Mighty Strong Words Evan

Mighty Strong Words Evan

Posted on July 4, 2024 at 8:15 pm by Scott Stevens

Ward, are you ok my friend?

I’m only asking this as a concerned co-worker, but more importantly, as a close and personal friend of yours because ever since War Games ended you have been acting stranger than normal. You said in your promo that you are a recovering cannibal and you don’t partake in the consumption of human flesh anymore so your words and actions recently as been a cause of concern to me and everyone in HOW.

Have you contracted Kuru?

You are showing symptoms of this neurodegeneration with your recent words and I am worried for you.

I didn’t take it as a major concern after you said you pinned Mike when 97 Red was on the line and didn’t leave with it because you said no matter the amount of “What Ifs” that could’ve happened, didn’t, and the truth was you just ran out of gas.


My concern started to take notice when you said you were satisfied with how you performed in Ward Games by stating that you were the star of the match.


My concern grew when you admitted defeat by saying how you were eliminated by Christpher America was nothing to be ashamed about.


My biggest concern is when you said you with satisfied with what you achieved in that being the LSD championship.

I’m sorry and I say this with all the love in my heart, but SHUT THE FUCK UP!

You’re satisfied with what you accomplished?

What a fucking joke you have become.

War Games is about winning the WORLD-FUCKING-TITLE and not be complacent with a fucking participation trophy!

I’m sorry if people think my words are dismissive of a championship belt, but I hold the prestige of OUR titles in higher regards than most the people who fucking wear them, but when it comes to War Games second place doesn’t cut it for me! I either want to walk out the world champion or not at all. In the past I have finished in the top five, but I wasn’t awarded a fucking title.

Sektor retains because he limped into fifth place?


Shane Reynolds comes back, places fourth, and is handed the unretired ICON championship?

What a way to raise the prestige of a title by handing it out like candy boss.

The ultimate participation trophy was given to THE SON when he placed third.

I mean it’s great that the HOFC championship is back, but let’s call a spade a spade and the only reason it was brought back from ten months of inactivity is to keep Mike engaged and not sitting at home in his sweat pants collecting his check. However, we know it’ll only last until the GOD’s House pay-per-view when it will quietly disappear just like Mike’s attention span.




Mike was looking for his next hooker to fuck because he ordered a Nubian Princess and what arrived was a Bobbinette Carey.

The ultimate slap in the fucking face is you being awarded the LSD championship because the guy that eliminated you from War Games should’ve been awarded that title because smashing someone’s head into a tank until they lose conscious is what the LSD title means, but alas Christopher America went on to win bigger and better things, am I right?

You went out like a bitch and you were rewarded with a title because you were the runner up?


I’ve always despised how losers in War Games are still rewarded.

When I lost, I wasn’t rewarded anything. I was told to pick myself up, dust myself off and get them next time. However, War Games is the only time when losers are treated as victors. Last time I checked, the Star of War Games is the one that walks out with the world title and nothing else.

Don’t believe me?

What are people going to remember?

Your destruction of everyone that was put in front of you?

You starting the match and going the distance?


Christopher America beating you within an inch of your pathetic life and becoming the four time and final War Games champion?

Hell, even Benny getting his brains blown out is more memorable than anything you did that night.

Sorry. Not sorry.

Either way, what you did at War Games doesn’t matter because at the end of the day you didn’t win and people only remember you for losing.

Great job of winning a title that way superstar.

A Hall of Fame performance of the star of War Games. Definitely a highlight reel for the ages as your get your brains bashed in and you win a championship by getting pinned. Sorry Evan, I wasn’t trying to turn you on with the brains talk since I know you get off on it like a fucking zombie.

Calm your tits as Lee would say.

Oi! Oi! Oi!

I have some good news since everyone, including you, thinks my brother is dead for some reason. He’s alive and well, and getting ready to celebrate the fourth of July. His neck is sore, but with a couple of weeks off and a soft neck brace for support he’s going to make a full recovery. Just like in comic books, death isn’t forever in wrestling, specifically HOW. I mean Graystone returned from being in a coffee can for years. Max Kael supposed died when he was stabbed in the eye by Mike, and STRONK supposedly drowned, but those two are PRIME examples as they are wrestling alive and well on the independent scene. I mean the wife and daughter are going to see Nickelback next week in concert and didn’t the Embosser kill them years ago? Guess he wasn’t efficient enough to get the job done against them.


