Mistaken Thoughts

Mistaken Thoughts

Posted on February 11, 2021 at 10:44 pm by Black Mamba


It would be rather simple to think that there’s always a plan for the occasion, when every situation has an answer. Countless years spinning delicate amount of time trying to understand how does someone speak the way they do and why do they think they sound so intimidating.

Trivial. debatable. .Questionable.

What was the artist high-flyer your name is as interesting as my own but I don’t think any symphony worth a damn, is going to be playing any music you like to hear on your way to believing that you’ll stop me cold but what monster are you supposed to be are you like a part of the 90s 80s 70s I don’t think they did hard movies in the 60s not like that I need to be a zombie zombies are quite persistent and quite hardy maybe I should give a damn I don’t know you’re not exactly someone I stretch out on a limb for but a win’s a win and I really need to consider my circumstances here.

James swirls the tea in the cup slowly, counterclockwise at that for tapping the school beside for placing it on the counter.

Look maybe I’m just reaching but I suppose just s*** talking my way through this what amount to maybe clarity but that’s a bit of a stretch in itself. I should probably reconsider. I mean someone who is dangerous and supposedly able to put down connor fuse who I don’t know nor do I pay attention to care because connor fuse doesn’t exist in my day-to-day operations and you certainly don’t fit in that timeline you’re only squeezed into my schedule because I am contracted and obligated to give a f*** about some flyer who might be high or who might be just high off of someone’s bulshit on the daily.

James takes a long sip of the hot tea, savoring the fragrance and the quality of the tea that he made before setting the cup on the counter next to the sink.

Saturday you hope to kill a man honestly you did a good job putting me to sleep so I imagine you could kill me while I’m sleeping. So let’s face facts hardly qualify as someone dangerous in HOW but surprised me flyer give me something….something to write home about.