Mexican, The Beginning

Mexican, The Beginning

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 7:28 am by Lucián Santángel

Years would pass by and I would always think back to my mothers’ last words to me; “But if you go looking for answers I will not be here when you return”. Am I the guilty one for seeking answers to the truth? Or am I just doing what every fatherless figure would do? Now don’t get me wrong the life I have has not been shrouded with darkness and this is not a pity story, I am not a beat down loser looking for an excuse in life. No, I loved my upbringing my mother was a kind lady who did her best for me and I thank her every day in my heart for that. She truly shaped me into the man that I am slowly becoming, however, no matter what she did for me I always wondered to myself, Just why was he not there for us? Why did he leave? Who is he?.


Despite not having a father figure I believe that my childhood was not that different from anyone else, yes I did not have two parents but this never stopped me doing the things I loved. As a child me and my older brother we used to play football in the streets of Mexico. My Godfather used to be a semi-famous wrestler and I believe he helped me achieve my goals of wrestling myself by starting to teach my brother and myself at an early age. Looking back on it I wish I asked him more questions about the sport back then however I was more focused on making a name for myself rather than using my family’s name.


Yes, of course, it is no small secret that family is a big part of wrestling, it gets you the leads you sometimes would not get in life. Take the famous wrestling family’s, they all showed that no matter what generation they were from they made sure that they kept the family name in the spotlight. However when it came to me it was more about myself, I would constantly try to flourish and outshine my brother both inside and outside the ring. I felt that when he stepped away from the sport that’s where I would start to flourish to my true potential as a singles wrestler as I was given one on one training with my godfather. Looking back on that it really helped me achieve a lot as I started to make a name for myself.


“Lee Best” I sigh to myself as I continue to look at many old photographs of my childhood which are scattered across a dusty wooden floor. 


We find ourselves in an empty house, it looks like it would once have been a great family home where many people would enjoy there childhoods growing up in, big high ceilings and a grand mantelpiece over a huge fireplace where kids would be read bedtime stories before bed, however, we find High Octane Wrestling’s latest acquisition sat all alone on the floor flicking through old Polaroids of various wrestlers a young child is pictured with. 


“I will find the answers”


I pick up a picture which shows a young Lucian in a wrestling mask, its hard to tell what colours I am in because of dust on the photograph however it means a lot to me as I crack a rare smile out, I lift the photo up and shake the dust off it.


“I was around sixteen when I first got the breakthrough in wrestling, now I am not saying I reached the pinnacle of the sport far from it, however, I was given something to me what I have altered over the years and that was my mask. You see in Mexico its one tradition that I have kept with me all through my career, and that is a mask. It is not so much to hide my identity, but its to make sure that my opponent has no idea what he will face, am I a good guy? Am I a bad guy? I would rather keep him guessing, it’s like going into a match where you have no idea who your opponent is.


Take this lethal lockdown as an example, many men will go into this event not knowing whom they will be facing and that is just like what it is like to face a guy in a mask, am I someone you have fought before? Or am I someone new who will push you to your limits? Questions that will be in your head and distract you from the match at hand all through the night.


You see one thing that wearing a mask has taught me its that in the ring I can be magical, I can be mysterious, but when I take the mask off I can walk among the people outside the stadiums as an equal, I will be treated just like another person, nobody special, I am treated as a human, whereas in the mask I am the Mexican technician known as Lucian Santangel. My father before he left named me the closest thing to the devil he could. Lucian a namesake of Lucifer, the devil, the hatred. Maybe that’s all I was to him, I mistake, a reject, a nobody, however all my life I wonder why he would create me and then leave me. My second name Santangel, my mother, the closest thing to a Saint and an Angel who saved my life.


