Nothing Left to Lose

Nothing Left to Lose

Posted on September 2, 2020 at 11:54 pm by Brian Hollywood

“The past is a very funny thing…so is the future.  However, there is nothing more important than the present.  It’s the present that defines our future and sets into motion the next string of events that will play out in our lives..perhaps that’s why it was this moment in time that was perhaps the most imp0rtant for me.  I had been given the opportunity to make the best of my current situation…but there is still something that stands in the way of all that.  This was no ordinary entrapment either.  Oh no, it was perhaps the most difficult for me to swallow.  However, it wasn’t the pill itself that I was worried about…it was the contents of what was in that pill that would determine how I was effected.  That was also a very vast understatement to say the least…



Buck Wringley: “Are you sure about that?!”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh I’m sure!  I was surprised as fuck when he showed up to my mansion.  I’m telling you, I don’t know what possessed him to do it in the first place.  He knows all I wanted to do was fucking kill him!”


The scene opens up in the Los Angeles Police Department as Brian Hollywood and Buck Wringley are speaking in Buck’s office.  Gerald was out on an assignment and Buck was the only one in town at the current time.  Hollywood didn’t have time to conference Gerald into things.  Maybe he should have but he felt that the time didn’t call for it.


Buck Wringley: “This is the man that blew up Hollywood Enterprises.  He may have USED to be your best friend!  But your best friend has to answer for his crimes!”


Brian Hollywood: “I know there are protocols in place for things like this Buck!  But I need you to give me time with this one before you come charging in.  I’m no fucking idiot and that’s why I’m going to look into this one personally.”


Buck Wringley: “There are procedures in place for a reason Bri.  Even if I give you time, I just can’t turn my back on this whole thing knowing what I know!”


Brian Hollywood: “I know you do, Buck!  I respect that and I respect that you’ve always been there for me.  I just have a strange hunch with this current situation.  All I’m asking is that you give me time.  If it doesn’t pan out…than by all means…move in for the kill.  But right now…I need you to give me this time I’ve requested.”


Buck sighs and just nods his head in agreement.  His moral code has never been compromised but he was going to allow Hollywood this one long as it gave him answers and a purpose to move forward.  That is all Hollywood asked as he was cautious as well.  Buck sighs as Hollywood nods as the scene briefly fades out…



“So this weekend I find myself in the main event for an opportunity to fight for the HOW Tag Team Championships with a man who is no stranger to me when it comes to tag title successes.  That man?  Darin Zion…or Darin Matthews if we really need to be politically correct here.  Why is it that every damn thing has to be politically correct in this shit stain of a world nowadays?  It really makes no fucking sense to me…but I digress.”


“Darin and I are no strangers to each other when it comes to the ring.  We’ve fought together side by side, and we’ve fought against each other with the only intent of spilling each other’s blood in the center of that ring.  So which one will it be this time?  If you all remember what happened last time we were paired together, all we wanted to do was tear each other apart.  Oh and I cost us the match.  One more loss didn’t fucking hurt me at all.  It seemed that was what I was doing every other match anyways, so why not just one more?  So there’s a tag championship on the line in the main event this time.  That and we’re facing a couple of opponents that need no introduction to us.  Seems if I haven’t feuded with Darin, I’ve been locked into a feud with the Egg Bandits.  However, those are the ones holding the tag belts so the situation can be changed up a little bit.  The Egg Bandits have come a long way since we last locked up with them.  They’ve been nothing short of impressive and they were finally able to win the titles at No Remorse.  Well done, gentlemen, well done indeed.  However, don’t get too comfortable holding those titles boys, because I’ve been looking at winning back some HOW gold for quite awhile now.  I may have some changed circumstances and a new lease on wrestling life, but that doesn’t mean I’m no stranger when it comes to winning HOW gold.  It’s going to come down to who wants those belts the most between all of us.  However…there is one other element playing into this match this time gentlemen..and it has nothing to do with how well we know each other.  The truth of the matter is…”


“I no longer have anything left to lose.  I have torn myself down to the bare minimum and everyone has been able to see what’s been on the inside of me for a time now.  I’ve lost a lot on the way to re imagining who I am and at what cost?  All I’ve learned has been that it hasn’t gotten me a god damn step in the right direction.  It has brought me nothing but pain and suffering.  Then there was a personal attack on my life and everything that I stood for.  That job goes to Darin Matthews.  I never took him for a man with any two set of balls to put any kind of plans into motion until I learned what he did.  I didn’t believe it at first, but that was my first mistake.  I didn’t take him seriously because he was never a man to take serious in the first place.  However, after our last encounter and his encounter with Mike Best for the HOW World Championship, I realized just how serious a man Darin Matthews had become.  It didn’t matter if I called him Zion or Matthews…the guy went above and beyond to answer the call of reinventing himself.  I was foolish to think he could ever change who he was or to be taken seriously and that was a massive error in judgement on my part.  He even nearly won the fucking HOW World Championship against Mike Best on the go home show before No Remorse.  Keyword was nearly.  Nearly is not enough for a justification in the land of High Octane.  It didn’t matter that the only reason why Mike Best retained the HOW World Championship was because The Minister interfered and helped Mike retain the Championship.  He may not have directly intended Mike to retain, but he helped him nonetheless.  I don’t think The Minister had any intentions to face Darin Zion at No Remorse for the HOW World Championship.  I know how badly he wanted Mike, so he did what he needed to do in order to get that match.  However, in the end it didn’t even matter because he still couldn’t win the HOW World Championship.  Maybe The Minister doesn’t care enough about the HOW World Championship more importantly than to hurt Mike.  I mean, it didn’t appear to me that he cared about the Championship over hurting Mike.  The Minister has always been a very complex character in HOW and I will never truly understand the man behind the moniker.  But I digress…I’m not here to talk about the HOW World Championship today..”


