Not going to mention what month it is

Not going to mention what month it is

Posted on February 3, 2023 at 8:09 pm by Bobbinette Carey


The mind does crazy things to deal with grief… to deal with life.  It will twist and turn you until you are in a pretzel that a German would even condemn.  We all know what kind of a slippery slope it can be if things are not dealt with… if issues are not resolved.  We all have our own ways of reaching those resolutions… but we also all have our own way of tearing our minds apart.  All one can hope for, is that one is able to fix things before they get to a point of no return.  We all live for the 4 sided ring… but we, especially us all here in HOW… are just one small step away from a life in a 4 sided padded room.

Scott Stevens?  You’re teaming with Scott Stevens?

We’re facing Stronk and Dan Ryan…

I don’t care who the fuck we’re… Stronk?  Oh, I’ll touch on that later… but even that doesn’t matter when you are teaming with Scott fucker that murdered me Stevens.

It’s not like I chose him…

I know that… but the simple fact he is still fucking breathing after what he did to me is… fucking embarrassing! 

What, you wanted me to go out and kill Stevens?  This is wrestling Scooter… not The Sopranos.

That is the problem Carey… you still look at this all as wrestling.  Do you think any of what me and Stevens did at Rumble at the Rock was wrestling?  I don’t remember Lou Thesz or Verne Gagne trying to crucify their opponents.  It’s a fight to the fucking death each and every time you step into that ring… it’s a fucking war and you have to treat it like one.  Take no fucking prisoners… or else you are going to lose.  Just like you have been losing over and over again.

Hey, can you take it a bit easy on me… it’s the start of Black History Mont- –

No!  You stop that shit right fucking now.  I’m not gonna stand… well, possess you here and listen to you rant on and on again about Black History Month for twenty-eight days.

I know, they couldn’t even give us a month with thirty…

I fucking warned you… no, you’re not gonna do it this month.  Yes, celebrate your heritage as a proud black woman, but it has nothing to do with what is gonna happen in that ring come Chaos.  Stronk and Dan Ryan will murder your ass regardless of color, religion, creed, sexuality or species.

So…. no Doctor Martin Luther King quotes?

I’ve seen your dreams Carey… ever since you saw you were facing Stronk it has been like a fucking slip and slide in here.  You better get your fucking floaties so you don’t drown next time you go to sleep.

Scooter!  Plus he isn’t “STRONK” not anymore. He’s too… small.

He does look like a bitch now.  I mean the dude was dumb as fucking rocks and only had the fact he looked like a fucking meatball drenched in steroids going for him.  Which apparently was enough though for you… 

Look he was a beefcake… was. Those thoughts are gone and I can’t control my dreams anymore than I can control you being in here!

 Anyhow, dumbass deflated roid man, teaming with a relic that makes the Knight in the Holy Grail tomb look like a child… Dan AARP Ryan, should be interesting.

I know, it was dumb for me to have had a crush on Stronk… but it was big boy season and Stronk, he’s not… not my fault.

Except it is.

What’s that?

Conor fought him because of you. He almost killed him, because of you. So that is actually your fault. 

You’re going to blame me for your death too?

No, but I do blame you for holding me back. If you would have let me kill–


No! The killing isn’t working. This isn’t working. You get in control and you mess everything up. I’m a wrestler, this barbaric blood stuff isn’t me.

Ain’t that the fucking truth… but how is trying to avoid is all working out for you now?

About the damn same. Wait, I won more back then.

Yeah, you did win more back then, when you were “The Queen B”.  But “The Woke Queen”… going to Dr. King monuments and black museums. You want to educate people, become a fucking teacher. You’re a wrestler Carey, who needs to survive in a barbaric fucking war… start fucking actin like it. 

I’m not a stereotypical one Scooter!

You are… just not a stereotypical one for HOW.  Maybe in some baby ass wrestling federation people would herald you as some ultra good girl, fighting the horrible oppressions of the world.  But here in HOW… no one gives a fuck about one of your “struggles”… no one here buys it.  How has it taken you so fucking long to realize that shit here.