If It was not for my mother I cannot say where I would be today, yes I would be wrestling in Mexico but if it was not for her I would not know about Lee Best, I would not know that in order to find the next chapter of my life that I need to hunt him down, and I would not be currently on the roster of HOW. You see after my mother told me I had to find Lee Best for answers I have looked all over the world for the man and I found him. I found him running a promotions company called High Octane Wrestling. Now I can say for certain that I do not know much about High Octane Wrestling however I am here to learn, I am here to make a name for myself and I am here to find some answers about why my mother did not want me to find Lee Best.


So the stage is set, I find myself going into an event with nothing to lose and a hell of a lot of answers to gain. I will put on my mask, tie up my boots and head through a curtain to face uncertainty in the ring, I have no clue who I will be facing but on the other hand, nobody knows what they are facing when they stand opposite me in the ring, I am totally new; You have never faced me before, I am unknown, hell I am Lucian Santangel. I am the second coming, the new wave and the newest face on the High Octane roster, I am privileged to be welcomed into the federation that has a vast history however its time that this Mexican makes some new history.


Whoever I am against I wish you luck because the past four years I have been searching for Lee Best, now I have found him there is nothing that will stop me from getting my answers, it starts at re-fueled and believe me when I say it I don’t think it will end well for anyone who comes my way, I do not feel threatened by any man, you have not walked in my shoes, you don’t know my past, my struggles, my endless hopes and dreams of my father being there shattered. You don’t know the empty promises I have been given all my life, you know nothing.”


My right-hand reaches up to my face as I brush the right-hand side of my face with the palm of my hand before picking up another picture, this time it shows me and my godfather stood side by side with a would title upon his shoulder which he won in America.


“You see this picture right here shows everything I could ever want in life, well, of course, I would prefer a picture of me and my father stood side by side but we all know that’s not going to happen right now, however, what I mean is I want nothing more in the world than to be stood with a title on my shoulder and have people look up to me. I remember going to America with my godfather to help him train and transition to the American style of wrestling, 


It was a big honor for me to go with this man to another country so we could make a name for ourselves, of course, there have been many famous Mexican families in the past of wrestling such as the Guerrero’s but we did not want to be labeled the next Guerrero no, we wanted to be the first of our kind, the next generation was coming through the ranks and America was the place to showcase everything we had. Unlike Mexico; America provided mainstream media and attention and it was because this attention I was happy that my life has always been behind a mask, for they never knew who we really were, and I liked it that way.


I traveled with my godfather to a promotion and I admit at first it was a little strange, for we had to learn proper English, as people didn’t like the fact we were foreign, they never liked the fact they could not see our faces and they sure as hell did not like the accent we spoke in, but we told them just like I tell you that over time you will grow to love something that is different, I mean why would you cheer for the same thing you see every day in the life. But we had a plan and that plan was to bring Mexican wrestling to the mainstream, to bring an exciting new concept to the eyes of the westerner, its a little bittersweet that I find myself in the same situation as my godfather before me.”


I carefully fold the picture in two and place it into my right pocket before picking up a picture of a group of wrestlers holding a Mexican flag in a wrestling ring.


“I have had to travel to America myself in order to find the spotlight, I have had to join a new federation such as High Octane to be given the chance to compete at a world-famous level and I have had to come all this way from Mexico to find answers for the questions that I still hold dear to my heart, the biggest question I have right now is…Am I ready to learn the secrets of my past?”


I slowly place all of the photos back into a small suitcase and slowly close the lid on the memories that I have collected over the years, I walk over towards the fireplace and begin to remove dust with my hand before looking into the mirror hanging above the fireplace on the wall. I chuckle to myself a little bit before turning around and walking to a sofa where a take a seat to pause for a second.


“Of course I am ready to find the answers, hell I wouldn’t have joined High Octane Wrestling if I wanted to be stuck in the past, My mother said that Lee Best would have the answers and at Lethal Lockdown I am sure going to leave that event with more answers than I came into the event with, My name is Lucian Santangel and I will find the truth to my legacy, I will find the truth to my past and I will find the truth to my future!”


— FIN —