Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

Posted on September 30, 2020 at 8:47 pm by Scott Stevens

They say the truth hurts, but sometimes you have to listen to things you don’t want to hear.

Mike Best and I don’t exchange Christmas cards in December, but we have a mutual respect for one another and he is absolutely correct in the fact that he is one of three people that I truly listen to when an idea is really good or utter dogshit.

Mike and I have known each other for a very long time, all the way back to when Steve Solex and I dominated a place called Legacy Pro Wrestling. It is no secret that Mike recruited me into High Octane Wrestling when his father wouldn’t give me a second glance back in 2012. Something back then caught Michael’s eye and he knew there was something special about me that would make me a lifer in HOW.

Michael, when I heard you speak earlier in the week I understood your frustrations. I understood your angst and anger with me because I say I’m going to become the “Stevens of Old” and it never happens. I say I’m going to climb back to the top, but I never seize the opportunities that have been presented before me like with the HOFC challenge you laid out or the open invitational at Rumble at the Rock.

Maybe, I have been too star struck by friends and big signees and the return of legends to think I have a shot making it back up to the top because living in the past and saying I’ll get there is a lot easier than actually having to do it. That is probably why I have been so bitter this era of HOW, and instead of shutting the fuck up and putting in the time and effort I wrap myself with statistics and other distractions to cover up the fact that I may not have it anymore and when I lose I can use the excuse well he was just the better man that night.


Do I want to be back on top?

You damn right I do!

Do I want to become the World champion again?


The God’s honest truth Mike, I want to be you.

Granted, I don’t want to have your ugly mug because I’m a sexy beast already, but I want what you have and it’s something not everyone in HOW has. Forget the accolades, championships, records, and statistics because at the end of the day you are virtually respected across the board by everyone. Every era of HOW, from Golden to Refueled, knows who Mike Best is. Every person outside of HOW with half a brain knows who you are. You are respected by everyone throughout the wrestling industry.

Who wouldn’t want that?

You have earned the adulation of an entire community.

Honestly, five people probably respect me and those people consist of you, your dad and brother, and probably John Sektor and Rhys Townsend. That is about it. I have a Hall of Fame resume and fly by nights like the Murray brothers or Perfection get more respect than I do.

Do you know how that fucking feels Mike?

I’m sure you do.

Having to prove yourself to Lee whenever he excludes you in accomplishments that you and Christopher America share and whenever he says Max is his favorite son instead of you.

It’s that desire that fuels us all.

It’s that feeling that proves we still give a fuck no matter how low we have sunk and only a hand full of people can fathom what it takes to pull yourself from the abyss and shine in divinity once again.

You know I can do this and this is why you’ve been frustrated with me because I haven’t done it and you don’t think I can do it Saturday night either and that’s why you sent me my cease and desist warning. I appreciate the warning for my well-being Mike, but if I’m going to get my head smashed it I’d rather have it smashed in going down swinging than looking like a pussy that didn’t try.

I know I’m in for the fight of my life this Saturday and it’s not because you are the World champion and Number One Ranked Wrestler either. It’s not because you’re the greatest wrestler to ever grace a HOW ring…..sorry Jatt. The plain and simple truth is this iteration of Michael Lee Best is the best of them all. This Mike Best is the one who survived War Games a second time and stood tall. This Mike Best made history when he defeated his idol and became an ICON for the sixth time. This Mike Best proved he was more sinister and sadistic than the most sinister and sadistic man in HOW history, The Minister. Sorry Greystone and Shane Reynolds. The Mike Best that I will step into the ring with on Saturday would make the Mike Best I defeated back at ICONIC shit his pants.

That’s how much you’ve evolved since then and it’s fucking crazy how easily it was for you to do it in a short amount of time while guys like me were the tortoise chasing the hare.

You asked would I give up everything for one more shot at greatness with your World title. You asked would I watch my world burn to once again be the top dog of High Octane Wrestling?

My answer to your questions is…..YES!

