Posted on August 25, 2023 at 9:57 pm by Bobbinette Carey

There’s no such thing in life as a sure thing. Only fools believe that something is guaranteed. 


The only thing we’re guaranteed is death and taxes and in HOW death isn’t even guaranteed….


Perhaps the reason death isn’t permanent here is because this is our purgatory. It’s not Heaven, it’s not Hell. It is what we make it, it’s this limbo that we all end up back in like a time loop. All of us sinners, not a single saint among us. All selling our souls, signing on the dotted line for a chance at immortality, to become legends… at what cost? Does it really matter, the small print at the bottom when your dreams are coming true?


That fine print only matters when it’s time to pay up. When the spotlight on you has faded and your 15 minutes was up decades ago. But you’re still paying cause that fine print haunts you. You’re no longer who you were but the show must go on. The machine never stops, so you can’t either.



Chicago Illinois

The Best Arena parking lot

Chaos 39


We see after Chaos, Terrence Davidson and Nettie Carey get into their limo. Nettie is changed out of her gear, her makeup off her hair pulled into a ponytail as she has on a black hoodie with black shorts. Terrence in his suit and classy casual appearance by her side. Nettie hands her bag to the Chauffeur. She smiles, and with her victory, she appears to be in a good mood as Terrence gets into the limo before her. Nettie slides in, seeing Terrence as he sits in silence looking ahead. Nettie runs her two fingers up his arm with a smile. Terrence doesn’t seem amused by this. Nettie pokes him not getting a response, her smile turns into a pout.


Nettie: This is a good thing. I told you I had Jatt! 


Terrence doesn’t budge as he looks forward with slight hurt in his eyes.


Nettie: My Silver Fox…


She pouts. It doesn’t appear to be working, so she sighs, crossing her arms and thinking about what to say. After a few moments pass, she looks over at him putting her head on his shoulder.


Nettie: I am sorry…


She says softly. Terrence’s resolve seems to lighten.


Terrence: For?


He asks, raising an eyebrow unsure of this route.


Nettie: I was dismissive of you. Your words and thoughts matter. 


Her voice sounded genuine and her eyes looked filled with remorse.


Terrence: That, my Dove, means so much to me.


Nettie grabs his hand smiling. Terrence kisses her hand softly.


Nettie: I’m glad.


Terrence: It’s good to feel heard.


Nettie pats him on the lap with a little nod. 


Nettie: Yes, I’m going to work on that. Just like I’m going to work on those people talking about Xander winning last year against us.

Terrence’s face changes to disappointment at how short of time was spent on this issue. Nettie doesn’t appear to notice as she doesn’t look at him.


Nettie: I don’t take kindly to being disappointed. I know you used to be disappointed after all, look at your son. But I don’t like it.


Her tone sounds dismissive. Terrence nods his head in agreement.


Terrence: Being used to it and liking it are two different things, my Love… I don’t like that I’m constantly disappointed and let down by my son, it’s just what he does.


Nettie shrugs her shoulders with no compassion on her face, it seems as if she shrugs off what he’s saying.


Nettie: A year ago… honestly, I’m getting so fed up with the callbacks. 


Terrence: Didn’t you say you wanted to get him upset? You wanted him to notice.


Nettie’s eyebrows wrinkle with annoyance as she removes her hand from his leg crossing her arms tightly against her body.


Nettie: Using my words against me.. wow.


Terrence: Just reminding you of what your initial idea was, my dear.


Nettie with a half nod relaxes her arms slightly.


Nettie: I’m sorry baby… I won tonight, we should be celebrating not concerning ourselves with the annoyances of next Sunday.


Terrence nods in agreement as Nettie turns her body towards him, cuddling up in his arms. Terrence wraps his arms around her.


Terrence: I’m just glad you’re alright. Booking you back-to-back seems unnecessary but your opponent is more of a warm-up than he is an actual challenge.


Nettie: Not that I’m old, but I can’t go like I used to.


Terrence: I’d beg to differ.


He said pulling her in closer for a kiss. She laughed, shaking her head.


Nettie: If a participation trophy was a person, it would be Xander Azula. Make no mistake about the fluke from last year. That was last year and now it… What do the kids say? New number who dis? 


She yawns. 


Nettie: Just talking about him is putting me to sleep! It’s just Xander Azula, but it was just a nagging gnat that didn’t die. Because of that, I got to start the show. Curtain jerking because the enhancement talent beat me.


Her eyes were heavy and having a hard time staying open as her voice trailed off. 


Terrence strokes her hair softly as she dozes off in his arms. Terrence looks at the sleeping Nettie, it had been a whirlwind with her yet he felt ill at ease. He kissed her forehead attempting to relax as the limo approached the airport for the awaiting private jet “Epic Airways.”




Thursday, August 24th

Indianapolis Indiana 

The Alexander, a dolce by Wyndham Hotel.


