NO Going Back

NO Going Back

Posted on July 15, 2022 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Somewhere on the road..


Time Unknown


It was just another day for Brian Hollywood.  The longest he was on the road for, the more it seemed to have consumed in.  Audrey was still laying on a bed in a coma in the hospital and Hollywood was helpless to do anything about it.  What was worse was that he was working with not only his arch nemesis, but the same person who was responsible for putting Audrey in the hospital in the first place.


Hollywood was getting sick just thinking about it.  On top of worrying about Audrey and working with The Chair, Hollywood was trying to juggle the shackles of everyday life as a High Octane Wrestler.  He sure as hell had a lot of issues that were weighing him down day after day..month after month…and even starting to feel years after years.  It was in this regard that gave him a moment to reflect on how far it’s come along and how he felt about.


The short answer was he wasn’t feeling at all..but that would be just the beginning of the story.  In fact, moving after this particular day Hollywood would never be the same again and there would be indeed no going back..




Brian Hollywood: “So what now?  I don’t know how you can be so still and calm about everything.  This is ridiculous though!”


Hollywood wasn’t in the mood to mince words and it seemed like all this time, Hollywood could have spent his time a lot more strategically and healthy.  But that wasn’t what was going on with Hollywood…in fact, the last time Hollywood was seen was in Chicago and that was on a late late spring night which seemed like forever ago.


The Chair: “Mr. Hollywood…I feel like you should have picked up on this already.  How are we supposed to work as a team if one of us is against other?  How the fuck did you expected I would have responded with this?  You were the one to seek my help out.  YOU, BRIAN…FUCKING YOU!  And in case you have forgotten…we are on the same side here in this mission.  You best not forget that!”


If it wasn’t obvious already, both men were in bad moods and really didn’t want to talk to the other.  However, The Chair was right…Hollywood was the one who reached out.  What exactly was he thinking would have happened here?  Hollywood knew that The Chair would use any resources he could get his hands on in destroying dreams and business and nobody wanted to see him on that particularly.  Hollywood lets out a sigh as there was something else that was clearly eating away at him.


Brian Hollywood: “You’ve made your point, Chair.  But where is bickering going to get us?  We’re nowhere closer to finding Serenity’s killer and we’re just about wanted by every law enforcement agency and specil agents line of fire, as well.  You may have had the art of disappearing pretty easily, but now that we clearly are in deep waters here, if a lucky man runs out of his luck eventually.”


The Chair: “HAHA!  You crack me up, Mr. Hollywood!  Maybe you want a recrash opportunity.  I can give that to you and the only thing thing I ask in return is since we are playing by my rules, we will continue to do that, understood?”


Hollywood really didn’t give a fuck as The Chair pulls out a documented file labeled in a folder with Hollywood’s name on it.


Brian Hollywood: “What the fuck is this?”


The Chair: “Call it an…insurance policy.  But I’m simply covering all my bearings, Mr. Hollywood, and I know you understand that as a business decision as all I ask is that you sign this document and we really stop fucking around and catch that murdered our–


The Chair catches himself before he can finish the sentence.  Hollywood raises an eyebrow, but because he was in such a hurry and not in the mood, Hollywood signs the document as The Chair smiles.  Hollywood clearly had no idea what he signed but it was clearly known The Chair did and if there was something Hollywood didn’t know, was that after signing that document, Hollywood’s life would change forever…


And he doesn’t even know about it as the scene slowly fades to black.