My voice, my friends, fuck a boat though…

My voice, my friends, fuck a boat though…

Posted on June 30, 2022 at 10:18 pm by Bobbinette Carey

I was going to spend this time to focus on PTSD awareness, and men’s Health issues. But everything’s about men isn’t it? They have their rights, their freedoms aren’t taken away from them are they? No, instead things are taken away from women; our freedoms, our reproductive Rights in the hands of other people. Body autonomy isn’t ours anymore. And spare me a rebuttal, an opinion or any of that because unless you have a vagina it’s not your right to argue with me.


You can have all the opinions you want about when life begins, but it’s not your body is it? At this point I guess it’s not my body either is it? Yeah shit’s about to get heavy. I’m aware I have a tag match, but I am the only female here. Yes I know I tote that around and dick swing that like nobody’s business, but it means even more right now. It means that I have to use my voice to be louder than ever for every other woman who does not have the platform I do. For every sister, mother, cousin, aunt, transgendered male, non-binary person everyone with a uterus and vagina!  I have to use my voice. I will be the woke warrior queen of HOW,I need to be because right now it matters more than ever! And if that means every week I come on here and point out about how women need their rights! Body autonomy matters if it gets old to you then fucking do something.



Friendships can be complicated. Especially in wrestling we try our best you want to be that reliable and dependable friend. But it’s a business at the end of the day, sometimes friendships fall to the wayside in order to further one’s career. Sometimes friendships fall to the wayside because they don’t see eye to eye. 

One person joins a team of scumbags. I’m not bitter, he did what he had to do to get on a War Games team. Granted he was the first one eliminated but he still did what he had to do and I commend him for that.. Not mad about it, ignoring me, one of his dearest friends who has believed in him for the longest time! 

Sure he was focused on War Games and we were on opposite teams…. Except I didn’t even get to make it to the team…

Because of boring ass, bland baked potato was wrestler Harrison. He’s a bland baked potato. I don’t care! Yes he beat me, a bland baked potato beat me. I accept this…. I don’t have to like it.

 The day after a match if it was a good match you have something called the “good hurt” where your body hurts and you feel muscles pulling and it’s a reminder of what you went through. Sure you’re walking around in pain, but it’s the good pain. The worth it pain,you know it paid off. I felt the good pain the night after the final Refueled. I didn’t go down easy against Farthington, he got a second win against me in the record books. I woke up with that feeling of pain and knowing I gave as good as I got. 

Yes he has bragging rights of two victories in this Era. I am not okay with that, because he’s a smug arrogant prick. But then again he didn’t break me or hurt me like he threatened to do just to upset Conor. But now he gets a second chance to attempt to do that. I get a second chance to make sure that he tastes his teeth. I swear to God if he brings up Alyssa Milano one more time I’m going to punch him in the face. Seriously…

I’d be lying if I didn’t say there wasn’t a tiny little voice in the back of my head telling me that Scotty is going to screw me over because those were his war games people, and he’s made some Alliance that he won’t tell me about. But the other part of me knows scooter better than anyone he wouldn’t be that dumb to make that mistake again to team with them, he’s the butt of their jokes there’s no way he’s that stupid. So I’m going to take it as it is that it was just a one-time Alliance that his loyalty lies with his real friend. 

The irony is not lost on me. If this was the last supper and Jesus said one would betray him everyone would assume it’s me.

Some people would think having to wrestle farthington a second week in a row would be a punishment. But they’re not me are they? No they’re not because I proved last week that he wasn’t a man of his word. He beat me, it happens I’m not losing sleep over it. 

However he threatened to do harm to me. He threatened to make a statement using me as an example. And he proved just to be as overly dramatic as the rest of them. 

I tapped out and he let go and broke the hold. I think that he’s not as dangerous as he likes to believe he is another man who suffers from delusions of grandeur. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to knock me down easily and that it wasn’t going to be an easy match. But I was legitimately terrified that he was going to cause damage, that I was going to be walking around like Clay bird with a broken hand. 


I’m still in pretty decent shape after that match. So the “Lord” is nothing but a man who is full of hot air. So it’s not a punishment to get to face him in a tag match with my best friend for a shot at the tag titles? I’m here for this. Because I have a better tag record. I know with a partner like Scooter we are one of the most unstoppable teams. The difference was last time he had Mike best on his team, this week it’s JPD? Yeah I’m feeling a little better about myself now.


We see the busy Chicago skyline. As we get closer we see a breakfast restaurant called “yolk”. Inside the busy bustling diner The Hardcore Artist, Scottywood is sitting in one of the booths as The Queen of Epicness Bobbinette Carey slides into it across from him. Her hair wet and curling, her pink cardigan drenched. 

Bobbinette: This isn’t close by.

Scottywood: I don’t know where your “secret” evil lair is. You said downtown. So I just figured it was close. Besides you have money just take a cab.

He shrugs it off. 

Bobbinette: 1 gas is over $6 a gallon, yes I have money but I don’t want to go broke driving around! 2, it’s not an “evil lair” it’s where I go to collect my thoughts. And 4 you picked this because its next to a liquor store just was a perk right?

