Number Eight

Number Eight

Posted on April 6, 2023 at 11:21 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

The Kingdom Wrestling School
Denver, Colorado
Monday, March 27th, 2023

It was a bright and early Monday morning in downtown Denver, Colorado. People were out and about, making their way to either get breakfast or get to work. Outside of the large building, that has been purchased by the LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson, sits several large moving trucks that line the street.

The back of each truck is open and equipment can be seen being unloaded and moved into the building that will be known as ‘The Kingdom’ once all the preparations have been completed. Standing on the sidewalk observing the whole operation is Jace himself. He looks like he’s barely gotten any sleep because of wrestling last night in St. Louis, Missouri. Jace’s good eye scans around wildly as he crosses his arms over his chest.

There seems to be an impatience that’s coursing through the LSD Champion’s body, he looks like he could suddenly burst at any moment. This continues until Becca Curci, aka Whisper, makes her way over to where Jace is standing. Her long hair blows in the wind. She has a pair of sunglasses on her face and a cup of coffee in her hand.

“You look like shit,” Whisper commented.

“Feel like it too,” Jace replied without taking his eye off the equipment being moved inside the building.

“I didn’t expect to get an urgent phone call from you in the middle of the night, just to ask me to be here with all the equipment at almost the crack of dawn.” She admitted before taking a sip of the coffee.

“Yeah, plans changed on a dime, unfortunately,” Jace said in a deadpan tone. “If it’s a problem, I can find a way to repay you for the inconvenience.”

“I already know how you go about repaying favors.” Whisper teased, hoping to get a rise or at least a smile out of him. “I’m more worried about what plans changed so drastically that you called me in the middle of the night sounding like it was an emergency.”

A small grunt of displeasure escapes the LSD Champion. Whisper continues to look at him, not letting him just slip by without filling her in on the situation.

“I got stabbed in the back by a former friend.” Jace began. “One that sent out a challenge for control of my company. I refused to accept the challenge, naturally, however, I know that’s not going to be enough to stop him from trying.”

“Been there,” Whisper said in a low tone before letting a small silence fall between them. “Must be a serious threat if it’s got you out here dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s.”

“It’s the man that the company is named after,” Jace added with a bit of regret in his voice.

“From what you’ve told me, that man isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch, correct?” Whisper curled her lip in curiosity.

“He’s not, but the man that he’s aligned himself with?” Jace paused as he thought about the best way to describe MOB. “He’s cunning and very deceitful. He has a way of getting what he wants no matter what the situation is. The extra added bonus is that he’s also the brother of the man that did this to me.”

Jace uncrossed his arms and then pointed up to the eyepatch. Whisper nodded her head and then took a second sip of her coffee.

“So, what’s the plan?” Whisper asked.

“Circle the wagons, but continue business as usual.” There was a bit more confidence in his voice. “I know what is rightfully mine and I’m not going to allow anyone to take it from me without one hell of a fight.”

Another silence fell between them as Jace’s mind was filled with thoughts of how Godson had changed so much under the guidance of MOB. He toiled over how things got to this point while trying to figure out how he was going to attack the situation.

“Renegade will make sure that all the equipment is moved inside and set up properly,” Whisper reassured him. “Are you sure that you’re okay?”

Jace nodded his head up and down slowly.

“Once this place is up and running, it’ll be one less worry.” Jace took a deep breath and then exhaled. “Got to focus my mind elsewhere at the moment. I have a title defense coming up and I have a feeling that the deck is going to be stacked against me as always.”

“Hopefully not another hide-and-seek match,” Whisper said with a scoff.

“I don’t think they’ll want to revisit that anytime soon. Especially since it backfired on them when I retained the title.” Jace shifted his weight back and forth between either of his legs, unable to be still. “It’ll be something messed up, but I won’t know probably until the match happens. The guy I’m facing seems to think it’s his destiny to beat me and win the title.”

“Only idiots believe in destiny when it comes to a fight.” Whisper finishes off her coffee.

“That is this guy 100%” Jace confirms. “I wouldn’t normally be worried about facing or beating him in a match. I’ve done it plenty of times in the past. It’s the fact that getting the LSD Championship belt off of me is something of the highest priority with the man in charge of the company. So, it’s not just that tool Zion I am facing. It’s him and whatever else that Lee Best decides to throw at me in Oklahoma.”

“You’ve been the Champion for a long time and no one has been able to take it from you yet.” Whisper tried to encourage him. “It’ll take a herculean effort to have that moron take it from you in Oklahoma.”

“Going to need to get back to training A.S.A.P. just in case.” He said as he turned to look at her. “I’ll of course treat you and Renegade to a nice dinner tonight for all of your efforts.”

