On To The Next One

On To The Next One

Posted on February 13, 2020 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

“Every time I send myself down a particular road…something else always draws itself to me. It doesn’t matter what road I’m on..someone else or something else gets drawn to me. That was the case for me a few weeks ago after I was beginning to train for what should have been a return match for me…but it didn’t go down the way I had thought that it would…”

January 10

Following Refueled…

Brian Hollywood: “I should have won that fucking match! How could I lose to a fucking rookie of all people?! I’m Brian Fucking Hollywood! I’m a former two time HOW World Champion!! What the fuck is happening to me?! I don’t understand what’s going on!!!”

Hollywood was definitely beside himself. He didn’t know what he was doing wrong…he had given up everything in order to return to greatness. Hollywood knew the road to redemption was going to be a long one. He understood that anytime you make an adjustment there was going to be forks in the road…there was going to be kinks to work out in the new system. But surely not big kinks! Surely it wouldn’t be that much of an adjustment! But it was! Hollywood had definitely hit rock bottom at this point and losing to a rookie, no doubt, was the straw that broke the camels back in sending him all the way to the bottom…it was going to be a long way up….
Chicago, Illinois

February 8th

Following Refueled

Hollywood didn’t stick around to find out how the show was going to end…he had already left. He wasn’t scheduled to compete in any matches so he left immediately because the place quite frankly made him sick to stick around right now. Hollywood had exited the arena and it just so happened he didn’t bother to come in a rental car tonight. No, instead he opened up his phone and looked at the contact in order to call his limo driver in. however, Hollywood sighed instead and just like that, ended up scrolling through his phone and calling someone else instead.

Brian Hollywood: “Hey man, anyway you could give me a ride? I hate to ask but I figured I would cash in on your generosity…”

There was a pause as a voice was heard on the other end. A nod soon came across the face of Hollywood.

Brian Hollywood: “Thanks man…I’ll see you shortly.”

About a half hour passes as Hollywood was waiting outside the arena before a big rig truck comes into frame. It stops right in front of Hollywood as Hollywood hops up on the passenger side door and opens it as the truck driver Hollywood encountered in his car wreck speaks up excited.

Phil Woods: “Well howdy do partner! You just happened to be lucky I was still in the state! How ya doin tonight, champ? Show go good?”

Hollywood sighs after the thought.

Phil Woods: “Man…that bad eh?”

Brian Hollywood: “I’m no champ, Phil. I lost to a rookie a week earlier. Haven’t been in my right frame of mind. It seems like every time I change myself around…I end up spiraling out of control. It’s like I have to revert back to what I know to be successful again. But the problem with that is every time I do, I’m just going to find myself in this tailspin..it’s like there’s no winning…”

Hollywood’s head drapes down as he shakes it from side to side. Phil looks over and sees how distraught Hollywood is. Phil always enjoyed Hollywood’s career. He had followed him no matter where he ended up. Phil had watched Hollywood grow into one of the best wrestlers in the industry since Hollywood first debuted in his first match back in 1999 in Battle Arena. Those days were definitely different for sure. However, it was rare to see a fan really connect for a long period of time with a wrestler. Phil knew how rare it was and he used it to his advantage to help Hollywood.

Phil Woods: “Look Brian, I may not be a wrestler, but I’d like to think I know ya pretty well by now. It’s definitely not often you find a fan making a friend in their idol or friend, ya know what I mean? But all ya gotta do now is pick yourself back up and move on to the next one, ya know?”

Hollywood looked back up as if a light went off in his head. Could this fan actually be onto something? Why wasn’t this guy a wrestler? Seems he could have done great himself! Hollywood knew the mind of a fan and the mind of a wrestler could be familiarly the same. Hollywood was a fan himself before he became a wrestler. He should know that formula by now!

Brian Hollywood: “Why Phil…you’re absolutely right brother! Of course it’s on to the next one! That next one just so happens to be Buck Yates. Buck just so happens to be another HOW rookie and it’s a rookie that I can’t let get another W over me, you know what I’m saying?”

Phil Woods: “So what’s yer plan of attack then?”

Hollywood contemplates that very thought for a few minutes to a long pause. Hollywood knew he had to pick himself back up if he was going to do anything worthwhile from here. This was a chance to start running the table. March to Glory was a long road…but he only had to beat four other wrestlers in his bracket in order to move on closer to the finals and a shot at the HOW World Championship. There was only one thing to do now…Hollywood had been contemplating it for a long time and now he couldn’t put it off any longer. If he was to get better…there was only one place that was going to happen. He might have announced it earlier a few weeks ago…but he has been putting it off for a long while and with good reason. It was time Hollywood swallowed his pride if he wanted to really get better and there was only one place…one man he could reach out for in order for that to happen..

Brian Hollywood: “Take me to the five star academy Phil….”

Phil nods in agreement as Hollywood gives him the directions before the scene slowly fades to black…

I learned that in wrestling you’ve got to get yourself back up again. A good, new friend taught me how to do that. This past week has been a grueling week for me, training wise. But I took my own advice, and a friends, and bit my tongue and reached out for help. It takes a big man to do that…and I’m not sure if I’m that man I would have been five years ago. A lot can change in that time frame…hell, even ten years but I’ve got to learn how to adapt in this industry…it’s the only way you’re ever really going to get better. I’ve had to adapt several times in order to be successful but it was this time that was the hardest.

Now this week I have the task of taking on a new rookie in HOW, Buck Yates. I noticed you had a particularly successful debut along with Redding, Bucky. I tip my hat to you…there isn’t a time that comes along very often where a rookie gets a big time win over a veteran in this business. But it has happened and it can happen when you least expect it. That’s what happened against Redding for me and I’m not about to let it happen again against you, Bucky, oh no!

So this week is going to be different. I have a renewed focus in my efforts and I’m going to get a win in my group. It’s imperative that I do! This week HAS to be a win for me, otherwise it might just be game over. The problem with the LBI is you really can’t get multiple loses in your group if you want to advance to march to glory with a world title shot. That’s what makes the LBI so difficult, but so unique. I have the chance to reclaim what was once mine! I have a chance at redemption and by fucking god I’m going to seize it!

The problem with me Bucky, is that my back is against the wall already with one loss. And you sure as fuck don’t know how much that HOW World Championship means to me! How much HOW means to me! I gave up my fortune and my god damn company for this business so you have no idea just how far I will go in getting this win, Bucky. But how could you know? You’re a god damn rookie and a rookie with a massive target on his back! That’s why, come this Refueled, I’m going to get back to my feet again and it’s not just going to be glorious…but it’s going to be Executive like! I’m moving on with a win after tonight Bucky and you can bet that as an Executive fucking Promise!