The waitress comes by as the two pause.

Bobbinette: Matcha latte. Please..

Scottywood: What IPA’s do you have on tap?

Bobbinette: Scooter, it’s like 9:45 in the morning….

The waitress looks confused at the two.

Scottywood: black coffee & bacon.

Bobbinette: Waffle egg Benedict please.

The waitress nods and walks away. Bobbinette wrinkles her nose as she looks across the booth.

Bobbinette: So… are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?

Bobbinette folds her hands in front of her with a serious look on her face.

Scottywood: What? The women’s thing? Aren’t you close to “the change.” Anyway Carey?

He asks with a confused look on his face.

Bobbinette: I’m not that old I was born in 1980! I am talking about War Games!

She glares at him. He shrugs his shoulders.

Scottywood: How you didn’t make it into it?  Sorry Carey. 

He says shrugging. Bobbinette narrows her eyebrows annoyed. He looks up from his menu.

Scottywood: What?

Bobbinette: Yeah and you were the first eliminated…sorry for that too. So how’s being with the board?

Scottywood: Ask them. You know I was just trying to get on a team.

Bobbinette: Well, I didn’t hear from you after war games. So I figured….

Scottywood: Phones work both ways Carey.. well your android might not because they are shitty.

He mumbles as the waitress brings them their drinks.

Bobbinette: Okay point made. But I came back for you. Not just War Games. And because you brought me back you have an epic tag partner on hand you’re welcome.

She says with a nod as she shivers and takes a sip of her warm cup of her matcha latte.

Scottywood: You came back because you were bored.

Bobbinette: It wasn’t because of Lee. Not for lack of trying. 

Scottywood: He’ll get ten “no”s and keep asking until he gets a yes.

Bobbinette looks at Scottywood as if she had a revelation.

Bobbinette: Have we been emotionally manipulated and assaulted by Lee?

Scottywood: There’s a reason he’s called an emotional terrorist. He keeps at you till he wears you down and eventually gets his way.

They both pause while I taking in the realization.

Bobbinette: But… we have a chance to hold tag team gold. If we can get through this and be on the same page.

Scottywood: Why wouldn’t we be on the same page?

He asks as he takes a sip of his coffee then adds sugar in it.

Bobbinette: Cause your son and grandson issues?

Scottywood: Don’t you have kid issues?

Bobbinette: Nope. My kids are epic. We have Farthington and JPD issues. 

Scottywood: Isn’t there another team?

Bobbinette: Yeah it’s Bergman and Zion… isn’t Zion Simons underling? Wait, you’re friends with Zion. 

She points at him and he swats her index finger away with annoyance.

Scottywood: Friend is a… generous word. I don’t hate him like all the other assholes here. 

Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders.

Scottywood: Isn’t Bergman one of the highwaymen?

Bobbinette: So?

Scottywood: Well, your war games team….

He says mockingly to her. Bobbinette rolls her eyes, shaking her head.

Bobbinette: Moving on… Jace’s chick put her hands on me last time I was in a match with him. She-

Her face turns red as she’s interrupted by him.

Scottywood: She’s not in the match Carey. Jace is..

Bobbinette: You don’t even know what I was going to say. The fact that she got in the last match I had with him, she put her hands on me. As wrestlers we know what happens when we interfere in matches. However this chick decided to put her hands on me.. for her own safety it would be best if he left her backstage. You don’t get a free shot like that without repercussions. If she is at ringside, Jace won’t have an assistant anymore.

Scottywood: Jesus Carey she isn’t a wrestler.

Bobbinette: Then she shouldn’t be putting her hands on wrestlers unless she wants to get treated like one. See most of the guys won’t put a hand on her, because they’re men. They have some weird moral compass when it comes to managers. I don’t get it. However me, I’ll knock the piss off of a bitch without blinking an eye.

Scottywood: But about farthington..

Bobbinette: he’s pissed at connor, so I guess I’m the sacrificial lamb? It makes no sense but it’ll get us closer to the tag titles, if we take Jace out of the equation and it’s you and I versus Farthington we have a fair shot.

She says in a matter of fact tone.

Scottywood: And zion? And Bergman?

Bobbinette: Zion could not hold my jockstrap.

Scottywood: I don’t need to know about your sex toys Carey.

She swats her hand tapping his shoulder from across the booth.

Bobbinette: You know what I mean! If anything I feel bad for Bergman, it’s like a punishment having to be teamed with him. Zion as a tag partner? The question is who are we going to get, halitosis or bergman? That is the only real worry we should have. If it’s halitosis, he’s held the world title more than you. If it’s Bergman..not really worried. Zion being his partner is coming in with points against you. Where at least I know I have a partner who has my back and we’ll go a little excessively aggressive and I’m totally okay with that. 

She takes a big sip of her drink with a smile.

Scottywood: I was going to say, I’m pretty sure you counted Harrison out too and look at how that ended..

She glares at him.

Scottywood: Not ready to joke about that yet… got it. Just that Halitosis could help Zion..