We see the rainy skyline of the Indianapolis skyline backdrop. It’s the evening and we see a person running in a black hoodie and black leggings. The closer we get, the more we see the curvy person is none other than Nettie. She seems to have no problem running in the rain to continue her jog in her own world. People run to get out of the rain while she appears to be enjoying the downpour. The lightning strikes through the night sky as Nettie smiles looking up enjoying the show. Unable to hear her ringtone from her phone only feeling the vibration. She looks down at her watch seeing it’s the 8th missed call. She sighs and relents into the hotel in front of her. She bypasses the desk holding up her room key as water drips from her as she walks briskly to the elevator. She hits the penthouse button and scans her key to confirm it. Finally, she reaches her floor and exits quickly with her head down as she gets to her room. She quietly lets herself in, turning to see Terrence Davidson at a candle-lit table. 


Nettie: Oh, this is nice.


She says pulling her hood from her hoodie down. She walks into the bathroom, grabs a towel, and throws her soaked clothes to the side before grabbing the nearest bathrobe to throw on.


Terrence: My Love, it’s to celebrate you. Are you okay?


He has concern on his face as he sees how soaked she is. Nettie nods her head.


Nettie: I was trying to clear my head… 


Nettie walks out of the bathroom and kisses him on the cheek before squeezing herself between him and the table sitting on his lap 


Terrence: Anything you feel like talking about?


Nettie shakes her head looking over the food spread.


Nettie: Sure don’t…


She said plainly, sounding uninterested in continuing the topic.


Nettie: My Silver Fox, this is so nice


She kisses him.


Terrence: Is it Xander that is troubling you? I heard you in your sleep. You said they wouldn’t get away with it.


Nettie laughs, grabbing some strawberries she found in the spread.


Nettie: I don’t remember having a dream last night. But I slept pretty hard… no, I’m not worried about Xander. He’s just a filler at this point… It’s allowing me to figure out my next move after that. Sometimes, Lee does things to humble me.


Terrence: You would think after all these years he would know there’s no point in attempting that. You can’t be tamed.


Nettie: Exactly! So whatever I have to do next, it has to be big. Not going to be some whiny bitch like your son… but it did make me think of something while I was out running and clearing my head.


She wrinkles her nose as she feeds him a strawberry.


Nettie: These men hell-bent on revenge… fizzle out after they put all their energy into beating me. Aceldama, and Shane losing to Sektor right after… made me think that it’s me. I give people their purpose. People defeat me and finally get whatever closure they feel they need and then they fade away. You’re welcome!


She laughs a little, feeling justly proud of herself.


Nettie: Now those losses aren’t mortifying losses. Those are honorable losses. Those are respectable losses. Those are noteworthy losses. Whereas a loss to Xander…it’s The Scarlet letter.


Terrence: My love, I think-


Nettie feeds him another strawberry to Terrence, cutting off his words.


Nettie: I think you set up this nice romantic dinner and I’m done ruining it with shop talk.

Terrence raises an eyebrow sighing but nods his head kissing her. She smiles as she jumps to her feet walking to the master bedroom and motions for him to follow. Terrence blows out the candles before following Nettie to the room.


Taking on Azula last time was a “sure thing.” Imagine my disappointment when I came up short against him last time. He’s not a better wrestler than I am, no not on my good days, but it clearly wasn’t one of my good days. But this wasn’t a good day, was it? Obviously not. I’m a legend and I am in the Hall of Fame for a damn reason! And yet, I lost to him… I guess even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while.

For one year I have had to carry the shame, I had to carry the embarrassment of people knowing that I lost to someone like him. I’ve buried it in the back recesses of my brain. Apparently, I didn’t bury it far enough because it’s rearing its ugly head now. Perhaps it was karma, perhaps it was a way to humble me. Of course, I don’t see it as any of those. I see it as an annoyance, something that needs to be rectified. A mistake was made and I am not who I was last year.

But let’s talk about my favorite subject: me. You don’t need a Mount Rushmore when you’re a monument. You can keep all different types of Mount Rushmore but there is only one Washington monument and that is me. There’s a reason I’m not bothered by not being part of people’s “Mount Rushmore” because there’s never been another me! How do you quantify someone who is unlike anyone else?

There was never anyone like me before. There will never be anyone else like me again. Year after year, after year, other women have been in HOW but I’m the only one. I am the fucking Highlander of HOW!

Again, why am I talking so much about myself? Isn’t this about my opponent? That’s the point! Xander, what have you done? You beat me once but what is your legacy? What have you left behind? Where’s your Hall of Fame ring? Oh, wait, you don’t have one. I can fight Jatt Starr back and forth for the next 40 years and people will still tune in to watch it! 5 years from now, only a few people will remember you even existed or were part of HOW. You have not done anything to leave an indelible mark, to have people talk about you long after you’re gone.


I know what you’re thinking, but what about my dozens of battles with Darin Zion? That’s exactly my point. Forget about the other curtain jerker whose name you are tied to. Nobody wants to see you two fight again, but you keep cramming it down our throats hoping it’ll get over. We don’t care and you beating me was the only thing that actually made me give a damn. A no-name was able to get a win from me, you’re welcome for the shine I gave you. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.