Whisper shook her head at the LSD Champion.

“Going to have to take a raincheck on that,” Whisper said in a slightly disappointed tone. “Will be spending most of the night packing and prepping. Kat, Kim, and a bunch of us are headed to Barbados in the morning. Mostly business but also a little pleasure.”

“When will you be back?” Jace narrowed his brow.

“Some time next Monday at the earliest.” She answered after thinking it over. “If you can hold out until then, I’ll be more than happy to do whatever is needed to continue your training.”

Jace growled with disproval for a moment but then nodded his head.

“Everyone seems to be going on vacation.” He grumbled under his breath. He cleared his throat and spoke in a louder tone. “I’ll manage on my own until you and the crew get back here to Colorado. I want you to enjoy yourself out there and not worry about rushing back here just to fit in my training.”

“I plan on it,” Whisper said with a smile, but the way she cut her eyes at him indicated that she heard what he said under his breath. “Enough standing out here. Let’s go inside and get you a look at how things are coming together for our wrestling school.”

Whisper wrapped her arm inside Jace’s and then escorted him inside the building as the scene fades.


Main event match of Chaos 027: Darin Zion vs. Jace Parker Davidson for the LSD Championship belt.

For you, Darin, this is one of the biggest matches of your career.

For me? It’s just another Sunday. It’s defense number eight of MY LSD Championship belt.

And that might be insulting to you, Zion. However, that’s just the fact of the matter. I’m not excited about facing you. I’m not walking into this match thinking wow I really have to give an A+ effort in that match. It’s not a career-defining moment for me. It’s a footnote in what will be the legacy of this LSD Championship reign.

You won’t be remembered in the long run. No one will be sitting here this time next year going ‘Hey, remember that LSD Championship match between Darin Zion and Jace Parker Davidson on Chaos 027?’ They’ll forget which Chaos this match happened on. They’ll forget that it was in Oklahoma, and most importantly they’ll forget the name, Darin Zion.

You’ll be a faceless lump of flesh that will forever be known as ‘number eight’ in my title reign.

That’s all that you’ll be reduced to Zion, but I know you’ll go on and on and on about how that won’t be the case. About how you’re going to defeat me and become the LSD Champion. You’ll ever talk about how I’m your greatest rival or go on endless sucking my dick for the world to see only to turn around and say ‘But I’m going to beat him!’

It’s the same old Darin Zion formula. No matter how many times you say this is a different Zion, a different approach, or a new perspective. The end result is always the same.

That being that Darin Zion doesn’t come anywhere close to being one of the best wrestlers in HOW.

You’re like a rodent stuck in a hamster wheel.

You run and you run and you run. You always show up, you always put in the effort, and you’re always trying something different.

But at the end of the day?

You’re still the same guy that all of your peeps thought didn’t deserve to get into the Hall of Fame. Your first year being eligible to get into the Hall, you got zero fucking votes. Not one person that was in the Hall of Fame thought that you deserved to be among us.

The reality is Zion, that your best just isn’t good enough.

This is why I’m not acting like this is the most important match of my career. This is why I am more worried about what Lee Best and The Final Alliance will do than I am about the chances of you becoming the LSD Champion.

But much like Scott Stevens, who you love to talk shit about, you are delusional. You’ll take what happened on Chaos 026 and pretend it didn’t happen. You’ll act like you didn’t get absolutely wrecked by a guy that has years’ worth of ring rust and the HOW World Champion.

Was I out there with you?

But the honest truth?

I could have slid into the ring and broken up that count but I didn’t. Why would I? I saw you take that knee to the face from Ward and that knocked you the fuck out. Your body was limp and you were basically sent to the shadow realm.

What would breaking up the count after America hit you with his finisher have done?

It would have put me in the two-on-one situation about two Hall of Famers. It would have gotten me more beat up heading into this title match against you and one step closer to not being 100% come War Games.

So, I didn’t lift a finger to stop you from being pinned but don’t act like I didn’t tell you beforehand that, that would be the case.

Yet, here with are. In the main event of Chaos because why? Oh, right you won a match against Xander Azula to be called the number-one contender to my Championship belt.

Something you failed to do when you were a member of the LSD Championship tournament to start the year. You made it all the way to the finals and yet couldn’t beat Steve Solex in the finals. But that’s the story of your life, isn’t it?

So close but yet so far away.

This should be apparent to you by now. It is to everyone else on the roster. But Zion is going to Zion. You’re going to come out here this week and you’re going to talk your shit. You’re going to act like you didn’t fail to win the LSD Championship tournament. You’re going to act like getting a win at March To Glory was some big fucking deal. Even though you beat a man whose biggest HOW win was a fluke win against Steve Harrison.

