Parting Shots

Parting Shots

Posted on March 26, 2020 at 11:44 pm by Deacon

(Magdalena leans with her back against these ancient columns. To one side, a modern cityscape covers the horizon, and to the other, verdant hills.)

Magdalena: In a few days, these columns will hold up the thousands attending March to Glory. In many ways, what brings the crowds here on Saturday is quite similar to what brought the crowds all those years ago.

(With a flourish of her hands, the camera cuts to Max Kael, LSD title over his shoulder as he stands before Lee & Mike Best, the younger with the ICON title over his shoulder. Max’s eyes, err… eye, hungrily gazes at the white belt. It cuts back to Magdalena who says–)


(With a gesture to the hillside, the camera cuts to Alex Redding & Teddy Palmer playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, enjoying the moment then locking up. It cuts back to Magdalena who adds–)


(She snaps her head so her eyes are looking straight through the camera just as it cuts to Kostoff versus Deacon, deep into their match where the blood already started to flow.)

And Violence.

(Her gaze softens.)

Kostoff, despite your temporary amnesia, I knew you would remember Deacon, if not while talking to the camera, certainly after you looked up, way up, and realized that you’re not the biggest dog in this fight.

(Magdalena smirks.)

I guess that’s Redding – the Bad Wolf.

But you did recall your first bout, and like you said the last time you & Deac crossed paths, you’re here to hurt people. Believe me, Deacon remembers. He remembers your clubbing forearms, your slams, and his blood. It wasn’t the first time Deacon had bled, but it was the first time here. And walking into this cage, Deacon knows it’s not going to be his last. His best guess? You’ll be the one to slash him. His next guess? You’ll enjoy it way too much. About as much as Max Kael.

(Magdalena’s face turns expressionless in its expression, as stony as the columns around her.)

And his plastic parrots. (The expression turns from anger to bewilderment.) Between Redding’s instagram and your … parrots, ya’ll did a bunch to make people want to come into this arena. So let me give some people yet another reason.

Deacon hasn’t been in a cage in years. Deacon hasn’t been on a pay per view in longer. In an earlier time, he was known for an entrance followed by a match that more times than not, stole the show. Those entrances aren’t going to be in the Colosseum – that magic is gone. But Deacon’s never been a man of magic but of faith. And that faith drove him to do things in that ring that was inhuman for a man of his size. That faith hasn’t changed. And if he’s only going to give Italy half of the show they remember, you better believe the part he plans to give them will be worth remembering. Max, you think Deacon doesn’t know what Lee Best is using him for? I’ve already told you – Deacon doesn’t care, because it ends with him and you inside a steel cage. Alex and Kostoff will be there, and no doubt they’ll be more than just bystanders to our party. Heavens, it’s 100% possibly they take the W, but not before the Deacon gets what he came to HOW to do – change the status quo that is Max Kael. You will make it out of that cage, but you won’t make it out the same way you step in.

(Magdalena glances over the panorama behind her.)

None of us will.

(And that’s all folks.)