Posted on October 8, 2020 at 10:05 pm by Cancer Jiles

The twists.

And the turns.

The soap opera that is my so called High Octane life.

Once unrivaled.

Once fully capable.

And righteous.


I’m left to wonder.

What will tomorrow bring?





Who gives a fuck?

My fate is already sealed. It’s been signed. It’s on its way to being delivered.

Rumble at the Rock.

Believe Harrison versus the beaten husk of Cancer Jiles.

Doozer as guest referee.

A fate worse than death?

But first…

There’s one last hurdle to jump before Harrizon Prime drops his package off across the bridge of my nose as my old best bud watches on in assumed pure elation; and that hurdle just so happens to be as high as a mountain. Said mountain also happens to be on fire, has quicksand covering its entire surface, and there’s even an avalanche of shit waiting at the top to put the fire out at just the right time.

Zeb Martin.


My friend.

The young upstart.

The best of the Bandits.

You were what Doozer and I started out as way back in the day.

The glimmer.

The innocence.

Not a worry in the world.

Looking out for nothing but the Bandits’ best interest.

Egg, and then egg again.

So special.

So vibrant.

My friend.

I am sorry.

These past few weeks have made me realize…

I wish you would have never been brought into this. I wish I could have done better by you. I wish I wouldn’t have failed you. I wish I didn’t let you down. I wish I could have been a better friend. I wish I had a matching farmer’s tan. I wish I knew who Levi Garret is.

But I don’t.

And I’m sorry.

Will you forgive me?

Will you show me mercy?

Or will you give me what I’m looking for?

Dan couldn’t do it.

Hughie couldn’t do it.

Lady Troy couldn’t do it.

I didn’t ask them, thoguh.

I’m asking you, Zeb.

Will you be the one to end this miserable existence I occupy?

Or will you, like the others, make me wait until my next fateful opportunity?