Operation Chaos Commence

Operation Chaos Commence

Posted on January 27, 2023 at 7:38 am by Aceldama

Sunday 22nd January 2023-

Location- Basement of the Best Arena.

*In the aftermath of the vicious assault and branding by Lee Best and his guards, Aceldama has been dragged back to his bed and he lies motionless, his arms draped over the edge of the bed and his mouth drooling droplets of blood onto the floor. The camera pans into his arm which has been branded to show ‘Property of Lee Best’. After a few minutes, Aceldama finally springs to life, rising quickly from the bed and immediately holding his arm. He looks confused, dazed and wondering what has just happened. It looks like he is concussed from the iron rod to the skull earlier in the evening, his eyes rolling in his head. He tries to stand up, but his feet will not allow him, and he slumps back to the bed. Realising his predicament, he decides to put his head back down against the pillow and turns to face the room, where he sees in the distance a plastic tray, with a small bottle of water and what looks to be a couple of tablets.

He tries to get up again, stumbles to his knees and begins to crawl over to the tray. He takes the tablets and throws them against the wall and begins to drink the water, throwing some of it over his branding wound. A voice comes out across the PR system*

Voice on PR System– Mr Bruggemann, you need to take your medication, it will help you.

Aceldama– Fuck your medication!

*The scene cuts to a small room, where one guard is watching through CCTV camera’s down to the small makeshift basement and gets onto the telephone*

Guard– Mr Best, Mr Bruggemann is refusing to take his medication again….but he needs them to stop the……well his schizophrenic episodes……I don’t think it would be a ‘problem’ if he didn’t take them……ok, that’s fine, we will not give him them then.

*Aceldama slumps onto the cold floor, pressing his swollen jaw against the cold concrete*

Aceldama– Wolfgang, where did it all go wrong?

University of Illinois Hospital- September 2010

*Scene opens inside a small private room within a ward. There is one bed and sitting upright in it, propped by several pillows is a younger Aceldama. He has been wired up to his heart, and three doctors surround him. As we enter the flashback scene it would seem that Aceldama has been given news which he does not like. He begins to flail and removes the oxygen tube from his nose and begins to pull out the sticky prods on his chest.*

Aceldama– What do you mean you cannot do anything? This is a hospital right? Fix it!

Doctor– Mr Bruggemann, your heart has taken some substantial damage, the only option you have is to have an open heart transplant, but unfortunately your medical insurance does not cover it and…..

Aceldama– So what, I have money, its money you bastards want, what do you need? Just do it!

Doctor– Its not the cost Mr Bruggemann, its finding a specific donor which matches your unique blood type.

Aceldama– Well, search harder, I have to get back to work….

Doctor– About that Mr Bruggemann, with your unique profession, we have to inform you that we cannot deem you fit to perform the duties of a professional wrestler and will be informing your employer……

*With this news Aceldama springs out of the bed and grabs the doctor by his tie, lifting him up in the air as the other two scurry out of the room*

Aceldama– You will be doing none of the sort! I am going to leave this room now, and in the meantime, you and the rest of your doctor friends, will be finding me a solution to this problem. I work, I wrestle, its my life, without it, I am nothing, you will NOT take that away from me.

*Aceldama throws the doctor onto the bed, removes the remaining tubes and wires attached to him and with green nightgown on and no shoes on his feet he proceeds down the corridor towards a pair of double doors, he flings them open and rushes towards the main reception. He rings a bell on the front desk and a woman behind the counter looks at him, in shock and confusion*

Aceldama– Wolfgang Bruggemann, self-discharging. Please can I have my belongings?

Receptionist– I am going to have to check this out with the doctors sir….

*She picks up the receiver on the telephone, but Aceldama takes it from her hand and puts it back down again*

Aceldama– That is not required, belongings please.

*The receptionist stands up and goes back into a small room and brings out a small cardboard box. Opening it, Aceldama takes out a leather jacket, a pair of black jeans, a pair of boots and socks and a cellular phone. He proceeds to remove the nightgown in front of everybody, revealing that he was only wearing a pair of y fronts and then takes the clothing and puts them all on. Taking the cellular phone he puts it into his pocket and walks off.

