Moment of Zen

Moment of Zen

Posted on August 5, 2021 at 11:18 pm by Mitch Quinlan
Posted: August 2, 12:15 PM EST

The image on the left is of our Fool Saint taking a selfie with a herd of elephants, the matriarch in front, mid-trumpet, against a star-lit blanket of navy skies.

Close your eyes
Give me you hand, darling
Do you feel my heart beating?

So it happens that not only does Susanna Hoff continue to defy time, but her lyrics hit home with our largest mammals.

Checking in from Chitwa Chitwa preserve on the edge of Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, where your humble narrator was enjoying a charmed evening of reflecting on the nature of beast and man. Naturally, this involved listening to our boy Wolfgang, and well, these gorgeous ladies sidled on up to get an earful.

I got to tell you, I was scared by the calm I felt in their presence. Blessed, truly.

And HOW’s diluted god has thought to bless me with a second shot at making a first impression. Once more with the Beautiful one and looking for that win back…


I’m not in the game for scalps. I don’t intend to get so bent because someone on this roster has one up on me, like the guy pencilled in the main this week.

Me? Show open, bay-bay. A chance to put a jolt into the faithful of Detroit, rock city.  You up for the challenge, Bobbo?

Last time you asked me to dance, but I don’t slow dance to songs I just can’t feel. I don’t want to say it was the pressure that had me, but I know you thrive in the underdog spot. Aren’t we both this round?

I’ve seen a few things this trip away, and you don’t want to tell me it reminded me of the Bandits. Just animals separated and picked apart. Doozer let doubt get in his way. Jiles can’t seem to keep good company, or find the lightning he caught, a streak of #97Red. Zeb, I never had the chance to meet before he’s been laid out and laid off. And Bobby…

They told me after last week that I needed that win. And now that I had it I needed to build momentum. Only, um, I’m trying to build moments. Can we get them talking, again?

To the faithful, thank you, always.

To Detroit, South Windsor, HOW is coming.

And when ye hear the sound of the trumpet, all shall shout with a great shout.

Only a few more days, then…