You’re probably going to blame me for YOU getting beaten by the HOW World Champion in the center of the ring.

Like Couples Therapy was ever going to help you not suck dick.

So, let’s hear it. Let’s hear the excuses. Let’s hear the unearned bravado. Go on and make all the pirate and depth perception jokes that you can find on Google.

And I’ll do what I always do.

That’s beating you in the center of the ring and retaining my Championship belt.

You’ll go back to the drawing board, clinging to your top ten ranking in the company here in fucking March as if it gives you any kind of credibility.

While everyone else sits back and watches as you run yourself ragged just to end up being number eight.


Denver, Colorado
Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Jace had managed to keep himself busy over the last few days since Chaos 026 on Sunday night. Training, visiting The Kingdom, and taking care of STRONKUMMS LLC business were just a few of the things that were on his plate. Despite all those things going on, he still found time mentally prepare himself for his upcoming title defense against Darin Zion.

Inside the master bedroom of the seven million-dollar-plus home, Jace can see seen laying across the bed. He had no shirt on but a pair of black shorts covered his bottom half. His eyepatch was over his eye but his good eye was focused on something. That something was the screen of his laptop that is seated over his lap. Jace had opened the website and was looking over the current roster. His mind wandered over what the three teams on War Games would look like.

He pondered where he would fit into the whole thing.

With Captains like Steve Solex, Evan Ward, and Clay Byrd leading the teams, the options were unsavory at best. His eye glanced over each member of the roster as he tried to picture what a team he landed on would look like. Would he end up on a team with members of The Final Alliance? Would be forced to join Steve Solex’s team? Would he be stuck on a Clay Byrd lead team forced to team with the likes of Bobbinette Carey and Darin Zion?

Would he even walk into the War Games match as the LSD Champion at all?

Last year, Steve Harrison had to wrestle a whole separate match against Bobbinette Carey with the LSD Championship belt on the line before the War Games match even began. That severely hindered his chances of becoming HOW World Champion. It also led him to lose the LSD Championship belt to STRONK Godson during the War Games match itself.

Lee Best would likely put Jace through the same treatment, if not worse.

So many unanswered questions and variables lay ahead, including the stipulation of his title defense against number eight in Oklahoma. For now, the only thing he knew for sure was that his opponent was Darin Zion, and beating Zion in whatever type of contest that Lee Best would dream up was priority number one.

Jace’s mind continued to wander until the door of the bedroom opened and Samantha Tolson stepped inside. She had a comb in her hand that she was running slowly through her long hair. She was wearing a black silk corset teddy that hugged her in all of the right places. Samantha stopped on her side of the bed and placed the comb inside the drawer of her nightstand.

Samantha lowered herself down onto the bed beside Jace. She scoots herself close to the LSD Champion and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Penny for your thoughts.” Samantha purred in a low tone into Jace’s ear.

“Just trying to get myself mentally prepared for everything that’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks,” Jace responded as Samantha ran her along his chest. “Got a title defense on the 9th against a freaking goober but if/when I overcome that there are still a few more weeks until War Games.”

Samantha taps her fingers along his chest. “You know how I feel about you continuing to work in a place where your boss can just stab you in the eye with a pen.” There was a moment of awkward silence before she continues. “However, I understand that you’re a grown man and you’re going to do what you’re going to do. I’m sure you’ll handle your title defense just fine. You just have to take each week one at a time but know I’m here to support you through it all.”

“I know.” Jace turned his head enough to kiss Samantha on the forehead. “But you need to be focused on your own match. Main eventing in Japan for the World Championship belt is a big deal. I know you don’t want to listen to him brag if he manages to beat you again.”

Samantha audibly growled at the thought of losing the match against her opponent in Japan. She leaned up from Jace’s shoulder and punched him in the arm before resting her head on his shoulder once again.

“Not going to happen.” Samantha hissed in an almost threatening tone. “I will be prepared for my match, I always am. That doesn’t mean that I can’t worry about you also. You may only have one good eye but I want you to keep your head on a swivel out there. I know we have something special but having a completely blind boyfriend is a deal breaker.”

Samantha says playfully while sprinkling kisses along his shoulder and then she bites into his skin softly. Jace shrugs a bit in pleasure due to the feeling of Samantha’s touch.

“That’s why I’ve been training my ass off from the moment the bottomline happened.” Jace tried to be serious but Samantha was in the mood to play. “I keep aware of my surroundings because of Lee Best and The Final Alliance. Darin Zion, however, doesn’t possess the balls to even consider trying to pull some shit like stabbing me in my other eye. He knows I would end him with a snap of my fingers.”