You both have that in common.

The LSD championship isn’t a hot potato as you claim it to be. It has become the fifth most important title in High Octane Wrestling not by it changing hands so much, but sadly, by how water down it has become. We are fighting for the LSD championship in a singles match. That is a slap in the fucking face to a division that was the basis of chaos and destruction. Do you think Silent fucking Witness made a name for himself by competing in matches because he’s the greatest catch-as-catch can wrestler in HOW history? Fuck no! He made a name for himself by concussing people by smashing steel chairs across their faces. He made a name for himself by jumping off ladders and steel cages and putting his own body through a table to make sure the other person he was facing couldn’t continue the match. The LSD championship doesn’t care about pinfalls and submissions. It was sure as hell doesn’t give a shit about how technical you can be in the ring, and the last great LSD champion was Jace Parker Davidson because he was the only one that was defending the title on a regular basis in the environments that the title thrives upon.

Oh well.

Ever since you woke up in your hospital bed with a shinty new title sitting in the visitor’s chair inside your room, your arrogance hasn’t wavered. With your chest puffed out and voice lowered, you say you’re going to give me a Mini-War Games.

What the fuck is that?

A Hell in the Cell match?

A steel cage match?

Some other type of enclosed structure match?

Does that mean that if I lose, you’re going to award me the LSD championship since I’m the runner up in the match?

What does Mini-War Games mean Evan?

It’s been days since you dropped this supposed threat on me and you could’ve clarified the statement, but our match is still the same. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing that has wavered since the battle in Scotland is you no longer have any balls.

You didn’t eat them, did you?

That would be gross.

It’s cool you want to make jokes and puns to replace your inadequacies as a man, but the only award winning about you is how your wife and child hasn’t taken their own life because when it comes to leading anything you are the biggest failure of all. I’m sure they both were begging Lee to dive off of the cage headfirst and become strawberry jam or be put down like a dog like a dog with their brains blown out like Benny was. If we ever go to China, I suggest trying the dog. It tastes just like chicken.

My bad.

I may have crossed a line.

I don’t want to offend the man who has the fourth best knee in HOW history.

I mean, I’m the first obviously and it’s like my tenth best move.

Mike is second.

Tyler is third.

And you’re fourth until Sektor decides to put a running knee into his arsenal.

Calm your tits Evan.

Calm your tits.

I know you’ve got your panties in a bunch, but let’s be honest you being the best of anything is a stretch.

You weren’t even the best in Ground Zero.

Hell, you weren’t even the best leader.

Even worse, you recruited me to be in Ground Zero to give your group legitimacy because no one took your watered-down version serious when it contained Brian Hollywood and Chris Diamond. It’s no surprise that when I left it fell apart just like everything you touch. If you want to compare resumes, it’s not even close because I’ve never been in the shadows of better men in HOW, unlike you. You were lost in the shuffle to Silent Witness, Rhys Townsend, and John Sektor while I was conquering them. While you were a hang nail fighting against the Best Alliance, I was the cancer that was sending Lee Best to the hospital on a monthly basis. As great as you think you are, you will always be in the shadow of your best buddy Trent.

Sorry. Not sorry.

I am a living Dynasty while you are HOW’s definition of overrated.

You claim Lee Best felt sorry for me and gifted me this opportunity.

It’s funny because when your break it down, we were both defeated by Christopher America in embarrassing fashion, but I wasn’t the one at the end of the match with a championship that I didn’t win.

Who did Lee feel sorry for now?

I propose this since you’ve been prescribed some confidence from your last little promo that we have a cage match in Chicago. However, since you bragged about my brother being tossed off of the cage and you loved fighting on top of the War Games structure, we have ourselves a cell match with the match taking place on top of the cage and the only way to win the LSD championship is to throw your opponent off of it.

What do you say champ?

You have the balls to accept and back up this bravado you’ve been harping since you became LSD champion?

I don’t think you do because at the end of the day Evan, I don’t care if you are a douchebag, a cunt, a bad guy, or a good guy because in the Windy City I’m THE GUY that is going to defeat you for the LSD championship.

See you at Chaos.