PWA Tag Semi-Finals: Paria & Seton – Changing Things Up

PWA Tag Semi-Finals: Paria & Seton – Changing Things Up

Posted on June 30, 2023 at 7:21 pm by SHOOT

She stood at center court, her hair still ponytailed and still in her Seattle Storm uniform from her evening’s game against the Phoenix Mercury.  It was what was, right now, a rare win for the season.  It was now an hour after the final buzzer, but Madison Seton was getting in extra work.  Because even being one of the best on her team wasn’t enough.


An attitude she was carrying over to her new venture–pro wrestling.  And though she only had four matches under her belt, she wasn’t about to get a big head regarding her developing skills.  Like her sister had done 20-some years ago, Madison had gotten off to a hot start.  And she was hungry for more.  To learn.  To win gold.


While this moment consisted of basketball, it wasn’t to last much longer.  Her mid-range shot bounces off the back rim and to the floor.  She can only reach up and scratch her head with a look of confusion as she misses a third straight shot.  As she starts walking towards the ball, a sound is heard.


“Did you see this guy on TikTok trying to break the record for number of 3 pointers made in 24 hours? Shit was crazy.”


El Paria, or Jack Johnson, is seen now, walking down the stairs and towards the court. It was just the two of them and some stadium staff, but otherwise… that was it. 


El Paria: I think there’s a lot to be learned by pushing yourself to do stuff like that. I checked in on that stream like, every four hours, just because it was interesting. It was interesting to see his attitude and mood change over the course of that day. 


Continuing his walk towards Madison, he keeps talking.


El Paria: He did a little AMA or whatever after he was all said and done and talked about the perspective he gained from all of that and how his attitude would shift if the shots weren’t falling the right way. Had a real sense of zen to him, you know?


Madison Seton: I’m just trying to do what I can to win more games, not set some silly Guinness record.  I get the point you’re making–


She corrals the ball again and takes a few running steps to set up for another mid-range shot that clanks out.


Madison Seton: Fuck!


She rips her hairtie out and flings it to the floor.  She has a breath before looking at Jack and walking towards him.


Madison Seton: You really have nothing to do but wait on me?


She gives a wry smile.


El Paria: I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing more.


He smiles back at her and walks over, picks up her hairtie, and hands it to her.


El Paria: You dropped this. You want to just get out of here? Grab a shower, with or without me, heh, and get your mind off of all of this and onto something else?


Madison Seton: That is… an excellent idea, señor.  I could use a day off after all that banging around with Britney Griner.  There’s a reason she’s one of the best.


She gives a look into Jack’s eyes.


Madison Seton: Que paso?  You’ve got that look.  Like you just did something.


She starts unlacing her shoes as she walks with him towards the tunnel to the locker rooms. While she catches up, he’s pulling his phone from his jeans pocket.


El Paria: Okay so, check this out. You know that whole PWA deal that SHOOT does as part of the ACE Network and all that with PRIME? 


Well, they’ve decided to put together a little contenders tournament for the PWA tag team championships, and I figured with SHOOT coming off of break and us not being in a match, we should enter. 


So, I entered… the two of us.


As a tag team.


Madison gets a questioning look as she stops for a second.  She puts her hands on her hips and begins pondering it as we fade from the arena to Madison’s suburban Seattle home.  In her pajama pants and t-shirt, she lays on her sofa.


Madison Seton: You think this is a good idea?


El Paria: You doubt us?


Madison Seton: No, I don’t doubt us.  I mean… you showed up rather well the last time we were in the ring.  I just– I don’t know… never tagged before.  Doesn’t mean I can’t but–


He walks into frame.


El Paria: Oh, I’ve only tagged a handful of times. Maybe like 3? I dunno, either way. It’s been with people way, way better than me. 


Regardless, I think we can do this. We have easy chemistry, should be able to function well as a team, and honestly? I think it’ll be good for both of us, you know? Like, perspective and whatever. 


If nothing else, it’s a good way to keep spending some time together with our whole other job starting back up.


Madison Seton: I guess I could use all the action I can get… uh… in-ring action… haha.  Like, I know we can do well.  We don’t have any tension or whatever between us.  It’s really just what we can do inside the ring.  And maybe in my case, being so raw is better because I have no reason to overthink anything.  It’s like being out there— it’s showing what I’ve become capable of.  Bring out more of what I can do.


She takes a moment to think it all over.


Madison Seton:  You signed us up?  I’m all for it, but… like… are you trying to stick it to Jamie or something?  I imagine few people have “El Paria volunteering to wrestle” on their bingo cards.


El Paria: Honestly, didn’t even think about Jamie when I was doing this, but now that you say that… I don’t think he could find a tag partner anyway. Nobody likes him. Like at all. 


And yeah, I think we’ll be solid. The guys we’re up against are something called like… Masters of the Moscowverse. I… am not really sure who that actually shakes out to being, but, you know… it’ll be great.


Totally fine.


And hell, we win, we go up against a HOW or sVo team and maybe we get a shot at the PWA tag titles. Can’t complain about any of that. 


Madison Seton: That sounds like a cheesy ’80s movie or propaganda.  Probably shouldn’t joke like that since they may be able to crack my jaw in half, but I’m not afraid.  No sense in having fear, you know?  That’s what’s on our plate.  It’s what we’re going to take out.  We go in representing SHOOT and I’d rather not have the fed look silly by association from a bad effort; personal pride aside.


Paria smiles, happy she’s on board.


El Paria: Hell yeah, that’s EXACTLY what I’m thinking. 


We got this.


Let’s fuckin’ go.