Samantha purred much louder this time and she continued to kiss along Jace’s tattooed arm.

“I like it when you get all aggressive and dangerous.” Her hand made it’s way slowly down his abdomen. “Tell me more about what you’re going to do to Darin Zion.”

“Well…” Jace tried to remain focused through all of Samantha’s teasing. “That depends on the stipulation for our match. As long as it’s LSD rules then that means I can use anything and everything as a weapon against him. He already struggles to beat me when it’s just normal rules, he really stands no chance when it’s me and any weapon I can get my hands on. I’m going to make him bleed. I’m going to make a statement using the sheer violence I inflict on him in this match. Only… I’m not going to completely end him, not yet.”

Samantha squealed a bit as she got chills down her spine.

“Tell me more.” She requested in a breathless moan.

“I want to leave enough of Zion left to limp into War Games this year,” Jace spoke in a seductive tone. “Darin and I have a sort of tradition when it comes to the War Games match. He tries his hardest to win the match but in the end, I am always right there to stomp his dreams of winning a War Games match that matters into dust. I don’t plan on breaking that tradition this year.”

Samantha bites her bottom lip and stares up into his eye as her hand continues to travel south.

“Don’t hold back.” A pained moan escaped Samantha’s lips. “I’m almost there.”

“I’m going to steamroll Darin Zion. It doesn’t matter the stipulation, it doesn’t matter how many of his Convoy buddies he brings with him to the ring. The end result will be my boot on the back of his skull. And he’ll get that all too familiar feeling of deja vu and dread before he eats a healthy amount of canvas before the one, two, and three.” Jace boasts. “My LSD Championship reign will continue, my spot in the rankings will continue to rise, and Darin Zion will going to being what he’s always been. Professional wrestling’s version of a career backup Quarterback.”

Samantha flips her hair to the side and begins to dig her nails into Jace’s skin.

“I know you’re ready, but now, so am I. So, why don’t we put this away…” Samantha reaches out and closes the laptop before leaning over and placing it on Jace’s nightstand. “And do something far more entertaining than to talk about this Zion guy.”

Samantha climbs up and straddles herself over Jace’s lap. She pushes him back against the headboard and then leans in for a kiss on the lips. Jace wraps his arms around Samantha’s body and looks up at her.

“There are a billion different things I’d rather do instead of acknowledging Darin Zion’s existence. “Jace leans up and begins to kiss along the side of Samantha’s neck. “This one happens to be at the very top of the list.”

Samantha smiles but then grabs a hold of Jace’s head with both hands. She pulls him away from her neck and looks down at him with a more subdued look.

“There is something important I’ve been wanting to say to you for a long time now…” Samantha rubs her hand down the side of his cheek softly. “It’s been long overdue and I want to say it to you before we get too carried away.”

“Okay…” Jace adjusts his position against the headboard and prepares himself for what she has to say. “I’m all ears.”

Samantha takes a slow deep breath and then exhales.

“You know I’ve been through a lot in my past and it’s affected me in more ways than I can count.” She paused to confirm he was following along with her words. “But the more I think about it the more I can’t deny it anymore. So, here goes nothing. Jace? I think I’m falling in love with you. No, actually, I am already, I love you, Jace.”

There was silence between the both of them. Samantha held her breath waiting for a response from the LSD Champion. He just looked up at her thoughtfully before bursting out into a fit of laughter.

“You almost got me.” Jace chokes out in hysterics. “Darin Zion’s got the whole Love gimmick and everything and it’s a good one. April Fools Day and all that. I really didn’t peg you as the type for a dirty prank like that but I give you credit, well done.”

Jace continues to laugh before slowly calming himself. He leans in to kiss Samantha and move on with what was about to go down but Samantha stops him.

“No!” Samantha’s anger over his reaction spilled out as she looked him deep in the eye. “It’s not an April Fools’ joke and it has nothing to do with Darin Zion. I’m completely 100% dead serious right now. I love you Jace Parker Davidson and it’s the first time I’ve said it out loud in front of you since we ever got together.”

“I—” Jace’s voice trails off unable to force words to come out of his mouth that’s becoming drier than the Sahara desert.

“I’ll say it again. I love you, Jace Parker Davidson.” Samantha narrowed her eyes. “Don’t you love me too?!”

The words were out there and there was no taking them back. There was no pretending like he didn’t hear her. She popped the L word on him and there she was straddled over his lap, his arms wrapped around her, and she demanded an answer on if he felt the same way.

Deep down, he wished he had stayed dead.