Out of the Frying Pan…and into Literal Delusion

Out of the Frying Pan…and into Literal Delusion

Posted on May 28, 2020 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Some local based Hospital….


But not the local one you’re thinking of….


One Day after Refueled…


The scene opens up as the sounds of beeps can be heard in the background.  The background is literal black to open up.  The sounds of beeping continues to echo as we try and get a picture of exactly what and where we’re at.  The beeping sounds start to set up an eerie picture before we actually see what is going on.  It’s that sound that literally sends chills down your spine before, after a few moments, the scene finally opens up inside of…you guessed it…a hospital room.  The camera pans around the room but this isn’t your typical hospital room typically seen in most hospitals.  No.  In fact, there is a familiarity to this scene as the room was a fancy one.  That’s not to say that most hospitals don’t have some sophisticated set ups and machines, but this one….was different.  It was especially different from what we’ve come to see the last several months in terms of style of a scene.  It isn’t long before the camera pans outward as we see Brian Hollywood, unconscious in the hospital bed.  Just when we expected to see Hollywood alone in the room, all alone as of late with no one by his side, we see a figure sitting in a chair staring straight at Hollywood.  The back of his head is the only thing we see, however, from the side view, it appears as if the figure looked very familiar.  A few more moments pass by before all of a sudden, Hollywood starts to slowly open up his eyes.  He’s definitely feeling displaced and he was definitely groggy as he sees nothing but a blur right in front of him.  Hollywood takes a moment to try and grab his barrings before his eye sight slowly returns to him.  As his eye sight comes back full circle, he is able to blink a couple times before he is shocked at who he sees in front of him…almost as if he couldn’t believe the man was before him…he also gave off a completely unexpected reaction…the kind of reaction you would think would be the last on Hollywood’s mind after the beating he took.  But it was there as Hollywood reacts to who’s sitting right in front of him.


Brian Hollywood: “Oh fuck me…”


The camera then pans over as we see the mysterious man finally revealed and we knew him alright.  That man?…




Gerald Reeves: “Oh from where I’m sitting?  Not fuck me, but rather…you got fucked up alright!  Well…it certainly has been awhile, hasn’t it Brian?”


Brian Hollywood: “I suppose you’re here to tell me I told you so, huh?  Well, you can take that told you so and collectively shove it up your ass!”


Hollywood was definitely frustrated all right.  I don’t think he even knew what was more frustrating…the fact that he ended up in the hospital in the first place or the how he got there in the first place and having to run into Gerald.


Gerald Reeves: “Good to see you too…”


Hollywood shakes his head and just sighs as he tries to wrap his head, or what’s left of it, of how he ended up in the hospital in the first place.  He can’t even think, though, as he just let’s out a huge sigh as the pain claws into Hollywood. 


Brian Hollywood: “Ugh…how the fuck did I even get here to this Chicago hospital?  Last thing I remember I was being blasted in the head with a god damn led pipe from a delusional motherfucker who I told to leave me alone and dare not step in my path.”


Gerald raises an eyebrow as he was rather surprised Hollywood thought he knew where he was at.  Quite the opposite, in fact, and definitely realized Hollywood took a harder hit than originally thought.


Gerald Reeves: “Uh…Hollywood…you’re not in Chicago…”


Brian Hollywood: “The fuck?!  Well if I’m not in Chicago, then where the living fuck am I at?!”


Gerald is again surprised by Hollywood’s lack of awareness.  It should have been blatantly obvious to Hollywood where he was at…seeing Gerald is actually here, it should have been that obvious as to where he was at but was Hollywood’s current campaign so active that Hollywood was blocking out his past that much?  This was going to be more difficult for Gerald to break through Hollywood then he thought.  The question Gerald now had to ask was how far gone was Hollywood from home?  Gerald finally sighs as he tells Hollywood exactly where he’s at.


Gerald Reeves: “The fact that I’m here should tell you EXACTLY where the fuck you are, Brian!  But since we’re going to play this game…you’re not in Chicago….you’re in LOS ANGELES!!”


Brian Hollywood: “WHAT?!  God no!!  I can’t fucking be here right now!!!  I shouldn’t be here right now!!  I should be in fucking Chicago!!  I swore to myself I was going to get as far away from here as possible!!  I need to get back to Chicago!!!”


