Memory lane

Memory lane

Posted on October 27, 2022 at 2:06 pm by Bobbinette Carey


Life is funny. The LSD title. That title actually put me on the map. When I first came to HOW back in the early 2000s, Back when females were there for stereotypical reasons. 


Females in wrestling weren’t there for wrestling. That was the era of the cheaper women’s matches. In most places we weren’t taken seriously. But Lee Best treated us all equally. He didn’t do “bitch battles.” And that allowed me to show everyone who the hell I was. I beat a person who at that time was formidable but as with time became an obscure reference. But by winning that title, I cemented that I was here to do something. I made big names at the time take notice of me because of that title. That match earned the respect of many back in the day.


That match was the start of friendships that are still solid today. But HOW was a completely different animal then compared to now.


I talk about patriarchy and people roll their eyes. It’s actually not Lee Best I’m talking about. It’s never been Lee best that I refer to. Childish, sure, because that’s the stuff he does, however I never refer to him as the patriarchy. He’s a perverted old crazy asshole, true. But he’s also a psychotic evil genius.


I have to clarify that I’m talking about the knuckle draggers… imbeciles that are on The Board. The ones who have to make some sexual references with me or some derogatory comment about me being a female. They surround themselves with females… I’m talking about people exactly like JPD, a walking hypocrite. A manipulator who only surrounds himself with females, because it looks better for him.


It’s a great facade he attempts to show the world he’s a friend to females. The truth of the matter is he is chaotic and toxic to females. Tara knew that that’s why she’s not around anymore. I didn’t need to be around to know all the details on that. It was obvious. So, he has weaker females around him because he knows a stronger female wouldn’t stay and tolerate it. And now he’s duped another female wrestler into dating him. The interesting thing is if you look at a narcissist, they’re not always terrible people, they’re actually quite charming. That’s how they’re able to get people to believe their bullshit. And some people don’t have enough respect for themselves to be able to see through the fakeness.


I spent so much time racking my brain at what could I have possibly done so wrong to make a man want to destroy me on such an intimate level? The truth is that I scare him, a powerful woman is a very scary thing when you’re used to being in control. That’s the problem, he is used to having control and having subservient women and I spit in the face of everything he stands for. He’s been able to manipulate many women. And the most dangerous thing to him is a woman with the voice who can help other women come to their empowerment.


That’s why he has these King versus Queen battles, that’s why he takes issue with me being so loud and proud as an independent woman. Because I hold a mirror to everything that intimidates him. I am everything he can’t control and there’s nothing somebody like that detests more. So, he mocks my standing up for women’s rights. He mocks everything and turns it into a joke, which is all well and good because really that’s all he is, is a walking joke. I didn’t have to nearly die to get into the Hall of Fame. 


Now jokes have been made about me meeting other females in other promotions… Lexi Gold, even Former HOW wrestler Ms Troy… so of course because of the sexist men I’m a lesbian. It couldn’t possibly be that I actually am doing something that people fake in wrestling. I make friendships, I’m not like Jace who uses people then uses them as scapegoats. I know that there are still names I could call in my address book and they’d come out of the woodwork. Because I’m actually genuine.


So the irony that someone like Jace holds the LSD title when that belt was what started it all… it is a full circle moment.


Jace made himself one of my biggest enemies in this return of mine. Jace has felt so entitled that he felt the need to put himself in my path. An attention starved child, who when I dismissed him as a potential person, threw an even bigger tantrum and destroyed my loft. Not a man but a little boy…


The more you look at it. The more you see Mommy issues all over Jace. He needs a strong woman to put him in his place and punish him for these outbursts. If I have to become the mom of HOW and punish little boys for their bad behaviors, I guess that’s what I will do. And mommy will make an example out of Jace in my kitchen. Wooden spoons and all.




Ventura County California

The gated home of the Richard house


It had been over 20 years since there was one man she despised more than anyone, Shane Richard. Her first husband. He wasn’t ever much of a wrestler but she took him along with her in her early career. She was in love, young, and stupid. The memories came flooding back of her in court and him ripping her twins from her arms. A restraining order was placed because of the danger her career put the kids in. Of course, they wouldn’t remember being kidnapped for a few weeks until she agreed to return to the ring… Her eyes watered as she wrapped her arms around herself. She always had her, she knew she could always depend on herself. But how much had wrestling really cost her? She knocked on the door, there was no answer. She signed as she picked up the hidden key and opened the back yard gate. There a large white man sat poolside. She crossed her arms tightly.

Shane: Trespassing is a crime.

Bobbinette: I bought this damn house. 

He laughed and shook his head.

Shane: You did along with the pool and the cars in the driveway. You have provided me with a nice life.

He said in a matter-of-fact tone he stands and opens his arms for a hug. She crosses her arms even tighter and shakes her head taking a step back.

Bobbinette: That’s not happening.

 Bobbinette scoffs as he shrugs his shoulders.

Shane: Suit yourself. So, what brings you here? 

Bobbinette: Our daughter, she’s been living with me.

She says in a matter-of-fact tone. He shakes his head no but she nods her head in disagreement. 

Bobbinette: She showed up at my house in Parma. 

Shane: Why is she still with you? I told her I wanted her home and back in college not “playing wrestler.”

Bobbinette: Well, she’s an adult and she can do whatever she wants to do. She wanted to get some of her stuff to take to my house since she’s living with me. As well as follow in the family business.

Bobbinette proclaimed proudly. Shane looks annoyed as he walks through his house.

Shane: That’s not happening! 

Bobbinette: I tried to talk her out of it.

