Posted on May 20, 2021 at 11:02 am by Cecilworth Farthington

This whole HOFC division is starting to perplex me. Instead of it being a place for the roughest, toughest tumblers in the history of all things High Octane to throw them proverbial hands like a mad lad having a Twitter meltdown, it instead seems to be populated by my good friend Mike Best and a bunch of people mad that they have to face Mike Best.

They get into the petty nitty gritty of the world of “no u”. They suddenly run out of original thoughts. It’s almost as if their brains turn to mush BEFORE the knockout blow. God knows what remains of their perfectly frictionless noggins after the fight.

Yes, it feels like people are being forced into the ole cage as a punishment. They whine that the matches are unfair, if they even say anything at all. I’ve even heard people talk about “stacked decks”.

How is two men in raw, physical combat putting one of them at a disadvantage?

Well, I suppose if they think they utterly suck, they could find a submission grapple fuckery contest to be a curse upon their house.

Yet, that then leads to another massive question.

If you think you suck at fighting, why the hell are you even still in the company? Why are we keeping space for people who don’t even think they can win a match and grumble about it openly to any press or blog or vlog or pog that will listen to them?

Why are you still here Brian?

I’m not asking you to quit, I’m not asking you to forfeit this match, I’m asking you to look deep down inside of yourself and find the answer to that question. It’s clear that you want to be here, it’s clear that you still see you have a future in High Octane Wrestling and yet, when the going gets tough, the pity spiral erupts.

It’s hardly a winning mindset.

When you were booked against JPD and Mike Best in 2015, did you start whining about how you didn’t stand a chance?

Of course you fucking didn’t. You saw your chance to establish yourself as one of HOW’s best. A chance to sit atop the company hierarchy. You relished the opportunity to make a name for yourself.

And you fucking did it.

You became World Champion.


Where is that same mindset in this era? You seem more concerned with dwelling in your losses than looking forward to your future victories. Your career is in a death spiral because you have let it spiral.

Just look at your friend Zion, he could take the same path as you, lose, pick up the paycheck, drink alone looking sad. He didn’t though, he kept fighting because he KNEW there was a chance he could prove himself. Now he’s going to fucking War Games. The man who practically worships the ground you walk on, the guy who always wants to attach himself to your ankle, had the most shocking victory of the year.

What are you doing?

All you do is tell people “ho-hum, I might lose, I lost before, so I’ll probably lose again” like you’re cosplaying as fucking wrestling Eeyore. Sure, you make vague remarks about how you may sneak in a surprise win but…

Why are you hoping for a surprise? Why aren’t you grabbing your fucking opportunities with both hands?

Fighting a mute and following it up battling a tomato can doesn’t really do much for my bottom line. I can’t really start getting big money fights if no one is willing to work with me a little and at least hype the bloody match. God knows I’m trying on my end to make things matter.

Brian, ask yourself before you enter that cage the ultimate question:

“Why am I still here?”

If you believe you can return to the top of the company, if you believe that a Hall of Fame spot might still be in your grasp, then I have one simple request, show up and fucking fight me. Show up and try to punch my face in for all the snide little remarks I’ve thrown in your direction for years.

The end result will be the same – you, tapping furiously, screaming in agony but at least then I would get to feel like I’ve EARNED the win and haven’t just locked an armbar on a sentient raincloud.

High Octane doesn’t need squatters.

I hope you decide to fight.

Otherwise, rent’s overdue, it’s eviction night.