I don’t give a goddamn If they care about it, if they buy it.. doesn’t change a thing. This is how it is, and none of their microaggressions or victim blaming bullshit is going to change it.

Oh did I hit a nerve? Cause I don’t fucking care.  You either change… or you are going to get destroyed by Grandpa Wrestling and The Ghost of Tom Brady’s Deflated Balls.  All while teaming with Scott fucking Stevens.  There aren’t many paths left for you Carey… soon it’s nothing more than dead ends.  So change path… change you… or don’t and keep heading down this losing path.

Fine! I will try things your way!  They wanna toss me in this dumb tag team match… teaming with the man that killed my best friend. I know he’s not even dumb enough to think that I’ll have his back out there. 

There ya go… the W doesn’t matter here.  It’s the statement that you make in the match.  Make Scott Stevens remember that while he may have murdered me… he is far from finished dealing with the repercussions of messing with The Hardcore Artist.


The morning sunlight hits the colonial white pillars of the home we have come to know of Bobbinette Carey. The front door opens as Mimi Carey the precocious little 5 year old, comes running out with a bright pink winter coat. She has a book bag over her shoulder of Disney princesses. A school bus pulls up In Front of the house as she gets to the end of her driveway. The open door allows the large pony size dog “Duke” to run out into the yard barking, wagging his tail as finally Bobbinette emerges from the house. She throws off her bonnet for her hair into the house and stands up straight with her eyes obviously showing they are tired. Bobbinette is wearing a pink dress that appears to be wrinkled as if she slept in it with a pair of black leggings. She has on large winter boots as she stands there to see her daughter turn around and wave goodbye to her. Bobbinette smiles waving as she notices her dog jumping around the front yard. 

Bobbinette: Bye my beautiful princess! Have as amazing of a day as you are!

Mimi waves at her mom and blows kisses before getting on the bus. Bobbinette smiles then walks after the dog who jumps around playfully in the snow.

Bobbinette: Duke! Sir Earl of Epicness get your butt inside!

She says clapping the side of her leg. The dog rushes inside quickly. Bobbinette nods and heads inside her house. The dog jumps on her once she’s inside. Scratching behind his ear she yawns as duke accident butts the bottom of her jaw with his head. Bobbinette holds her jaw and groans as she heads back up the steps.

Bobbinette: I’ve got the worst headache… 

She makes her way to her bathroom grabbing a bottle of Excedrin. Her eyes are barely open as she walks through her house.

Bobbinette: What even happened last night?

Asking herself as she grabs a bottle of Gatorade sitting on the counter she opens the Excedrin bottle then the Gatorade taking two pills she pops them in her mouth and drinks half the bottle quickly in one gulp. Out her kitchen window she sees two of the Mom squad Leah and Michelle talking to each other and making their way over to her. Her own reflection looks at herself

Bobbinette reflection: No! Carey, I fucking hate these broads.

Bobbinette: Be nice! They are my friends

She scolds her reflection. 

Bobbinette reflection: They are annoying. I don’t understand why you have them when you have me and Conor.

Bobbinette: Cause you’re dead!

The discussion is interrupted by the knock on the door.

Bobbinette: behave!!

She says in the threatening tone to her reflection. Gaining her composure she opens the door smiling brightly at her friends. 

Leah: SO, we want to go to Chaos.

Bobbinette looks confused as the two women walk in.

Michelle: Also hi.

Michelle waves with a smile.

Bobbinette: Hi….

Michelle: With you facing Stronk, it’s only right that we get to be there for it.

They sit down at the white stools around the island kitchen table taking their respective seats. Bobbinette looks at them shaking her head.

Bobbinette: Hi, and no…

She says picking up her Gatorade and sipping it as she feels the room spin. She blinks a few times to refocus.

Bobbinette: Do we not remember what happened last time? Angry husbands you guys were in the hospital our friendship was almost ruined because of it?

Leah: Yeah but that goober is not even the same size he was. I could throw him around. Besides this is closure, this is the best way to have therapy as a group is to watch you beat him up.