Bobbinette: I am not counting Mr. zigzag out. I’m not counting out Bergman either…But my main focus is Jace, him and his tart. You should want some revenge on him too. He only tried to put a wedge between our friendship.

She says with a reminding tone.

Scottywood: Oh I haven’t forgotten. He used you, to manipulate me. Not sure if I should be pissed or impressed that he took it that far. It’s almost a page out of your old play books.

Bobbinette shakes her head ignoring the statement.

Bobbinette: And Farthington and Mike took the titles. There is a whole lot of stuff to make up for…. Revenge, retribution.. we win this match after that you can finish off Clay like you were trying to do. CareyWood tag champs.

Scottywood nods his head agreeing with the plan then pauses again a look of confusion on his face as he raises an index finger.

Scottywood: Still not sold on the name. Hey, why does Farthington even act like you and Conor are “bffs”?

Bobbinette wrinkles her eyebrows and scrunches her nose shrugging her shoulders.

Bobbinette: I mean I was nice to the kid, I don’t think I really did anything in the mentoring way of assisting him, not as much as everyone’s trying to give me credit for… He was a nice welcoming dude and I was nice to him. He wasn’t like the rest of the assholes; who judge me for things of the past that they weren’t even here for. He honestly was a clean slate that I was happy to have. I accepted his token of friendship so I guess everybody thinks that means we’re BFFs forever?

The waitress brings their food.

Scottywood: Token of friendship? That sounds pretty lame.. I mean if anything my token of friendship would be that I didn’t take your eye. You’re welcome.

Bobbinette: It’s only because you care, that’s the whole reason you didn’t do it. You knew that it would hurt you to take the eye of one of your dearest longest friends.

Scottywood: I didn’t say all that.

Bobbinette and Scottywood both get texts messages at the same time. They look at their phones.

Bobbinette: Oh a boat?! Nope. Screw it. I say we stay in Chicago.

Bobbinette puts her phone down shaking her head quickly. Scottywood looks confused. He reads his text then looks over at her.

Scottywood: What?

Bobbinette: I will pay for all the booze this weekend. All of it! Let’s not go on a boat. Let’s just let The Board beat Zion and Bergman; we take them on next week. 

She says insistent. Scottywood looks confused at her words.

Scottywood: Woah hold the fuck on… why? 

He strokes his goatee while studying his friend’s face.

Bobbinette: Best buddy trip? Girls weekend? 

Her face looks slightly panicked.

Bobbinette: It’s just rude to change up the venue like that. And a boat? Yeah that’s what I want to do wrestle on a boat… it’s a terrible idea! We should just abstain from it and stay here in Chicago. As a protest because that’s rude and not safe and rude.

Scottywood catches on to her panic and attempts to not laugh.

Scottywood: Carey… are you afraid of boats?

Bobbinette scoffs

Bobbinette: That’s ridiculous, I’m not afraid of boats! I’m afraid of the water under the boats and ….them sinking and what is in the water did you know over 90% of the ocean is undiscovered? And I’m just supposed to get on a floating contraption hoping that it doesn’t like to sink? I can get eaten by a megalodon! I’m not a fan of boats. No, not okay with them at all!

Her voice sounded almost like a craze conspiracy theorist who believed what she was saying.

Scottywood: Fuckin eh Carey. You’re afraid of boats?

He tries to hold back laughter.

Scottywood: How did I not know this? Don’t you think your fear is a little irrational?

He says squinting at her, not used to the panicking side.

Bobbinette: You’re irrational! Giant squid and things like that? That they still find all the time?! And I’m irrational? No, you are underestimating the dangers of the ocean and the fact that we have to fight in one in New York? No this is not how I die! Fuck a boat!

Scottywood: So you’re willing to give up a shot at tag titles, you’re willing to let Jace and Farthington just win? Because of a boat that is safe in the New York harbor? If there was a megalodon in Manhattan we would have seen it. We aren’t going out on the open ocean.

Bobbinette looks at him as her panic look slowly fades.

Bobbinette: I didn’t say I was giving up anything…

She mumbles with almost a pout.

Bobbinette: I just… boats are a no for me.

She says as she pokes at her plate with the fork pushing the food.

Scottywood: Cause we just get title shots handed to us all the time?

Bobbinette: I mean I got Harrison… after bitch slapping David Noble.

Scottywood: Fuckin eh Carey we fought in a country where there is a war going on and you’re worried about getting on a boat? What the fuck?

Bobbinette: You’re not wrong…and earning tag titles; we do deserve a tag run.

She finishes her plate and looks at her phone squinting.

Bobbinette: HOW much time do you need to get your stuff ready?

He looks over at her.

Scottywood: For what?

Bobbinette: We are going to New York. I’ll have the jet ready.

She slides out of the booth leading quickly.

Scottywood: Hey all I got was a coffee, you’re not taking care of the bill?

She pauses and reaches into her purse. She pulls out a $100 bill and puts it down on the table before walking out. Scottywood nods as she rushes out in a hurry.