Put Up Or Shut Up

Put Up Or Shut Up

Posted on March 11, 2022 at 4:52 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Glendale, Wisconsin: Barnes & Noble
March 11, 2022: Time: 5:30 pm

As the image comes into view, we see various people walking past the entrance to Barnes and Noble all bundled up from head to toe. I mean it is 19 degrees outside and the people outside are thinking to themselves about doing what Method Man told Redman during the end credits of How High to keep warm. However, inside the bookstore it is nice and toasty. In the distance, we see Scott Stevens shaking hands with people and taking the last of photos before saying his final goodbyes to the people that came to the Q and A before taking a seat and enjoying some hot chocolate. As Stevens is looking at something on his smart phone and young black man in his late teens to early twenties makes his way over to the Hall of Famer.

“Mr. Stevens. Mr. Stevens.”

The young man begins to say as he gets closer and Scott looks up from his phone.


Scott asks as he sees the young man approach his table.

“Mr. Stevens, my name is Cameron Williams and I was wondering if I could interview you for my podcast?”

The young man asks and a security guard interjects.

“Mr. Stevens isn’t giving any interviews. If you had questions you should of ask them during the Q and A……”

Scott interjects.

“Ryan its fine.”

The security guard nods and takes a step back as Scott motions for the kid to take a seat.

“Thank you Mr. Stevens.”

Cameron says with joy as he digs into his bag and brings out a microphone and places it in the middle of the table as he connects it to his phone and sets it up.

“Welcome to the Knuckle Up podcast. I am your host, Cameron Williams, and I have a very special guest today, the one and only, Scott Stevens.”

Cameron introduces the Texan.


Stevens introduces himself.

“Thanks for being a guest today and if you missed out on being here at Barnes and Noble you missed out on a fun time.”

“No problem and I have to say this was one of the best question and answer sessions I’ve had in a good while. They asked me really good questions which was refreshing to hear to be honest.”

Stevens replies as Cameron nods.

“I know you’ve heard this question a million times already, but are you ready for your match against Conor Fuse this Sunday for the world title?”

Cameron jumps right into the thick of things.

“Yes because this is it for me.”

Stevens states as he taps his finger on the table.

“If I lose to Conor Fuse I will probably never get another opportunity at the HOW championships as long as I’m employed as an active wrestler because there is some much new talent and depth that it makes it climbing back to the top that much harder.”

Stevens informs Cameron who nods in agreement.

“I agree. Since HOW restarted, the influx of talent has made the roster even stronger, and one of those individuals is your opponent on Sunday, Conor Fuse.”

Scott nods in agreement.

“Exactly. That is why this match is that much more important because like I’ve said since the beginning, I probably won’t get another shot if I lose.”

Scott takes a moment to drink his hot chocolate before continuing.

“And Conor isn’t going to make this easy for me as well, that’s why he is the champion. He has exceeded everyone’s expectations since coming in High Octane Wrestling and he’s going to be competing for the top spot for a very long time. Him and Sutler Reynolds-Kael will be the future of HOW if Sutler returns.”

Stevens proclaims and goes to take another sip of his drink.

“What about Scott Stevens Jr.?”

He asks as Stevens starts to choke.

“Next question.”

Scott averts the questions as Cameron shrugs.

“Ok. Now, there seems to be a level of respect between you two, but it seems as of late that Conor is more annoyed with having to face you than anything.”

Stevens shrugs.

“Look, I don’t book the matches. I asked for a rematch and I got it because if you know anything about any member of the Best family they only grant rematches if there is any doubt in a victory or defeat they will make the match again to assure an undisputed victor.”

“And I guess Conor is annoyed by that because he said he beat you despite how close it seemed.”

“Maybe you should tell Conor that he should have defeated me in a more convincing way because getting a lucky shot in when he was getting beat up and down the ring is not a convincing victory in the eyes of anyone with the last name Best.”

Stevens states with extreme emphasis.

“Even leading up to the first match he’s questioned your methods calling you a gutless prick with how you won the Lethal Lottery battle royal and how you’ve gone about things after your defeat calling you a pandering dipshit. Saying that he offered you advice and you ignored it.”

Stevens sighs.

“Conor says a lot of things. He even says I’m a walking contradiction, but so is he.”

Cameron’s interest peeks.

“How so?”

He asks with confusion in his tone.

“Well he said I needed to earn it or as he put it, “level up” by fighting Last Level Bosses , but how am I supposed to earn it when I’m only being booked in tag matches? How can I earn it when tag matches do not count towards a singles championship? Like I said, I don’t book the matches, but I earned my shot at him. I leveled up when I threw Jace’s ass over the top rope and became the number one contender. I had a free life because he didn’t do his job as the champion and defeat me for good. Instead, he let doubt linger and when doubt lingers then you have to face the challenge a second time to prove the doubters wrong. And the most important person he hasn’t proved wrong is Michael Oliver Best because he’s the one who granted me a rematch. I asked for it but he didn’t have to grant it after all. Hell, I’ve begged, asked, pleaded, and even demanded with Lee and I was told to fuck off so many times and if my request was granted then there must be something to prove on Conor’s side to make sure he is the rightful champion.”

Cameron nods.

