Obedience- The Most Messed Up Thing You Will Probably Ever Read

Obedience- The Most Messed Up Thing You Will Probably Ever Read

Posted on May 5, 2023 at 2:07 pm by Aceldama

*The scene opens inside a small room. There are no windows, and the room is small in size, comparisons only really to a janitors closet. Inside a shirtless Aceldama is doing push ups, the camera pans into his scarred back, which is still healing from the canning delivered by Evan Ward only days prior. The only object in the room is a tall mirror, top to ceiling which every time Aceldama sits up he turns his head in its direction. He finally stops and stands up in front of the mirror. He runs his hands down his back and across his scars. He goes into the pocket of his trousers and pulls out something, proceeding to stick it onto his mirror. It is a photograph of Evan Ward. He looks at it for a second then proceeds to stand in military stance, starring at it for a long duration. Minutes pass with not a word spoken and not even a single movement from Aceldama, until he finally begins to speak, softly as if in pain*

Aceldama- Obey. I need to obey. You are my captain. I am your servant. Help me to be the best servant I can be, help me to understand what you need from me.

*Aceldama again proceeds to go into his trouser pocket and proceeds to take out a piece of white chalk. With it he spells out the letters ‘OBEY’ onto the wall; however it is too dark for him to see it properly. He walks back and begins to look at the letters*

Aceldama- How do I obey? How do I learn to obey?

*He walks a few steps over to the light switch which turns on the singular bulb dangling in the middle of the small room and the light projects the room to show that the word OBEY has been written throughout the entirety of the small room, in different sizes and shapes, some by the looks of it in blood, some even in what looks to be faecal matter. He sits on the floor, looking up to the lightbulb, deep in thought*

Aceldama- I am but a small cog, but I have my use. I must learn my place but remain in place. Evan Ward (looking at the picture stuck to the mirror) in punishing me for my indiscretions against you gained my respect. With every feel of that wood across my back a realisation came to me, an understanding of my purpose. I am here to serve a higher cause, something greater than me. What I was before, I no longer am. What I wish to be, I don’t know how. Obey, how does one learn obedience? I need a sign captain! Teach me how to obey!

*With that Aceldama can all of a sudden hear scratching, as if against a door. He looks towards the door; the noise gets louder. He stands up and slowly makes his way towards the door. He quickly opens it, but nothing…..until he looks down. The scratching noise was coming from a dog. A stray dog trying to find some food. It scampers away down into the alleyway. Aceldama begins to follow it down the alleyway as the scene cuts to black*


*The scene reopens inside a reception area, Aceldama proceeds to enter the room and walks up to the desk where a young girl, probably in her early to mid-twenties, is sitting looking at her cellular phone, head down to the world as she chews gum. Her face is covered in black eye shadow and white make up and her outfit is somewhat goth like in attire. Aceldama walks up to the desk and proceeds to speak*

Aceldama- I would like to register for a class please

Receptionist- Name.

Aceldama- Aceldama

Receptionist- Breed?

Aceldama- German

Receptionist- How old?

Aceldama- Forty-two

*This finally gets the receptionists attention as she drops her phone on the table and finally raises her head in bemusement, she stands up and looks down on the ground, confused she looks at Aceldama*

Receptionist- You’re telling me your dog is forty-two. Where is it?

Aceldama- I don’t have a dog.

Receptionist- You just said you had a forty-two-year-old German Shepherd.

Aceldama- No I didn’t. I am forty-two and I am German. And as far as I am aware I have never been a shepherd.

Receptionist- I don’t know what you are looking for here, but this is a dog obedience school. Its for like….dogs.

Aceldama- But I need to learn to obey. This is an obedience school, teach me how to obey.

Receptionist- But it’s for DOGS.

Aceldama- Bear with me.

*Aceldama walks out of the reception area and the receptionist just stands with a shocked look on her face as she goes back to her phone and calls a number*

Receptionist- Blaire, your not going to believe what just happened here! This guy walks in, no dog and asks to join the class!……I know!!…..What a freak!

*Aceldama returns, with the same stray dog as earlier under his arms*

Receptionist- Blaire….I am going to have to call you back.

Aceldama- This is a dog; I want to register this dog in the class.

Receptionist- Is that dog yours?

Aceldama- I like to think he’s everyone’s dog in the area.

Receptionist- He’s a stray

Aceldama- He prefers ‘dog with no one to love him’

Receptionist- I am sorry but you are going to have to leave.

Aceldama- There is a man, a man by the name of Darin Zion, a man I will soon be meeting, who preaches about love. He wishes to spread love and positivity to all, but yet you look at this poor dog without a home and I feel, where’s the love here? Where’s the positivity? This dog, just like me, we don’t need love or positivity…..we just need purpose. We need to be taught to obey those around us, so we ourselves can find our purpose in life. I know what my purpose is, to obey orders, to do what is asked from me, to deliver. How can I do that if nobody is willing to teach me how to obey orders……I NEED GUIDANCE!!

