On my own terms

On my own terms

Posted on January 10, 2022 at 12:24 pm by Chris Kostoff

So as it goes, I come back to walk away..go about my business and head out into the sunset. But no. That dickless fucker and his idiot mongaloid wanted to come down and make some statement. Well they both got their idea across, but how the fuck did that end for them?

(The picture comes in clear as you see Kostoff walking down a hallway. The large man stops and looks forward. The camera catches up and gets in front of him. He just stares ahead and sighs.)

Kostoff: I’ll tell ya how it ended for them. I took that kid Cole…who trained with me in Tampa a while back…and that idiot and I took them out. For whatever their reasoning was, they wanted to try to finish me off.

Kostoff: Like I have said for years here, no one is taking me out. No one is going to force me to fucking retire. I leave when I am goddamn ready to. Many have tried. Fuck they all have. And have any of them got that job done?

(He smiles and leans into the camera.)

Kostoff: As you can see, that answer is a spot on fucking no.

Kostoff: Enough about that shit. Let’s focus on the important thing at hand…

(He begins to walk down the hallway some more. His pace is slow. His scarred up body lumbers forward as his grin remains on his face.)

Kostoff: I will say this, going into this week I know I got Harrison on my side. I have to say I dig this chance to team with him. He is a fucking badass. I like his style, I got this feeling that we are gonna work fucking well together.

(He turns the corner and heads through a door. Stepping through the door, he stands in front of a glass door that leads to a parking lot. He looks back at the camera.)

Kostoff: I know, weird place to catch me. A office building. Had to take care or some business. This is where my people work, I have to come see them to sign paperwork and shit, I hate doing that shit. But…

(His eyes drift off through the glass door. His arms almost fall dead at his sides as he almost seems lost in thought. A couple seconds pass as he shakes his head to snap back.)

Kostoff: Anyway..me and Harrison. Should be fun. The guy is solid.

(He let’s out a sigh as he exits the building into the warmth of what Florida considers winter. Walking across the parking lot he stops one last time. He turns to the camera.)

Kostoff: I feel for you two guys. Well, not really. You catch my drift? I mean, my intention is to get into that ring and really just fuck you two up.

(He makes his way to his Audi and hits the ignition. The car fires up as he opens the door to his car. He looks back.)

Kostoff: I really don’t have a shit ton to say. All I know is me and Harrison make one hell of a team. We are gonna have some fun and a good fight is akways a fun night for me.

Kostoff: Be seeing y’all again real soon.

(He gets into his car and closes the door. He revs the engine and the motor talks back with a throaty roar. The clutch dumps as the car learches to life and takes off as the scene comes to a end.