Leah seems as if she already has points made. Bobbinette fidgets with her fingers looking down anxiously as she peels the wrapper off of the bottle.  

Michelle: What…? 

Michelle looks at Bobbinette’s face and behavior.

Bobbinette: What? That wasn’t exactly his fault. He was defending the idiot JPD… which I’m far from done with him. Karma and I are going to be sure of that. 

She says with a smirk. Leah raises an eyebrow as Michelle looks concerned.

Bobbinette: Besides if anything, don’t you think it’s more important that I avenge the death of one of my dearest friends?

Leah: No, you definitely should avenge the death of Scooter. But what about retribution for your friends that are still here, or is it only for the people that you love?

Leah says giving a tough look. Bobbinette’s eyes look nervously at them as she stumbled over her words.

Bobbinette: Hey, that’s not fair! I love you guys too!

Michelle: But not the wrestling type of love. No matter how long we’ve been your friends we’re still not the wrestling type of friends. We’re not the wrestling type of love. We aren’t inside the ring so we are kept at arm’s length. No offense I think we deserve to be there for this.

Michelle looks sorry she had to be stern with Bobbinette but relieved she said it. Leah puts her hand on Bobbinette’s hands and looks her in the eyes.

Leah: I know you’re hurting over his death but he is dead. You should honor his memory by celebrating the living and beating the hell out of that shrunken man.

Bobbinette: Stronk, He’s already broken. 

She mumbles.

Bobbinette: Nothing I do or say is going to change that he isn’t the old stronk. It’s not even anywhere near as satisfying. I mean if he’s back to himself in a couple of months, I’ll take him on; then one on one and get the payback for the pain he caused me. For all that He caused you guys! But now it almost feels too easy.

Bobbinette wrinkles her face as she pulls her hand back her shoulders scrunching up tightly.

Bobbinette: If things were different.. if he was the old stronk… then maybe this would have been a match to actually be concerned about… but it’s Dan Ryan for god sakes!

Leah: Yeah who is that?

Bobbinette: I should know because he’s a Hall of Famer and everything… but I just don’t care. He was friends with Mike and he’s returned and just…I roll my eyes at the whole thing. I’m too old to learn about people who came after me or any reason why they were important. 

She yawns realizing she slept like trash. Her shoulder slump down as she sighs.

Bobbinette: I’m living in the here and the now. And here and the now is: I don’t care about Dan Ryan or him attacking Stevens! Hell, I will team up with Dan Ryan and help him beat down stevens. Stronk can just sit there and pet his puppy.

Bobbinette shrugs as she sees her own dog strutting around the house and smirks.

Michelle: As much as I know that’s not a euphemism…missed opportunity on word play right there….

Leah: So then we’re agreed we’re going right?

Bobbinette: No! I can’t protect you guys.

Bobbinette says quickly with worry in her voice. They look confused at her.

Michelle: The biggest worry is now so small Leah can throw him. So we don’t need protection, we want to be there and support you in solidarity. Let us be there for you.

Bobbinette: look something isn’t right with me right now and I don’t want that spilling over to hurting you guys.

Leah: You’re making excuses, and I so totally don’t care. I’m going to be there we’re both going to be there whether you let us fly on your jet or whether we have to take a train to get there we’re going to be there we will be there. It’s up to you whether that’s backstage in front row or in the nosebleeds.

Leah has a look of determination as Michelle stands up nodding her head supporting as if the group is spoken and Bobbinette has been out voted.

Michelle: This is happening. You might as well just go with it we’re dead set on this one dude.

Bobbinette sighs as she looks in the window at her reflection. Her reflection looks back mouthing the word “no!”

Bobbinette: Guys i- –

Bobbinette closes her eyes as as her stance changes.

Bobbinette: No fucking way.

Bobbinette says sternly, her posture and tone and demeanor have changed.