He stands outside in the heavy downpour of rain and pulls out his cellular phone, several missed calls and messages, and a voicemail. He presses the button on his phone to access the voicemail*

Voicemail– You have….one….new message. Message received yesterday at ten fifty six p m. “Ace! This is Lee! This is the last fucking time you do this to me boy! After all I have done for you, you no-show again?! You have one final chance, next week, you don’t show, you better be dead already!”

Aceldama– Shit!


*Return to present day where Aceldama is sitting on the concrete floor, his legs crossed trying to maintain his composure. He is sweating profusely and is constantly wiping his brow. He looks across the room to see the file which was left by Lee Best, labelled ‘Operation Chaos- Target One: Scott Stevens’. He proceeds to drag it across to himself using his foot then sets it in front of him and opens it up. The files are vast and varying, but the majority seem to be private and confidential medical records, all listed Scott Stevens*

Aceldama– Ok Scott, lets see what makes you tick.

*Aceldama picks up a stock photo of Scott Stevens, used for promotional images for High Octane Wreslting*

Aceldama– Either you’re a major fan of Lee Best or you too are missing an eye.

*He then grabs a lot of x-rays and scans from the file and raises them to the small lightbulb*

Aceldama– That’s some knee damage! Extensive indeed. Looking at this I am surprised he can walk! Definitely an easy target……Severe concussions, head trauma…..THIS is my first opponent? A one eyed, limp legged, future dementia patient?

*All of a sudden Aceldama can hear a voice*

Voice– What do you think he is saying about you? Hasn’t wrestled in ten years, a bitch to Lee Best whose best years are behind him.

Aceldama– That voice……I know that voice, show yourself!!

Voice– Of course you know that voice Wolfgang, as its yours!

Aceldama– No, no, no, you can’t be here!

Voice– Don’t take the pills Wolfgang that’s when I return, by the looks of it, you could do with my return, you’re getting weak.

Aceldama– I don’t need your help, look at this guy, he has more tattoo’s than he has career wins! This was the calibre of wrestler since I was gone, THIS type of wrestler is a Hall of Famer, Multi time champion, sixteen wins, FORTY THREE defeats?

Voice– He has won it all though, everything, do I see a hint of jealousy?

Aceldama– I had my reasons for leaving, you know it, you know why I had to walk away.

*All of a sudden the siren begins to go off and the room is illuminated in red light. The sliding door of the lift opens up and two guards make their way out into the centre of the room where Aceldama is still sitting on the concrete floor, now with all the pages of the file sprawled in front of him. He looks up and smiles*

Aceldama– Afternoon gentlemen, I would say is it time for workout already, but what would I know, I don’t have a clock.

Guard– Mr Best would like to inform you he has commissioned your match this week to be a no disqualification…..

Aceldama– That’s awful nice of him, allowing a wrestler he doesn’t pay to kill one he does.

Guard– And also….in preparation for your match Mr Best has granted you access to the ring in the Best Arena and its gymnasium. If you come with us now, you know the drill….

Aceldama– Yes, protocol one, hands behind your head, hood on……..can he come to?

Guard– What are you talking about?

*The other guard pulls him to one side and whispers to him*

Guard #2– It’s his schizophrenia, he is talking about himself. Eagles nest spotted him talking to himself earlier

*The hood goes over his head as he puts his hands behind his back and he is handcuffed as he walks towards the lift, the two guards by his side*

Aceldama– Up against a hall of famer in my first match back, this is going to be fun.

Guard 1– What are you talking about? You are a hall of famer as well!

*The second guard elbows the other guard vigorously and he blows over winded*

Guard 2– You idiot! He didn’t know he was put into the hall of fame!

Guard 1– How was I to know?

Aceldama– Hall of fame you say? It doesn’t mean a thing. Just look at my opponent, a hall of famer himself. It is but a name, but a mere uttering of words. Actions….they speak louder than words. And I want you to remind your employer, Mr Best, I will not be responsible for my actions once I get into that ring.