Gerald Reeves: “Hollywood…CALM DOWN!!  You need to fucking breathe and realize why you’re here in the first place!!  You’ve got to get over this obsession of yours and you need to do it now!”


Hollywood starts to shake violently in the bed before his body all of a sudden disrupts into a seizure.  Gerald immediately gets to his feet and yells out into the hallway for help as he shows concern for his long time friend.




It doesn’t take long for help to arrive as several nurses and doctors rush into the room to tend to Hollywood immediately.  A couple nurses help turn Hollywood on his side before holding his legs down firmly to the bed.  At the same time this is occurring, a couple other nurses hold Hollywood’s head down firmly so he wasn’t shaking out of control.  Gerald can only watch in horror at what his friend is going through.  Hollywood’s shock and utter fear about even being in Los Angeles was apparent enough to send Hollywood into an epileptic state.  Gerald shakes his head as, again, he could only sit there and watch helplessly while he doesn’t have any control over this situation.  Gerald was also like Hollywood where he always liked to be in control over every situation he was in.  He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing and the only thing he could wonder while all of this was going on was how the hell Hollywood could have gotten so far gone with being so far from home and what Gerald was going to do to help find his friend who now appeared to be long lost…



A few hours later….


Hollywood is now calm and seems to be in a more peaceful, rested state as Gerald leans in focused on his friend.  Hollywood opens up his eyes and almost in a scene of dejavu promptly responds as he sees Gerald up close.


Brian Hollywood: “Oh fuck me…”


Gerald doesn’t reply with his same earlier response, and instead, appears to question Hollywood asking if he was alright.


Gerald Reeves: “Yo…Hollywood…gave me a scare brother.  Are you alright?”


Brian Hollywood: “What do you mean, am I alright?  What the fuck are you even doing here?”


Gerald Reeves: “Dude…you had a seizure man…you’re in Los Angeles and you had me worried sick.  I mean, I was already worried sick about your well being….but you are not in the best shape at the present time.”


Brian Hollywood: “Seizure?!  What the fuck are you talking about Gerald?  You’re not making any fucking sense!”


Hollywood was definitely confused and rightfully so.  However, Gerald didn’t want to overdo it with Hollywood.  The utter shock that when Hollywood found out where he was sent him into a seizure was definitely trying and concerning for Gerald.  Gerald sighs as he tries to explain it the best he can and help Hollywood fill in the blanks.


Gerald Reeves: “Brian…you got attacked in an unstable workplace you call HOW…god only knows what you see in that wrestling company…and it’s no secret anymore so don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.  There’s been a lot of shit to go down here in LA in your absence, and it’s time you came to your senses about it!”


Brian Hollywood: “So…that ungrateful motherfucker couldn’t leave well enough alone I see.  I’m sure you’re familiar with Darin Zion.  I told that fucker that if he didn’t watch himself, he would regret the day he lived when he interfered with my life for the final time!”


Who knows if it was a coping mechanism for Hollywood to dodge his former life and everything involved and around it…or whether not Hollywood was just lashing out in pure frustration and hatred at the chaos that Darin Zion caused him.  Perhaps it was the perfect smokescreen for Hollywood to keep his current journey close to the chest.  Now he only had Zion on his mind which particularly made Hollywood’s current situation that much more difficult.


Gerald Reeves: “Look…I know about everything in HOW.  I know now why you decided to leave your company and your entire life behind to pursue this bullshit life journey you’re trying to prove to yourself.  I already knew about your wrestling life.  Maybe the others like Niles and Buck didn’t know…maybe even Lukas didn’t know…but you can’t fool me Brian…you forget the line of work I’m in.  I make it my business to know everyone’s secrets.  But just look how you got here!  This is ultimately what you went looking for and I can honestly say I knew this would catch up with you sooner rather than later.  If that weren’t enough, I knew your absence from your own god damn company would send ripples throughout Los Angeles and even our internal affairs of our pursuit of The Chair.  I mean, god damn man…does The Chair even mean anything to you anymore?!  Does not knowing who he is even make you budge with fuel to find the answers anymore?  For fuck sakes man….what do you expect to happen now?!”