Bobbinette: I don’t give a damn what you want. I’m not playing babysitter to desperate housewives! You two want to be at the show then you’ll be in the locker room sitting there quietly and watching from there. I’m not letting you too go sit anywhere where somebody else can find you and hurt you that’s not happening because then I’ll never hear the end of it from her.

They seem confused by her words as she closes her eyes and opens them, clearing her throat with a smile.

Bobbinette: I mean… if you two are going to be at the show I want to know where you guys are at all times so I’m going to keep you with me but not at ringside. So if I have no say in what you two are going to do I’m going to make sure I at least have a say on where you will be at.

The request seems reasonable to them as they nod in agreement.

Leah: This isn’t because you still have feelings for STRONK is it?

Bobbinette laughs weakly.

Bobbinette: What type of idiot do you think I am? Those… were dumb. Just clearing thoughts.

Leah: Don’t diminish your thoughts. You genuinely thought that there was something gentle about him and he proved he’s just like the rest of the idiots on the roster.

Michelle: Aside from Conor.

Michelle interjects quickly.

Michelle: That kid is adorably innocent. I want to knit him a sweater.

Bobbinette rolls her eyes.

Bobbinette: He’s not Harry Potter, you’re not Molly Weasley; stop it! He’s innocent and a good friend too. I know that this place corrupts the best of them.

Michelle laughs clapping her hands. Bobbinette looks at her confused.

Michelle: Cause.. Lee Best… it..ah.. never mind.

Bobbinette realizes what she meant.

Bobbinette: Yeah, no… he’s the worst. He’s the reason I’m teamed with Stevens.

Leah: So none of them like you…it might as well be a three on one.

Michelle: During Black History month too? Just call the match a hate crime.

Bobbinette: I’m not allowed to mention the month.

She blurts out.

Leah: What?

Bobbinette: Scooter said.. 

Bobbinette thinks carefully about her words.

Bobbinette: Apparently I mentioned it too much last year. I mean I’m black 24/7.. but celebrating it… anyways… Stevens yeah my ‘partner’.

Her fingers make the air quotes.

Bobbinette: I have no intention whatsoever of getting along with him. I don’t care if I cost us the match, I just care if he hurts. He took Scooter. You know what I might need you guys backstage after all I have an idea.

Raising an index finger she smirks and grabs her phone out of her pocket.

Leah: I’m not sleeping with anyone.

Michelle: Yeah me neither.

They say quickly. Bobbinette sighs loudly.

Bobbinette: Wow not trafficking my friends… and awareness for that was last month.

She says in a proud matter of fact tone.

Bobbinette: You guys go home, get packed up and then we’ll take the jet out. I’ll put you guys up in a hotel. I don’t want you staying at the factory where I have an apartment. It’s kind of gritty and grimy and reminds me of back in the old days.

The two women nod and look disgusted at the mention of the apartment in the old empty factory Carey has taken up residency in. The two women smile as they leave the table and exit her home. Bobbinette finishes her Gatorade throwing away the container in the recycling. She notices empty IPA cans. Looking at her reflection.

Bobbinette: This has got to stop…

Bobbinette reflection: So do your Stronk sex dreams…

Bobbinette: That was only once!

She defends.

Bobbinette reflection: I was there I saw the dream of you carrying him, picking him up like a damn baby and throwing him around. Gross Carey… 

Bobbinette: You know, if Stevens doesn’t make it to the ring then it’s just me facing them on my own. Strong as a shell of himself, and I haven’t seen him since everything happened…

She bites the side of her lip looking down.

Bobbinette reflection: No! Stop that! We are not feeling bad. He hurt your friends! He dumped you on your head that’s not foreplay! That’s not a pick up line! That is not healthy.

Bobbinette: and possessing someone’s body so you don’t move on to the afterlife is?

Bobbinette reflection: Well played… 

Bobbinette: I got to call someone and I need you not to be around… 

Bobbinette reflection: Yeah you’ve been calling “someone”. A lot… What are you up to Carey?

Bobbinette smirks as she walks up the steps to her bedroom, closing the door behind her as if she successfully dodged a question from them by leaving the reflection.