Posted on May 20, 2021 at 5:36 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Seems like everyone’s paired off into groups for this main event match.

Mike & Troy.

Jiles & Zeb.

Conor & …well Mike or Jiles.

Wait a minute…

Are these motherfuckers overlooking me?!

Everyone’s so focused on Mike or Jiles that I seem to be the forgotten man in this equation. One fluke loss to Zion and people start they can just start overlooking me in this match.

Guess it’s time I remind them of just who the fuck I am.

Let’s start with the head of the 214 table, Lindsay Troy.

I’ve been there and done that with you before. One on one I beat you fair & square in the middle of the ring. Minus the ring rust it wasn’t even as close as it seemed. I proved the so-called Queen of the Ring was nothing more than a fraud living on past glory outside of HOW.

Now she’s all piss and vinegar thinking she’s gonna trade knees with Mike in this match. However did she for a single second think that maybe it’s not Mike that she draws in this match? Of course not because Mike got under her skin so badly all she could see was red.

Whether she wants to admit it or not, she’s still just a woman scorned after Mike just humped her then dumped her.

We meet in this match Troy and it’s just going to be another round of me dropping you on your dome. And this time McAvay won’t be around to save you from getting your head stomped.

Then there is Zeb.

The biggest member of the team but also its weakest link. I faced off against you in my first match back & if it wasn’t for the fact of having Solex as a partner, 214’s tag title reign wouldn’t have made it past a week.

You hit me with your best shot Zeb and it wasn’t enough to keep me down. You think another hook, line and sinker is going to do it for you here ya catfish fucker? Sure you got history with Jiles but if you draw me? I’m dropping you on your head with Unscripted Violence. If you think Zeb can barely speak English now, wait until after this match & it’ll sound like he’s speaking Klingon with Teddy Palmer’s balls in his mouth.

And finally there’s you Conor Fuse.

The only one out of the bunch to actually mention, just barely. So you’ve got a fireball waiting for me? 

Are we talking an actual fireball or do you plan or copying a Street Fighter move and Hadouken me to death?

Boy, I really hope I draw you, Conor.

The smallest member of your team inside of a cage in Japan? Might as well call this a deathmatch because you will not survive. You think I’ve forgotten all those times you’ve intentionally messed up my name? I’m going to make you remember it on Saturday night.

You see Conor, you can forget about playing with fire. You better come to the cage armed with a gun cause that’s the only way this is going to last longer than two minutes. This isn’t about power ups, 8-4 bosses, or bots. Forget all your angry video nerd lingo, it’s not going to help you.

In a cage, no rules whatsoever.

I already took out one of your friends and now you’re next on the list, Conor. 

I’m not just going to drop you on your dome, I’m not just going to stomp your head & pop it like a pimple. I’m looking to dislocate your arm. I’m going to systematically break you down & liberate your shoulder from its socket.

I’m taking as many of you assholes out as I can before War Games.

There’s nowhere to run, no ropes to jump off of. Just face to face, fist to fist, knee to knee. I’m just dying to dissect the three of you bastards and put 214 at a disadvantage. 

So please, keep dismissing me.

I’m bringing nothing unbridled, unscripted, unadulterated violence to that cage. 

The Fuse is lit?


The Fuse is going to be dismantled piece by fucking piece.

You will bend the knee you little bitch.

And if you’re lucky?

I’ll let you blow my cartridge.