Gerald was spewing some hardcore shit towards Hollywood trying to leverage ANYTHING on Hollywood to try and get him to snap out of it and return to the actual current state of affairs.  However, it was proving to be more difficult than Gerald had anticipated.  Gerald had had Hollywood air lifted to Los Angeles and back into the luxurious life that he once had.  Gerald was hoping that a change of scenery and of the old life would help Hollywood budge back to the life he once knew…but it was all in vain as Hollywood had heard enough.


Brian Hollywood: “ENOUGH!!  Fucking enough, Gerald!!  I’m fucking tired and I’m on a god damn mission right now and I’m tired of people dictating which way I go!  I’m making MY own decision on this matter, not what’s best for everyone else!  Nobody seems to understand WHY I need this and WHY I chose to take this path!  I’m not going to let the fallout of trying to do the easy thing be the reason of me trying to do the RIGHT thing!  I’m staying ahead of this for a change and I’m controlling my own destiny and right now my decision is going to lead me straight into a fucking war with Darin Zion!  HE asked for this and HE shall get every ounce of vengeance that is coming to him!  He wanted the old Hollywood?!  He wanted to drag out this edgier side in me?  Well he’s fucking going to get JUST THAT and I feel sorry for whoever has to step in my way next on my pursuit in getting him!  Now, if you’ll stop wasting my god damn time and do me a favor….GET THE FUCK OUT!!”


Gerald Reeves: “FINE!!  You want to continue to pursue this line of path?!  Be my fucking guest motherfucker!  But just know that this is FAR from fucking over!!  You’ll eventually come to your senses…you always fucking do but I fear this time it will be too late when you actually do realize what’s going on here and what’s going on with your company that your decision to stay on this path…you will suffer the consequences of that decision…I’m just trying to help you SEE this before it’s too late!  But be my guest….you do you..but always remember this…I don’t shoot bullshit with you Hollywood!  I cut through the bullshit and have always tried to help when I can…I hope you see that before it’s too fucking late!!”


And with that, Gerald gets up and heads straight for the door.  He looks back towards Hollywood and sighs before shaking his head and storming out of the room as the camera fades back to Hollywood who is now thinking long and hard about what Gerald just told him.  You can still see the struggle and the doubt within Hollywood as he really starts to ponder Gerald’s warning carefully before the scene slowly fades to black…



“You know, it wasn’t easy getting myself discharged from the fucking hospital with everything that Darin Zion did to me!  That asshole doesn’t know what’s coming to him and he made a big fucking mistake in really taking this attack personally.  You always have to make things personal, Zion, and this is where you ALWAYS fuck up and I’m going to make sure this time, to put an end to it once and fucking for all!”


“You wanted to send a message?!  Well…you sent it loud and fucking clear asshole!  Make no mistake…this week on Refueled, I’m going to make sure you pay for those mistakes and I plan on making your life a miserable fucking hell!  You wanted the old Hollywood?!  You wanted to get through to me?!  Well mission fucking accomplished!  I hope you’re moving forward with the intent of having eyes in the backs and sides of your head…because you’re going to fucking need them for what I’m going to do to you!  You’ve successfully awoken a sleeping giant and I’m going to make you PAY for all of your misconceptions.  Mark my words…this is ONLY THE FUCKING BEGINNING!!”


“As for this week?  I don’t plan on staying in a hospital bed recovering.  That isn’t my style.  Unlike you, Zion, I plan on moving forward this week on Refueled and to continue competing like business as usual.  I don’t care what kind of shape I’m in….it’s time to prove and show just how fucking tough I am!”


“Steve Solex…this week you have the unfortunate pleasure in facing off against me once again.  Our record against each other is an even one now…but this week I plan on gaining the upper edge on you and boy do I feel ever so fucking sorry you have to be the first person in my way on a warpath to Darin Zion!  I’m sorry you’re going to feel every ounce of my wrath in our match and it’s nothing personal….you just happen to be the first person in my way on my way to REVENGE!  You’re choosing a bad time to try and peak in HOW again, Solex, and unfortunately for you Mr. Number One Dad…you’re just going to be in the wrong place and wrong time!  I promise to show you every ounce of my pain and I promise to show you where my focus is at right now and it’s to create a ripple wave of destruction on my way back to the top!  Zion unleashed hell when he chose to attack me…and now you get to be that first consequence to my path in taking things to the next level.”


“Nothing personal, Solex…it’s just basic instinct…on my way of total and complete awakening!…”