Guard 1– I think that is what he is hoping for

Aceldama– Of course, Operation Chaos after all? Let it commence then!

*The scene fades as Aceldama is moved into the lift and the door slides across*

November 2010-

Chicago O’Hare Airport

*Flashback scene opens as Aceldama is walking across a runway towards a private jet. He has one rucksack over his shoulder and a ticket in his hand. He walks towards the steps where a man steps out of the plane, wearing a long grey trench coat and a Russian bearskin hat. Aceldama looks up at the plane, then has second thoughts and begins to walk the other direction. The man calls out for him*

Man– Mr Bruggemann, where are you going?

Aceldama– This is not for me, this it not the right option.

Man– Mr Bruggemann, we have offered you the chance of a lifetime, something this country will not bestow upon you. A chance of life! We have the heart, we have the surgeon, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sure you can stay here, play the waiting game, or come with us today…..I will remind you Mr Bruggemann, you came to US for help!

*Aceldama turns back, but suddenly his cellular phone begins to ring. He picks it up, it is Lee Best. He knows why he is calling again. He was due to be booked in a show, he has missed it again. He pauses for a moment, contemplating his next move, then he decides to pick it up. He can hear Lee shouting over the line*

Aceldama– I am sorry Lee……I will make it up to you……one day.

*Aceldama drops the phone, with Lee still screaming in the background as he walks over it, crushing the phone as he walks towards the steps of the private plane and walks on board*


*The scene reopens inside an empty Best Arena. The lights turn on and we can see Aceldama being moved towards the ring, his hood still over his head. A guard removes the hood and Aceldama stands looking up at the ring, smiling. Two other guards begin to tape up his hands with white medical tape as he stands and stares at the ring. Inside the ring looks to be a young rookie, wearing a red singlet and red boots. He is prepping against the ropes trying to get focused for what he believes is his opportunity to impress for High Octane Wrestling. Little did he know, he was simply training bait for a monster. Aceldama has now been taped up and grabs the ropes and climbs up, going under the rope, all the while staring at the young rookie, smirking. He goes over to the corner and stands. All of a sudden a steel pipe is thrown into the ring at Aceldama’s feet. He looks at the rookie, and kicks it in his direction. The rookie doesn’t know what to do*

Aceldama– Pick it up, come at me.

*The rookie is reluctant at first, thinking it is a trick, but he kneels down and begins to slowly go towards it*

Aceldama– Pick it up!! Strike me!

*Aceldama begins to charge at the rookie which spurs him into life and he grabs the steel pipe and moves towards Aceldama and tries to swipe, but Aceldama catches it with both hands and pry’s it from his hands. It falls to the floor, but instead of going to get it and use it Aceldama gives the rookie the opportunity. He dashes towards it but Aceldama spears him to the ground and begins to pummel at him with stiff fists. There is a commotion in the outside of the ring as two guards push another two young looking rookies towards the ring and throw them under the ropes. One of them goes for the steel bar and raises it above his head and hits Aceldama, very lamely across the back. This gets Aceldama’s attention as he gets him and turns towards the two other rookies, asking them to charge. He swipes one to the ground, then manages to get the steel bar and proceeds to batter the face of one of the rookies, breaking his jaw. One other rookie is trying to escape the ring, Aceldama uses the steel bar against his legs, the rookie screams in pain. From the entrance rampway there is laughing followed by clapping. Aceldama turns to the entrance to see Lee Best, standing clapping*

Lee Best– Yes! THAT is the Aceldama I want. Operation Chaos is ready, the demi-GOD of HOW is first.

Aceldama– There is no god! Only the plague which you see in this ring. You can name yourself whatever you want Scott Steven’s, your no god, but a human, with bones to break. If this is what I am here to do, so be it. Line them up, they will come crashing back down. It has been too long, its time to unleash the weapon of mass destruction yet again. Lee….you brought me here to bring chaos, so be it. I only want one thing from you. I want redemption, to bring back what I once had, before it was cruelly taken from me. A second chance, to remind those who remember me, who I am and what I stand for, and those who don’t…….why people remember me! This….this is all I ask. You have yourself, a servant.