years old, a seasoned wrestler hailing from Monroeville, Alabama.  He donned a sleek black bandana that covered his bald head. He exuded an air of confidence as he sported a black sleeveless vest paired with sturdy boots and jeans. With a remarkable nineteen-year career in the wrestling industry, Jenkins spent most of his time showcasing his skills in a small wrestling organization known as Appalachian Mountain Championship Wrestling. Over the years, he had traveled extensively, performing in places such as Kingsport and Johnson City in Tennessee, Hazard and Pikeville in Kentucky, Wytheville and Roanoke in Virginia, and Bluefield and Princeton in West Virginia. Then Jenkins decided to try something else and ended up in Missouri Valley Wrestling.

Next, Mark Hendry, a 25-year-old wrestler from Enterprise, Alabama.  He stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 230 pounds. Hendry is known for his power-slash-brawler style of fighting and his finishing move, “The Alabama Slam.” Hendry’s wrestling career began at Joe Bergman’s Barn where he honed his skills before teaming up with Jenkins last year.  Donning a casual ensemble of a striking ‘Alabama Gang’ t-shirt paired with comfortable jeans, Hendry found himself next to Jenkins on the elevated stage of the bustling bar. As is characteristic of his reserved nature, Hendry didn’t engage in many conversations, particularly in public settings such as this one. Nevertheless, this didn’t prevent Mark from surreptitiously surveying the diverse array of women present within the establishment.

In attendance with them was a charming blonde with perfect Irish skin who looked like she should be singing backup for a Southern rock band in the 1970s- Sunny O’Callahan.  Sunny was adorned in clothing that reflected that fashion. Her frizzy blonde hair with a frizzy curl draped across her forehead, a loose-fitting, flouncy top that had a halter neckline, and the faded denim jeans she wore that revealed her perfectly toned legs extending below. She sipped from a bottle of Southern Comfort as she greeted Jenkins with a friendly smile.

Sunny leads them down to the ring

R.G. Jenkins: Well, after a long match against Surf Express Bro, The Alabama Gang prevailed and we are once again the MVW Men’s Tag Team Champions.

Jenkins glances at the others.

R.G.:  We should celebrate, right?

Sunny O’Callahan: Well, I was thinking the same thing…

Sunny takes another drink from her bottle of Southern Comfort. Hendry scopes out some of the women in the crowd.

Sunny O’Callahan: But first, let’s show these folks just what we are celebrating.

The lights dim and the main video screen comes on.

(Wrestling Night in America- The Alabama Gang vs. Surf Express Bro © for the MVW Men’s Tag Team Title)
Hendry has Bradlee Nelson’s head between his legs.

Thunderbolt Smith: Mark Hendry shook off the double dropkick delivered by Nelson and Abrams and now has Bradlee Nelson in a bad position. 

Rick Hall: Is it time for the Alabama Slam?

No. With immense strength, Hendry lifted Nelson high up into the air, before slamming his back onto the unforgiving mat with forceful impact.

Thunderbolt Smith: POWERBOMB! 

Hendry rolls up Nelson.

Thunderbolt Smith: FOR THE TITLE!

Referee Ron Martin slams his hand down on the mat.


As Martin prepares to bring his hand down for the second time, Bowie Abrams enters the ring to try to save the situation at the last minute. Clambering up through the ropes with determination etched on his face, he tries to get to his tag team partner in time.


With lightning-fast reflexes belying his age , R.G. Jenkins slips back into the ring, determined to intercept Abrams. He spears Abrams just as Martin’s hand comes down for the third and final time, the tension in the air palpable…


The crowd erupts as Martin points to the timekeeper’s table, signaling the ringing of the bell and the end of what was a thrilling match!


Thunderbolt Smith: NEW CHAMPIONS!   

Sunny rolls into the ring to celebrate with Jenkins and Hendry.  

After MVW owners Ray McAvay and Joe Bergman present the belts to Jenkins and Hendry, the Alabama Gang jumps onto a ring post and they hoist up their championship belts.

R.G.: That’s right, folks! The Alabama Gang is back and we’re gonna put things right!

He turns to Hendry and Sunny.

