Posted on April 10, 2024 at 5:06 pm by Zach Kostoff

A sigh is heard through the darkness. The scene doesn’t come to life nor does it shimmy into anything. The sound of foot steps are heard echoing as they come what seems to be closer.


Zach: So poor America has lost everything and is now a even worse puppy than before for…hmm let’s take a stab at this one.


A slight laugh is heard.


Zach: This bullshit is par for the course with this shit show here. And I’ll explain why..


Zach: See, I have known that my family was always the low hanging fruit here. It is easy to take a shot at someone when they are not around. The even more fucking pathetic part is, not one of you cunts would say it then because each and everyone of ya would run with your tails between your legs and cry like pussies.


Zach: I don’t feel bad for America, he was one of biggest dick mouths that walked around here.


The click of a door latching into place is heard.


Zach: So let’s unpack this shit. He died for his sins and his embarrassment of me? Kostoff was alot of things, but embarrassed of me? Fuck off with that shit. See again, talking about something you know dick about.


Zach: And I will never change how I do my shit, like my dad. Ask me if I give a fuck what you think about how I tell my story. You don’t like it? Oh fucking well, the guy that begged my old man to keep coming back didn’t seem to mind it. Shit he knew that the draw he got was always going to be large.


Zach: And let’s hit this one, you can say what you want….


Another sigh is heard.


Zach: But as the time goes on, my old man was always the forefather of HOW. Some of you pussies wanted to fight Lee..my old man got his hands on him and fucking wrecked him. Not any of you pussies. Not a single one have ever..and I mean fucking ever…had the fucking balls to go right at him.


Zach: No, you have to hide in a group and talk shit. Hoping that you would get your shot. See, he went at him and just beat the shit out of him.


Zach: Let’s see what else has he done for the betterment of this fucking circus? Oh yea, took a phone call asking him to drop a match to a bitch because he was all upset about losing left and right. Wanted to boost confidence and get his head right. He did. Let the kid get a clean win. Would any of you mother fuckers do that? No. All out for yourselves not doing what is best for the business.


Zach: When he beat the son clean, he cried and ran to daddy’s office saying he got screwed. Wouldn’t say shit to my old man, but man everyone else heard about it. What did my old man do? Shrug and say well if it meant that much he would just tell everyone he lost if it would shut his crying up.


Zach: So whoever had the sack to write that shit up, I hope you know that all you are is a fucking bitch.


The sound of another click of a door is heard.


Zach: America I don’t feel for you. You were under the spell of what Lee does. Only one at fault for that is you for being a weak mother fucker. Your life is what you deserve, you have always been a pathetic follower. Never could stand on your own.


A beep is heard and what sounds like a car door opens. A soft thud is heard.


Zach: No, I take that back. I kind of do feel for you man. As great as you were, you are now reduced to a shell of your former self. But it is what you deserve.


A car engine starts up, the throaty sound of the motor firing up echoes.


Zach: See you in the ring mother fucker..


The sound of a car door closing is heard. The scene slowly drifts into view as you see his Audi pull out of his garage..a soft deep grumble is heard…


That is my boy