One more time

One more time

Posted on March 31, 2022 at 5:23 pm by Chris Kostoff



(The word echos in your ears.)




(This time as the word is spoken, the scene opens up showing the inside of his gym. Weights are racked proper and the sounds of Pantera are echoing off the walls. He walks past the screen and heads to the pecdeck.)


Kostoff: I just got the word from my agent and again, it is me and Duck facing off. I mean I do get it, why not go to that well once more?


Kostoff: The problem with that is, ad time has moved on Duck my are not the same man you were. Too be fair neither am I, but in that same breath I have been in matches, maybe it is my enjoyment of pain?Maybe it is my love of a fight?


(He shrugs as he pulls down on a pin and swings the arm to the reach of the machine. Walking to the other side of it, he slides the second pin down and swings the arm to the back. He stares at the pecdeck and nods his head.)


Kostoff: See Duck, this isn’t personal for me. Yea man we had our differences, we had a falling out years ago. That is the past. A past that we share in our rise to the top back in the day.


Kostoff: Back then brother, man we ran shit didn’t we? We were a part of legacy that cannot and will not ever be erased. Without the two of us, hell let’s be real here…this might not be what it became.


(He sits down in the machine and let’s out a sigh. Looking at the floor, he shakes his head.)


Kostoff: We have been on this road before man, I don’t have to remind you or anyone else here what we have done and the pain we have endured. What I will say to you Duck is this…


(He lifts his head and stares into the camera. The blue eyes glare back at you as he takes a deep breath.)


Kostoff: As much respect as I have for you…and I have alot my man…I also have no issues in pinning you this week. We all know that. I have never been one to shy away from a fight and Duck I know you are gonna step into that ring to fight.


Kostoff: I look forward to it.


Kostoff: See ya soon man…


(Reaching back he grabs the handles of the pecdeck and begins to bang out a set as the scene fades to black)