R.G.: We got our revenge on the Southern Boys for costing us the MVW Men’s Tag Team at the PWA-2 show. Then we took care of Surf Express Bro and took back our MVW Men’s Tag Team Championship at Wrestling Night in America.

The crowd cheers in approval as Hendry and Jenkins look at each other with determination in their eyes.

R.G.: Next, we’re going to go after the PWA Tag Team belts and the guys who beat us in Paducah, Kentucky- Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr.

Mark: YEAH!

Sunny nods and takes another drink from her bottle of Southern Comfort, pointing at the people in the audience as she makes her points.

Sunny: That’s right. The Alabama Gang are going to face impossible odds once again. Not only are they going to write us off as underdogs because we wrestle for a minor league wrestling company, but if this were seeded like an actual tournament the Alabama Gang would be the fourth seed. But instead of shrinking away, we’re going to stand tall and proud. Mark and R.G. are going to step into the ring ready to prove their mettle yet again against the best competition in pro wrestling.

Sunny steps forward and talks with her hand, pointing at the people in the audience as she makes her points. Her voice is soft and gentle, but strong, and she projects it to the back of the crowd without effort. The audience eats it up. Kids are cheering, and even some of the parents look like they’re about to join along.

Sunny: Nothing will stop them from conquering this mountain. the Alabama Gang will remain unfazed – embracing their status as underdogs like it’s a badge of honor. This #1 contenders tournament is just the latest in a long line of battles where they’ve been written off before they even begin…

Sunny points towards Jenkins and Hendry.

Sunny: …but they’ll prove them all wrong.

Mark: YEAH!

The sound of applause reverberates throughout the room and Sunny patiently awaits for it to subside before proceeding further.

R.G.: Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone, y’all know ’em as…Blood Money- sVo’s tag team champs since August of 2022. They may have the rep of bein’ sVo’s top team, but they ain’t never faced a team like The Alabama Gang afore. We’re gonna prove to ’em that we are the better team!

The crowd roars in approval at R.G.’s words and Sunny takes another drink from her bottle of Southern Comfort.

R.G.: Moretti & Barone can’t be messin’ with us no how, they’ve been runnin’ the roost ’round sVo fer months now…but we ain’t takin’ any o’ that. Mark and me’s comin’ fer ’em and we ain’ stoppin’ til we get what we came for! So y’all git ready ta cheer on The Alabama Gang! Let’s show these boys what happens when ya mess with champions!

Mark: YEAH!!

Sunny smiles and raises her bottle of Southern Comfort in salute to R.G.’s words while Hendry nods his head in agreement. The crowd is positively electric and it looks like they won’t be quieting down anytime soon.

R.G.: Hendry an’ I grit our teeth, ready ta take ’em on. Our muscles tense as we march out inta the ring, determined ta show them why the Alabama Gang is the most fearsome tag team in professional wrestlin’. We will fight tooth an’ nail ta come out ahead, no matter how hard they try ta stand in our way. We won’t rest till victory’s ours!

The crowd erupts into an even louder cheer as they all stand up in support of The Alabama Gang. R.G., Mark and Sunny raise their hands in triumph as the music hits.


June 26th -R.G. Jenkins’s Home – Monroeville, Alabama
R.G. sits on the couch and broods as his wife Melanie Jenkins walks in the front door after going to the gym for pole dancing classes.

Originally from the North, Melanie crossed paths with Jenkins six years back at an Appalachian Mountain Championship Wrestling show in Blacksburg, Virginia. A year later they were married in Alabama. Now 25 years old, R.G.’s spouse of six years is in great shape, attributed to four things she does daily:  her yoga practice, running five miles every morning, pole dancing exercises, and one more activity that we’ll keep secret for now!

She immediately notices R.G.’s dour mood.

Melanie Jenkins: What’s wrong honey?

R.G.: I’m feeling anxious about going to Brazil. I’ve never been out of the country before.

Melanie: Well, remember that trip to Mexico we took?

R.G.: Cabo San Lucas? Yeah!

R.G. smiles as he remembers the wild and alcohol-fueled vacation to Cabo they both took about four years ago. It’s also the place R.G. proposed to her shortly before they made love on the beach under a sky full of stars.