Receptionist- Sir you are starting to freak the shit out of me, I need you to leave now or I am calling the cops.

Aceldama- Call them, and I will be telling them that you are refusing to provide me with your services. This dog, more than any other dogs in there, needs to be taught to obey more than anyone. Without obedience he is on his own, left to struggle in that harsh world out there. What happens if I leave here now, this dog goes back to the street, maybe lasts a few more weeks, but with the tools to be able to learn how to obey, he can become a loyal servant.

Receptionist- Why don’t you teach him then?

Aceldama- Because I don’t know how! I don’t even know what my purpose is, what I am meant to be doing, how can I teach him to obey when I don’t know how to myself! We are the same me and him….

Receptionist- I kind of got that.

Aceldama- ……the world does not want to love us, Darin Zion does not want to love us, he speaks that there is love for everyone in this world, but not us. We just need someone to guide us, show us the way. I need to do this for my captain.

Receptionist- Look, I am going to give you this address, if you promise to leave here right away I assure what you are looking for can be found at this address. If you go there now I am sure they can help you.

*The receptionist begins to write down an address on a piece of paper and hands it to Aceldama, who takes it and puts it into the dog’s mouth. He does not chew on it, or even try to eat it, just holds it*

Aceldama- You see, give a dog a purpose and he will deliver.

*Aceldama and the dog leave the receptionists area and proceed to walk down the streets. Aceldama takes out of the dogs mouth the paper and looks at the address. They proceed to walk for several blocks until they come to an alleyway, they walk down it and come to a large metal door. Aceldama knocks it. A slat in the door opens and a pair of eyes peep out*

??- What do you want?

Aceldama- To learn to obey….like a dog.

??- No actual dogs though, he stays outside.

*Aceldama puts the dog down but it continues to stay by his side. He kneels down in front of him*

Aceldama- Stay here, I need to go and learn….for my captain.

*The door slides open and Aceldama walks inside, the lighting is luminous red and as he walks down the hallway he looks into rooms that are opened. Men being dominated in all different ways, some more deprived and vulgar than the rest. The large man who greeted him at the door points to a door and tells Aceldama to go inside. He walks inside and the room is dark, but he can hear a female’s voice, it sounds commanding and intense*

Woman- Clothes off. You want to be a dog; dogs do not wear clothes. Be like a dog, take those clothes off and get on all fours. I will put a leash on you dog.

*Aceldama proceeds to remove his clothing and completely naked begins to get down on all fours. At this stage a woman, wearing black latex and her face covered in a black mask walks over to him and proceeds to put a leash on him, attaching the leather collar very tightly across his neck*

Woman- I am Madam Letosha, and I am your owner, you are my dog, and you need to learn to obey.

Aceldama- Please teach me to obey! I need to learn to obey.

*Madam Letosha grabs the metal lead attached to the collar until Aceldama falls off all floors and to the ground, choking. He is smiling*

Madam Letosha- Dogs must not bark! Dogs must listen, take orders, behave. Dogs must get in line. In order for a dog to be rewarded, they must first do something to deserve that reward. What are you going to do to deserve such a reward?

*Aceldama sits quietly*

Madam Letosha- Good, now you can speak

Aceldama- I am going to show my master what my true worth is. This week I am going to destroy the very man who speaks of love and positivity.

Madam Letosha- Is it only because you are jealous? He speaks of love, but yet you do not feel loved?

Aceldama- A dog does not need to feel loved. A dog only needs to obey, take orders and get things done.

Madam Letosha- So you plan to be a guard dog? That is your role in life? To protect your master?

Aceldama- If that is my purpose, then so be it. I will guard my captain, protect him from the rest, and show him that I can be loyal, obedient….ready to strike at whoever wrongs him.

Madam Letosha- Good, now I think it is time to put that to the test….your ‘captain’ you speak of, what is his name?

Aceldama- Evan Ward.

*A completely naked man walks into the room and stands in front of Aceldama*

Madam Letosha- Imagine this is your captain, your…..Evan Ward.

*Two further men, this time wearing full black gimp outfits come into the room and proceed to attack the naked man. At first Aceldama does nothing, but then something hits him and he immediately pounces on the two men, proceeding to bite upon their legs until they move away from the naked man, then proceed to run out of the room. Aceldama, on all fours, goes over to the man and begins to nuzzle his leg.*

Madam Letosha- Very good, a good guard dog you will be. A loyal one, but your training is not yet complete. Come….time for your walk.

*She pulls at the leash and proceeds to walk Aceldama, on all fours, through the corridor and outside into the alleyway as the scene fades to black as the stray dog proceeds to follow Aceldama into the alleyway*