Posted on June 3, 2023 at 3:50 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Stevens Apartment

Date: June 3, 2023

The scene opens up to Scott Stevens sitting in his Chicago apartment looking unclean and dejected. It has been almost a week since Stevens failed to once again become the world champion and was eliminated earlier than expected at War Games. Let’s be honest, it has been a week of ultimate despair when it comes to Scott Stevens’ career and his personal life. However, he has to try and pivot because he has to return to the Best Arena tomorrow night and pay his respects to the recently deceased, Evan Ward, before traveling back to Mexico to face Abe Lipschitz of PRIME Wrestling at PWA 2. Stevens has his laptop open and he’s watching highlights of his upcoming opponent from Revival 28 on PWA: TV against Tony Gamble and he was victorious. As the clip comes to an end and the Texan goes to watch the next match, he hears his phone start to ring beside the computer. The name on the caller ID reads; “RENO” and Scott’s eyes go wide before quickly clicking the decline button on the smart phone. Stevens quickly shuts his laptop and puts his phone into his blue jeans pocket. Scott grabs his computer and a duffle bag that was sitting on a chair by the door and slowly opens the door before looking to see if the coast is clear. Once there is no perceived danger, Scott shuts the door behind and the scene fades.


Abe Lipschitz, I’m going to be perfectly honest when I say that I don’t know much about you or that I have heard of you before. However, from what I have seen from your highlights on PWA: TV, I’m thoroughly impressed. You’re young, a little rough around the edges, but that can be fixed over time. You’re quick and agile, surprisingly strong, but most importantly, you have a chip on your shoulder and that has propelled you to an impressive 3-1 record in PRIME.

At PWA 2 it will be the cliché match up of the grizzled veteran taking on the young upstart.

Are you up for it?

Honestly Abe, I don’t think you are. With the year halfway over with I thought you would have had more matches this year. I know PRIME doesn’t have a weekly show, but that’s no excuse for you to have had only four matches. I’ve had three times as many matches as you just in HOW alone. That isn’t including my other matches from MVW and other PWA affiliated companies I compete in, and I’m still looking to compete by working this event as well. To me, that either means you are either lazy or afraid of competition and as a man that grew up in this industry that pisses me off. Hell, I was in the very arena we will be competing in in one of the most brutal matches there is trying to become the very best once again.

Where were you?

You were probably in a tanning bed somewhere trying to get that perfect chicken nugget brown glow instead of honing your craft. All that potential untapped talent and it’s being wasted.

So disappointing.

Do you know what disappointment is, Abe?

Because I do.

Disappointment isn’t when you’re in the gym working on your show muscles and the vein in your arm isn’t popping for your picture to post on social media. Disappointment isn’t when your gear arrives and it’s more purple than pink and they forgot to attach the tassels to your boots.

Real disappointment is letting everyone you know and love down.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you take a real hard look in the mirror and asking yourself if you have what it takes to step inside a wrestling ring and continue to do the thing you love. You’re young, and don’t have a care in the world so you wouldn’t know when someone tells you that you have to step away from the thing you love. You don’t know what it’s like when others are trying to dictate your future besides you. I am forty-five years old and I know I’m on borrowed time, but when people are trying to tell me I need to tell me how to live my life I have a problem with that.

It’s also one of my biggest addictions that I cannot shake.

I’m so concerned about losing the ability to compete inside the squared circle that I have to sign medical release forms every time I compete so I can do the thing I love to do. Hell, PRIME’s and HOW’s legal team wouldn’t allow me a million feet within the event if I hadn’t.

You see Abe, I was one of the best wrestlers in the world and how much it pains me to say this, I know I’m not that anymore, but my addiction to compete and cling it my stardom is too much for me to give it up. I have done terrible things to maintain my place in the pecking order. I followed a man with blind faith knowing he didn’t give a shit about me just to see if I could be rewarded a potential championship opportunity and I was. I knowingly gambled away my children’s college funds on myself to win a match I wasn’t the favorite to win because my ego got the best of me and I wanted to defy the odds, but also win a Fort Knox size payout. As you can see, I am not STRONK so all that money I had saved for my kids’ future is now gone.

It is what it is.

Addiction makes you do disgusting things you wish you could take back, but you cannot. All I can do to make things right is continue to do the thing I was born to do and walk out of PWA 2 with a victory and a nice payday.

See you in Mexico.