You have people like Darin Zion who say they need it and want it, but you know when you look into their eyes and look down deep into their soul they are full of shit because they have never experienced what it’s like to be THE MAN of HOW. You know what it feels like just like your brother and more recently, your best friend. Being the best in HOW is a feeling that cannot be described unless you have been there before. It’s a feeling better than any alcoholic bender, drug induced coma, or a night of sex-capades can fulfill. It’s a type of rush that you get when you have that 97 red leather around your waist and the gold glistens in the light and everyone from the crowd to the people in the back know one thing and that one thing is you’re the fucking man. You say that I have to need it and want it more than you do and that this business is your life because you’ve went scorched earth the last fifteen years to get where you are.

Mother fucker, who do you think you’re talking to?

You don’t think I’ve made sacrifices?

You don’t think I eat, sleep, and breathe this business?

My family is this business……I AM THIS BUSINESS!

I have sacrificed time away from my family to provide a better living for them. I was getting beat up by kendo sticks and barbed wire while my kids are playing football and baseball. While my wife is in the hospital going into labor, I’m thirty-five thousand feet up in the air heading towards another event. I sacrificed my family for this business. The difference between us Mike is that I’m the CHIEF of my clan. I’m at the head of the dinner table unlike you. You’ve made sacrifices, but you’ve never experienced people really depending on you because Lee is still King of the Best clan.

Here’s the thing Mike, you can piss and moan about me earning my keep and disrespecting your father, HOW, and the World championship like I’m some charity case because I didn’t earn it, but I’m not the one making the decisions and neither are you. I have been minding my business and working with your dad behind the scenes on other important things with the World title the furthest thing from my mind. However, if your father wants to give me another shot at that title I’m not going to turn it down because it may be last opportunity I get for a very long time, and I can assure you I’m not taking it for granted.

I’m ready.

I’m going to do exactly like you want me to my friend.

I’m going to show up.

I’m going to take my ass whooping.

I’m going to collect my paycheck in the form of becoming World champion once again.

You can tell me it’s over, but deep down you know that isn’t true. Deep down, you want me to beat you. Deep down you want me to dig deep and find the old me and knock you off your fucking pedestal to prove that you’re beatable because the chase is much more intoxicating for you than the dominance.

If it wasn’t true, then why are you telling me what I needed to hear? You want me to get better, you want me to succeed, and regardless of the “Fuck Stevens” and other snide remarks, you, Michael Lee Best, want to see me World champion, one last time, and come Saturday I will not disappoint you.

It’s going to be you and I for the third and final time.

It’s going to be the speed, quickness, and technical prowess of the champion versus the size, strength and brute force of the challenger. You like suplexing people, well so do I. You can pull out various submission holds from anywhere, don’t worry I know a few counters. You can throw your finisher at any time and from anywhere well so can I my friend. You’re looking to bash my brains in and end my career and if you do that I’ll tip my hat to you, but you haven’t succeeded in that regards yet and that won’t change Saturday either. The only thing career ending that will take place Saturday is your career setting ninth World championship reign.

Michael, I want you to listen to my words. I want you to heed my warning. I want you to notice my swagger when I am walking throughout the Best Arena backstage before our match and as I walk down the ramp and into the ring when it’s time to tear the house down in the Windy City….I’m coming for you.

This isn’t a threat Michael, but a promise that when you and I face each other and we are looking across the ring at one another and you stare into my eyes you know that I’m for real.

No Stevenspedia.

No handouts

No excuses.

Just you and I one last time to settle who truly is the better man.

You say, this is the record setter.

You say, this is the one they’ll remember.

You say, this is the one that’ll make it all worth it.

It’ll be all that and more when I rise from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix and lay waist to the Star Maker.

I will set my own record of becoming a three time champion for the first time.

Everyone will remember that Scott Stevens beat Mike Best again for the World title.

This is the one that will worth it because you can still say “Fuck Stevens” but you will know I am the fucking man once again!

See you Saturday.