One last time

One last time

Posted on August 11, 2022 at 8:34 pm by Chris Kostoff

The cripping of the the crickets echo in the night. During this time a year, if it isn’t raining it is hot, sticky and still. His garage door is open and he is seen walking out of his house and putting his gear bags into the trunk of his Audi. Wearing a pair of gyms shorts and sleeveless shirt, he closes the door. Leaning against his car, he takes a deep breath. Looking around his garage, he seems to take it in.


Kostoff: So, this is might be honestly the last time I see this. There is a damn good chance. I know Lee you are killing yourself to get in shape to do this shit.


Kostoff: But right now, too he really fucking honest man, I don’t care what Stronk has you taking. I don’t care what rent a whore you got shooting shit into you. What I will tell ya, this war we have been going through with each other for what now? Fucking 20 years?


He pushes himself off his car and makes his way into the house. His barefoot pad on the tile floor as he makes his way to his office. Standing in the doorway he glances at the walls. Title belts are hung in glass frames. Pictures of matches are on the walls. He takes it all in as he makes his to his desk. Sitting on it he smiles and nods his head.


Kostoff: Lee, I know this week you have done your best to get under my skin. I have to admit one time you did, but see as I get along in life people you like are not worth the time to get that upset with.


Kostoff: But I’ll tell ya what mother fucker. Don’t think for one second that when we square up, that I’m not going to go to any ends to fucking kill you. Don’t think for one second the calm you have seen off and on makes me weak or anything along those lines.


His gaze into the camera can damn near burn a hole through your souk.


Kostoff: Because regardless of what you think, I am still that mother fucker that everyone wants a piece of. Outside of Bryd, who wants to rip you head off and skull fuck your eye socket? Not a person. No one. You are meaningless. You swear that you are some trendsetter, but in all honesty Jr is doing a good fucking job, you are as useless as a bag of broken dicks with no handle.


Kostoff: So, keep telling yourself how much of a harass you are. Keep telling yourself that you are a bad mother fucker. Do that shit. Stroke your own ego. Because we both fucking know, you are shitting your pants knowing that I am going to fucking destroy you. Send the Best Alliance down, send Mikey send your grandson. This time, send the locker room because I got you. There is not one person, one thing, one fucking anything that is going to stand in my way of ending your miserable fucking life.


Kostoff: Come Sunday mother fucker, this all ends.


He slides off his desk and makes his down the hallway. He closes a door behind him as the scene cuts to darkness.