Melanie: That trip was amazing, wasn’t it? You even proposed to me there!

R.G.: I remember that day very well.

Melanie: Well, this will be even better! We can go to some of the most beautiful beaches and have a drink or two in the sun…or maybe more than two!

R.G. laughs and his mood brightens a bit.

R.G: Sorry. Just a mite anxious ’bout the match against Moretti and Barone, too. They’re champs in a much bigger pond.

Melanie: I can understand that.

R.G.: This morning I was hit with a sudden realization that my in-ring time may be running out.

Melanie: Honey, you’re thirty-nine.  That’s not old.

R.G.: I’ve been wrestling for years, but my body can’t take the same punishment it used to.  I’m feeling it a lot more these days.

Melanie: It’s natural to be nervous when you’re facing such a big challenge, but remember why you put yourself in this position in the first place. You wanted to prove to everyone that The Alabama Gang is still the best tag team around and that’s why you went to war with the Southern Boys at the PWA-02 show and won!

R.G.: I know.

Melanie takes a seat next to him on the couch and wraps her arms around him as she pulls him closer.

R.G.: I don’t want to let Hendry down either.

Melanie: You won’t.

R.G.: I don’t want to disappoint anyone… especially Mark. We’ve had a lot of success and I’ve been able to teach and help shape his career over the past year.

She looks into his eyes and speaks softly yet firmly.

Melanie: Listen R.G., You’ve got this baby, I know you do! You go out there like you’re the best wrestler out there and nobody is gonna be able to beat you.

R.G.: I don’t know.

Melanie: You can do it! And if that doesn’t convince you.

She reaches behind the couch for the remote control and turns down the lights.

R.G.: Whatcha doing?

Melanie: Just shush your mouth and sit there.

She then walks over to the stereo and puts on some music before hopping onto the coffee table.

R.G.: Mel?

Melanie puts her index finger on her lips to quiet her husband down.  Then she begins a slow striptease… oh, by the way, that’s another thing Melanie does to keep in great shape (she’s been taking classes for that, too).  She first removes her jeans and slowly sways her hips to the beat.

R.G.: Um… Mel?

Melanie: Shut up and relax.

R.G.: Okay.

R.G. can hardly believe his eyes as Melanie begins her sultry dance for him.  She flaunts her curves in her buttoned-down shirt and underwear, drawing R.G’s attention as she moves closer to him, her body undulating to the rhythm of the music, her striking beauty captivating him and making him forget about the upcoming match.

With each move, R.G. feels his anxieties about facing Blood Money and flying to Brazil lesson as he focuses on her lithe body moving to the rhythm of the song, her hips swaying and her curves accentuated with every turn.

Melanie then moves closer to R.G., pressing up against him and caressing his head with her hands as she dances around him in an intimate fashion.

Melanie (softly): You know what else is nice about Brazil?

Her movements become more daring as she removes her shirt, exposing her toned midriff and enticing curves.  She whispers in his ear.

Melanie: Topless beaches.

Somewhere, Jace Parker Davidson’s interest has been piqued and he is taking notes on ‘places to go in Brazil.’

Melanie continues to dance until she has removed all her clothes and is left wearing nothing but seductive lingerie that shows off her toned figure. Before long, Melanie is close enough to whisper in his ear.

Melanie: You can do anything you set your mind to, R.G.

R.G. watches in awe as Melanie moves her body in perfect rhythm with the music. His worries about the upcoming match fade away. He realizes that he loves her more than anything and can’t help but feel thankful for all that she does for him. R.G.’s inner turmoil begins to melt away as he watches Melanie’s sensual dance before him;

Melanie proceeds to slow herself down and then moves in front of R.G., straddling his lap.

R.G.: Topless beaches, you say?

With one last meaningful look, she snuggles up against him with one arm resting on his chest.

Melanie: Yep.

R.G.: Okay.  I’m good with that.

Melanie: Oh, I’m sure Mark is going to be okay with that, too.

She snickers at her own comment.

Melanie: Speaking of Mark, I wonder what he’s up to now?