“No…it still boils down to me no longer having anything left to lose.  I’ve lost so much this year enough to drive a sane man, insane.  I have lost matches and opportunities…I’ve lost my identity and my livelihood.  I’ve lost things in my personal life that has shaped and defined me as a HOW wrestler and I’ve also lost…love…but that is a story for another day.  This day is just to mention that with nothing left to lose, I have nothing left to fear.  So much has been taken away from me this year, and I don’t think there’s anything left that can be taken.  That’s why this Saturday on Refueled, I’m going to go down to that ring with the mindset that there is still a war to be won in HOW.  At least for me there is.  I ask Bandits…is there anything left that you can honestly take away from me?  Is there, Zeb and Rick?  You guys had an impressive title win at No Remorse…but now you go up against two guys who know each other inside and out.  You guys face off against a team that know each other better than themselves and who’ve been fighting together and against each other for several years.  Darin and I have known each other for quite a long time.  You could say we’re practically childhood best friends.  We may have been out to kill each other at times, but no one can match our chemistry in the ring…even if it’s only a recipe for disaster.  We have the ability to boast about that in HOW over everyone else.  There might be relationships and friendships that have stood the test of time in this business, but there are none that pale in comparison to Darin and I’s.  That’s why we are former HOW Tag Team Champions.  That’s why, when we’re on the same page, we’re a force to be reckoned with.  We are a force that is hard to stop because we know each other better than anyone in that ring.  But that’s also why getting back on the same page and on the same track is just as hard when we’ve been through the shit that we’ve been through.”


“Matthews had the gall showing up at my front door step.  He had a lot of balls to show up and talk to me knowing full well of knowing that when I say something, I fucking mean it.  I wanted to tear Darin apart, piece by piece, limb by limb…but he showed up anyways.  He took something personal in my life away from me knowing that there was no coming back from it.  Darin still has a lot to make up for…but at least for now, there is something beneficial with us working together again.  However, there is trust that used to be what made our pairing up strong that isn’t there at the current time.  There is no repairing that overnight.  But given my current situation, I really didn’t have a choice in the matter.  Maybe he does want to help.  Maybe he doesn’t.  But there are also answers that I need to know and him seeking me out may have been the best move at the time.  However, I know that there is more to his method of madness.  I know that I don’t NEED to trust Darin completely.  I would be a fucking idiot to be able to do that after everything he took away from me.  You want to know something though?  I was the one who had taught him everything he needed to be in the person he is now.  I guess that’s partially my fault.  I should have seen that coming of him coming at me the way he did…but I didn’t and that was fucking on me!  I mean, I was the best in the business at those tactics and he didn’t know shit on the matter.  So I guess the guy he is today you can thank me for that.  I really did create a monster inside his head the way he is diabolically and physically in the ring against his opponents.  The mind games I taught him, showing him how to really hurt and get to someone.  All of that was me.  So when he used my own tactics against me, I really should have seen that coming.  But my own arrogance and ignorance blinded me.  That is a mistake I won’t make again.  I vow never to make that mistake again.  It nearly destroyed me…but luckily I’m a man of conviction and there is ALWAYS conviction to be made.  It’s what always keeps me going.  This time is no different.”


“So Bandits…know this.  Know that at Refueled you better show up with everything in your arsenals.  You better both be at the top of your A games.  I’m being absolutely serious when I say that, too.  You guys may have been able to put away one of the best tag teams in HOW today to win those HOW Tag Team Championships, but now you’re going to have to do it again.  Heh….Darin and I may not seem like one of the best teams in HOW to put away given our most recent history…but all you have to pray about is that we are not on the same page like we haven’t been lately.  I don’t mean to brag about that…but I do have the skills and the resume to back that claim up.  What other tag team in HOW can say that right now?  Our accomplishments as a tag team in HOW stand up high alone.  And trust me, Zeb and Rick, you guys are in for a rude awakening come time for Refueled.  We have a long way to go until we’re back at full strength mentally and physically speaking as a tag team…but we’ve learned a lot and have taken on a lot in the past to make it work before.  If you guys think everything is all hunky dory and can breath a sign of relief now that you all are tag champs…THINK AGAIN!  It is NEVER over after you win those belts.  Instead, it only gets more trying from there just being able to defend those titles!  Trust me, Darin and I know all about that and we have proven our worth in being able to also defend those titles.”


“So this Saturday at Refueled, Darin and I will climb back to the tipity top of the Tag Team Mountain when we reclaim those HOW Tag Team Championships once again.  It will be a perfect homecoming because then the REAL HOLLYWOOD’s can ascend back to the top.  The Hollywood Boyz were here in HOW and have been around longer in the wrestling world than the Hollywood Bruvs!  I won’t settle for any other results at this point.  It’s been too fucking long since we held gold here in HOW and it’s time for the hardships to come to an end.  It will be a justification of a beginning and it will establish a new era in the modern era, the last era in HOW when we take those Tag Team Championships away from The Egg Bandits and re-establish our dominance in the tag team division.  It’s about fucking time that things change around here in HOW and that’s exactly what shall happen come time for this Saturday.”


“Bandits, I hope you guys are listening and paying attention loud and clear…because we are going to send this message to you directly so that there is no mistake or any confusion or misunderstandings when it comes to taking care of business in HOW!  Mark my damn words…because it will be more than a basic instinct in this regard.  Really, it all boils down to just three words….everything else in HOW, or when it comes to trying to stop what we are trying to do…and everyone else in HOW?  Well….”