New York Bests Chicago

New York Bests Chicago

Posted on January 24, 2021 at 10:58 am by Devin DeSean

Devin stands there in a slacks and a nice dress shirt with the Tribune in hand reading an article out loud as the feed goes live.

“After an extensive study of over the roughly averaged 3 million in attendance for the sports scene around Wrigley over recent years. We have an overwhelming number of people who admit to putting on a tough persona, but are hiding the fact they are scared all the time. Out of the three hundred thousand surveys received…..”

Folding up the paper and tucking it under his arm and looks into the camera.

“ Dorn! Dorny! Didn’t you mention having some family at the Tribune?! You must of really upset your cousin when you were kids for him to toss this smoke grenade at you from behind the cover of his paper! “

Devin gives a small chuckle at his own rookie dig.

“ Your sweet city lovers quarrel with Warstein was a fun train wreck to watch, good job taking out the so called #2…maybe you are BIG TIME!? No, that couldn’t be it with all the huffing and puffing and old finger pistols… HASHTAG BANG! BANG!

Devin mocking the played-out style and mimicking the motion.

“ You may recall my comments mentioning the DeNucci Cup is full of cookie cutters! OOHH POOR SWEET TOUGH GUY! You are one of the most overused cutters of them all….”

He turns and sets the folded paper down off the view of the camera and pulls a cookie cutter into view.

“ This is the basic round cookie cutter, nothing special…SURE it is tried and true and you know what it will do. The cookie will be eaten or ignored and left to become stale. Kinda like you O’ Johnny Boy! The result will be the same after I am done with you in this round of the Cup. I don’t know the background of DeNucci, but I know I represent the prestige of any event more then you! “

He tosses the round cutter aside and holds his hand up, index finger extended and shakes it to add emphasis to his next statement.

“ I understand this event is all about talking trash and beating your opponent down in the cage, but just like that other round cookie cutter I faced already! I dropped him with a move so suddenly and had my hand raised! I won another match back home while you had your match with him! I know that DOESN’T mean anything of importance here! But what I did to Sean “XXX” Stevens in the first round, DOES! You best believe it can happen to you, Dorn. “

He puts his hands into his pocks like he does not have a care in the world about what he faces.

“ Simply put, I will not be surprised as many watching won’t be, when someone from Chicago can’t stand up to me, PRETTY Boy Devin DeSean from New York. We know Chicagoans are created from the 3rd best city and when it comes to the New Yorkers, they will fall short! “

Devin pauses, nonchalantly shifts on his feet.

“Now there are some similarities about our fresh rookie careers…You are 2-1 in your home fed, I believe…and you are 1-0 in the HOFC here in HOW. I am 3-0 in my home in standard matches, 6-5 if you count my 24/7 Bloodsport matches….and I am also 1-0 here in the HOFC! “

He nods as the viewers digest what has been said.

“ So, I would say it very much can be a toss up from the outside looking in on which one of us has the upper hand going into this. So, let me toss out some potential Headlines your cousin Greg can have the Tribune print! “

Using his hands in the air, implying the headline.

“ North Side Chicago Native, Johnny Dorn gets embarrassed by New York City Model turned wrestler. Is he one of the Fake Tough Guys of Wrigley?!!!!”

He laughs at his joke before moving onto the next headline.

“Model fails to live up to his own hype against North Sider Johnny Dorn! South siders poke fun at North Side Tough(?) Guy who barely beat up a Modal. ”

Devin stands straight, looks at the camera with a smirk on his face.

“ Either way it goes, your image will be tarnished as I see it, I have the only upside regardless of the outcome. Hope you are ready for what Pretty Boy Devin DeSean brings, Scrappy! You better not fail to rep your side, you may just get disowned by God!