R.G.: Oh, you know Mark. He’s probably out looking for some new conquest!

Melanie chuckles.

Melanie: I can imagine Mark, right now, at the bar trying to impress women with his smooth moves and slick lines.

R.G.: And yet he can’t cut a proper wrestling promo in front of a big crowd.

Meanwhile, back at the Goal Line Bar and Grill:
Hey there! I don’t mean to bother you but I was wondering if I could buy you a drink?

The woman glances up from her glass and gives him a small smirk before answering.

Woman: Okay.

Yep.  Mark is indeed trying to pick up a woman at the Goal Line.

Back at the Jenkins’:
Melanie shakes her head, amused by the thought of it.  She gets up from R.G.’s lap and puts her shirt back on.

Melanie: Come on baby, let’s go to bed.

With a gentle sway, she stands up from the couch and elegantly walks towards the bedroom. Before entering, she turns back and gives him a warm look, inviting him to follow her.

Melanie: We’re not done yet.


Walking Along Alabama State Route 53- Troy, Alabama
R.G. Jenkins, Mark Hendry, and Sunny O’Callahan make their way across the meadow along State Route 53, just outside Troy, Alabama. Cars speed past on the fast-paced four-lane highway as Jenkins, Hendry, and Sunny walk in the tall grass near the road, past a Jack’s Billboard nestled between the utility lines and trees outside of Troy, Alabama.

Jenkins and Hendry both have the title belts over their shoulder. Sunny’s probably breaking a couple open container laws by drinking straight out of a bottle of Southern Comfort.

R.G.: Ya’ll see, The Alabama Gang done did it again! We’re the Missouri Valley Wrestling Men’s Tag Team Champions. That there is the true sign of greatness, not just them fancy shiny belts.

Jenkins and Hendry both point at the belts.

R.G.: It’s the ability to overcome adversity.

Sunny nods her head in agreement, the wind blowing her hair back.

R.G.: We lost these belts. It took us six weeks… at Wrestling Night in America… to win these belts back. You knock down the Alabama Gang… the Alabama Gang gets back off their ass and we come back for the titles. Because these belts belong around the waist of the best Men’s tag team in the MVW.

Mark: YEAH!

Sunny steps forward, her face filling up the shot as the camera keeps close to her.

Sunny: Now, there’s a second set of belts… what used to be the HOW Tag Team Titles… which then became the HOTv Tag Team title belts that the Alabama Gang beat Jace Parker Davidson and Scott Stevens for at PWA-01… that are now the PWA Tag Team Title belts held by the two men who defeated R.G. and Mark for the HOTv Tag Team titles a couple months ago…

Sunny appears confused.

Sunny: Did you all get that? Because that seemed as convoluted as trying to keep track of all the time travel that took place in all three Back to the Future movies.

Apparently, Sunny just binge-watched the Back of the Future films.

She shrugs and points back at R.G.

R.G.: So, I guess that means we have to go back to HOW and put ourselves in a position to go to the PWA-03 show and get the PWA Tag Belts off the two jerk-offs who beat us in Paducah.

Sunny nods in agreement again.


Mark’s vocabulary is expanding.

R.G.: The Alabama Gang done proved at PWA-01 that we could hang wit da big dogs. We showed ’em  we were capable of beating’ ’em real good in our loss ta Dan Ryan an’ Jatt Starr. At PWA-03, The Alabama Gang WILLse be defeating’ dem big boys an’ win back THAT title too. But first, Blood Money from sanctioned Violence org. Boys, I’ll be th’ first ta say Brazil ain’t our home turf, but we know it ain’t yours either. Ah bet we done beaten two o’ sVo’s tag teams – Canadian Connection an’ them Southern Boys. We knows we kin play in yer sandbox. The Alabama Gang kin play real rough an’ we’re gonna show dem folks down in Bra-zille just what some hardcore Southern pro wrestlin’ looks like!


Sunny does a doubletake as Hendry decides to join in out of the blue.


He waits for Sunny to confirm that.

Mark: I once dated a chick who had a Brazilian… is that the place where-

Sunny: MARK!


R.G. laughs.

R.G.: See you Sunday… in Brazil.