“Conor has been very vocal about your championship commitment which he states you don’t have as you fucked off in the Maurako Cup and you blamed Black Mamba for your shortcomings while he was taking the tournament seriously.”

Stevens just chuckles.

“And this is why Conor is a walking contradiction. For a guy who is a student of the game and studies tape apparently didn’t check the Stevenspedia when he made those comments. I had commitment issues with Black Mamba long before the Maurako Cup started. I questioned his motives and desires because he’s left me high and dry before and as the tournament played out it happened once again. Don’t believe me? Go rewatch it on High Octane Television because the footage does not lie. I took this tournament very seriously and you saw this when I stepped between those ropes and dominated everyone that stood in front of me and when I tagged in Mamba, he was the one who was dominated if he even showed up at all. Mamba ghosted me the second this tournament started so I have every right to complain. Speaking of complaining, wasn’t Conor the one complaining about his partner not showing up and giving it his all even though they won? The difference between me and Conor is that I don’t need a fucking week to collect myself regardless of an outcome.”

Cameron’s eyes get big by Scott’s comments.

“I see.”

Cameron replies and before he can ask his next question, Scott cuts him off.

“Now, don’t get me wrong I like Conor Fuse. He’s a tough son of a bitch and he’s ready to face anyone, but he’s an ignorant little piece of shit when he started to question my motivations and commitment to my livelihood!”

Scott states as he hits the table with his fist.

“He claims I am the same person I was when HOW restarted. Hell, he even stated I was the same person in the last era before HOW shut its doors.”

Stevens shakes his head in annoyance.

“For a guy who studies tape and is a student of the game fails once more. I am not living off of my past because my past is what got my back broken by Dan Ryan and confined to a wheelchair for six months. Living off my accomplishments is what sent me to an early retirement by Mike Best when he caved in my skull with his knee. Conor, I only blame others when there is blame to give, but I take my responsibilities like a man, and when I am beat, I admit my defeat and move on. You said many times I’m a coward for how I became the number one contender, but it was advertised that I could be in the match so for Jace not to figure that into his gameplan is on him, not me.”

Stevens states as he points to himself.

“My work ethic and commitment are my two strongest things. I never quit HOW, ever! I have always been here. You cannot say the same about Scottywood, Max, America, John Sektor or even the great Mike Best because they have at some point quit on Lee and HOW while I have always been there since I walked through the doors in 2012. Your ignorant little ass can claim I’m your television opponent and hate me for taking someone else’s spot, but the only person to blame for that is you Conor.”

“How so?”

Cameron asks curiously.

“Well, if Conor defeated me in a more convincing way than the way he did than I wouldn’t be here talking with you about our rematch this Sunday. If Conor wanted a new opponent, he should have finished me off better than how he did. If he wanted to face Arthur Pleasant, Arthur should’ve beat John Sektor instead of going to a draw. If he wanted to face Jeffrey James Roberts, Roberts should not have lost to Darin Zion the first time they faced off and barely got by the second time. You tell me to level up Conor, but you should be telling everyone else because it seems they aren’t doing their job to warrant being a viable challenger. I became the top contender because I earned it at Lethal Lottery and I continue to be the top challenger because you couldn’t beat me convincingly enough to satisfy Michael Oliver Best. I’m not the one who needs a new strategy because the old one I had was working pretty good until I gave you two seconds to breath and you took advantage. This Sunday I promise that will not happen again.”

Stevens firmly states before finishing his hot chocolate.

“Conor, I like you, but you are asinine at times. I never once have complained about my placement on the card, ever. I was content with retirement after Mike served me my humble pie, and only came back because Michael Oliver Best asked me to. Unlike you, who complained that you have to face me on television instead of a worthy opponent at a pay-per-view. Conor, I am a Hall of Famer wrestler in HOW. My peers voted me in because they see me worthy enough to be among them and just that notion alone makes a worthy opponent for that world title. However, I’m surprised you aren’t complaining that you aren’t in the Main Event of Refueled since we are competing for the world title. I mean, what has Jatt Starr, Mike Best, Chris Kostoff, and Darkwing done to deserve their spot besides being four of the greatest to ever step foot in a HOW ring?”

Stevens lets the question linger before continuing.

“Don’t ever question my place in the hierarchy of HOW you little bitch when you complain about having to defend your title on television instead of pay-per-view. I know my place and always have while on Sunday you’ll know your place will be flat on your back looking up at the rafters as I hold 97 Red high in the air.”

Scott sternly states.

“Conor, you want the real me; the Texas Bad Ass, the one who will do everything and anything to win? Be careful what you wish for because you will get it on Sunday because if I gave up custody to my own son what do you think I’m capable of doing to you when I get back inside that ring with you? You might not make it to March to Glory when I get finished with you. Conor, I’m not Arthur Pleasant, JJR, or anyone else I’m sure you would rather be facing. I’m simply the man that was a mistake free from defeating you to reclaim the world title. I know it, Michael Oliver Best knows it, but more importantly you know it and that is why we are squaring off once again. And this time I conquer the impossible. I complete the last level of Battletoads mistake free and hold up my golden trophy in victory. See you Sunday.”

Stevens concludes as Cameron wraps it up.

“Strong words from the challenger and make sure you tune into Refueled this Sunday.”

Cameron thanks Scott for his time as the Texan shakes his hand and makes his way towards the exit.