One more stop….

One more stop….

Posted on July 9, 2020 at 8:19 am by Chris Kostoff

::Valrico Florida…

(The sun is in it’s setting mode. As it begins its decent, clouds begin to roll in as the late storms look to begin soon. As he sits on his pool deck with a bottle of water in hand, he stares off into nothing. In deep thought he closes his eyes and lifts his head to the fading sun light.)

Kostoff: It is times like this that makes me feel happy to live where people want to vacation. The rain building is always a fun way to end the day.

(He gets up from the deck and slowly makes his way across to the other side of the deck and sits in a chair.)

Kostoff: The time is coming up as I need to get my shit and head off for my match. This week will obviously not be a easy one. I know this week is gonna be a ruff one and I am ready for it.

(He sits for another minute or so then gets up and heads off into his house. Walking through the house, his dog lifts his head up and looks at him. Stopping he reaches down and pets his dog’s head. He kneels down and scratches the dog behind the ears as he takes a few minutes before getting to his feet. He stands over his dog and sighs. He seems to be lost in a deep thought as he shakes his head and makes his way to a closer and grabs his bags.)

Kostoff: Gonna make one stop before I make my way off to the show.

(Grabbing his keys he heads into the garage and hits the button on the wall. The door opens as he gets into his A7. The car makes a throaty growl as the engine wakes up. Throwing the car into reverse, he creeps slowly out of his garage. Throwing the car into first gear he takes off into the fading sun.)

Tampa Florida….

(The scene reopens, it comes live from inside one of his gyms. The music is banging as you see him at a free weight station. Placing plates on a straight bar, he grabs the bar and begins to slowly bang out a set of curls. He pauses with each rep and holds it in place on the negative, he drops the bar on the ground and walks to his gallon of water and takes a long drink from it. The cold water hits his body and for that one second he allows himself to take a moment to close his eyes.)

Kostoff: So this week me and High Flyer are going to get into the ring and burn the house down. I know this week is not going to be easy. He is one bad mother fucker. I know he is gonna bring the heat and the pain. I look forward to it.

Kostoff: But trust me man, so am I. I am gonna be in the match as well, this will not be a walk in the park for you. I know you have been having a good run here of late, really for a decent time. But that doesn’t mean anything to me.

(He grabs the bar and pulls the weights off and reracks them again. He wipes his face with his towel and sits on a bench.)

Kostoff: I know that this fight is gonna be a mother fucker this week, and I know the outcome is gonna be a tuff one. High Flyer we are gonna rip the roof off the house when we get into the ring.

(He looks up and grins a little.)

Kostoff: So, I also know that this is a set up. I know that as the days creep closer to No Remorse that these wars I am getting into week in and week out is all because Lee wants to see if I get fucking destroyed before our match. He is gonna do anything in his power to make me not able to not just fight him, because he knows my goal is in my sight now and I am going to do what I need to do to kill his fucking ass.

Kostoff: High Flyer, I know that you are going to bring the pain this week man. I am expecting it. I am actually craving this shit. I need it. But also know I am going to fucking bring the heat as well. This will not be a walk in the park for either of us.

(He gets up and makes his way to the deal area and grabs his gear bag and makes his way to the wall and turns off the lights. He enters into his office and turns off the music. He sits on the desk for a second and sighs. The sound of thunder rumbles in the distance as he hangs his head down.)

Kostoff: The days are getting harder and harder to deal with. As days come and go I feel the cracks getting worse. Mentally I don’t know how much more I can take. My days are pure hell. My night are things that demons feast on. The anger, the rage, the darkness that enters my mind is getting worse and worse. I don’t know how much time I have left…

(Getting to his feet he grabs his bag.)

Kostoff: But til then, be ready for hell folks. The white horse is riding for the last time…..

(He makes his way out of his office. As he exits the gym lightning scratches the night sky as the rain comes down in sheets.)

Kostoff: Time to make the doughnuts mother fuckers.

(Another flash of lighting scratches across the sky as the sound of the pouring rain hitting the cement echos through the over hang as the scene drifts to darkness)