Shane: Oh, sure you did, Bobbie. I saw you and Ely a few months ago. 

Bobbinette: She’s half Carey and you know better than anyone what a Carey woman is like when she sets her mind to something.

Shane: If only it was the same about marriage. 

He says getting a dig in.

Shane: I’ve kept her away from your crap and all of a sudden she’s training with your sister and you’re letting her go to shows with you. 

He shakes his finger accusingly at her. Bobbinette glares holes at the finger.

Bobbinette: Brilliant! You kept them from me and this is my fault somehow?

She tucks her hair out of her face before crossing her arms tightly against her.

Shane: It’s your fault because you’re a bad mom! You always were! You put your career ahead of the kids!

A chuckle escaped her lips.

Bobbinette: I didn’t put my career ahead of them. I saved them, remember? They didn’t come for you, they came for me! They wanted to fight me. They took them because of me! They didn’t care about you because you were nothing! Just like you still are nothing and will always be nothing. But my name in the wrestling business actually means something. I’m sorry that you could never handle the fact that you’ve always been a beta.

Hearing the commotion, the elderly woman who Bobbinette avoided when picking up Majandra quickly walked out. It is Shane’s mother, Bobbinette’s former mother-in-law.

Barbara: Oh, no you do not, Missy!

The short haired older woman wore a tank top with gaudy flowers on it and grandma shorts. She almost sounds like an old Jewish New York grandma. She stands between Shane and Bobbinette. Bobbinette backs up as her nails dig into her own arms.

Bobbinette: Hey Babs you look great. Love the skin, it looks like shoe leather.

Barbara: Why are you even in California?

Bobbinette: A wrestling show. But I am here at this house because of my child.

Shane: Mother of the year….

Barbara: Wrestling! Of course! Saying it because of the kids is just an excuse, using my grand babies. My Bubbulahs. I thank God everyday that they are both nothing like you.

Bobbinette nods her head smirking.

Barbara: What? 

Bobbinette: Maj wants to wrestle!

She delivers the line with a big smile on her face smugly.

Barbra: I always said she was too much like you!

She looks at her son.

Barbara: This is your fault for ever even sleeping with her. You spoiled her too much.

The older woman throws her hands in the air.

Shane: That’s not fair mom. She is half Carey…

Barbara: I told her she could take over her grandfather’s car dealership. And college, what about college? We pay for her college education. What is she doing with that?

Bobbinette: I pay for it actually…

Bobbinette says under her breath. Barbara snaps her fingers in Bobbinette’s face and waves her finger from side to side.

Barbara: Everything good that happened from those kids is because of what we did. You just threw money at the problem.

There’s venom in the old lady’s words as she walks towards Bobbinette, her finger pointing at her with a sneer. Bobbinette stands her ground.

Bobbinette: Not much I could do with a restraining order against me from seeing my own kids. 

Shane: I was a single parent in my 20s! 

Barbara: Oh please, you didn’t want to be their mother. You never did! It’s why you ran back to wrestling when they were still little. You’ve always been selfish!

Bobbinette stands there just taking the berating from the older woman. She sighs heavily as the woman continues on and Bobbinette tunes her out. Finally, Majandra walks down the staircase with a big box in her hand with some bags in her arms. Clearly, the girl was doing a one trip only attempt by filling her arms with bags as well as carrying the box.

Majandra: Bubbe…. 

Barbara’s tune changes completely as she sees her granddaughter.

Barbara: Maj, you’re breaking my heart! You know I’ve got a bad heart. Do you want me to end up in the hospital? All because you’re going with… her?

Majandra shakes her head as her grandmother kisses her on the cheeks squeezing her face.

Majandra: She’s my mother, Bubbe.

Barbara: Was I not enough? Did I do a bad job?!

Shane: You’re hurting your grandmother, Majandra….

Majandra looks at her grandmother and her face starts to look guilty. Bobbinette knew that her ex mother-in-law was amazing at guilting people.

Bobbinette: I am sure you’ve been amazing.

Barbara looks surprised at hearing her statement. The grandmother beams with pride.

Barbara: See?

Bobbinette: Maj, did your grandmother ever tell you the story of when we found out you were twins?

Barbara’s eyes widen quickly as she shakes her head with worry on her face.

Shane: I don’t think I know this one.

He says leaning against the banister of the staircase.

Barbara: I was proud to see those two little heart beats. It stole my heart at first sight.

Bobbinette laughs, shaking her head no.

Bobbinette: Yes, at the Abortion clinic you took me to.

Barbara looks completely busted. Shane looks confused as he looks at his ex wife then his mother. Majandra stands there in shock.

Bobbinette: You remember, Babs? I was 19 and living with you guys. We were just about to buy this house… you wanted me to get rid of it because I was ruining his life even more and I was a stupid kid?

Bobbinette’s face takes her back to the memory as she quotes the words spoken to her.

Bobbinette: I said I was keeping the baby. You told me to just listen to “my options.” They did the ultrasound and showed two heart beats and you cried… you said two was even worse and I did it to trap your son… my husband at the time. You cried when I said I was keeping my babies. 

The room is silent at this reveal. Bobbinette looks at her daughter.

Bobbinette: Well, this has been fun, let’s not do this again….

Bobbinette says, shaking her head waving bye as her hand grabs the door. As she starts to walk out Barbara gets the final say.

Barbara: You continue to shame your mother. She died of a broken heart cause you.

Bobbinette’s entire body tenses up. She slowly turns around as in one step, she is in the older woman’s face who seems to be caught by surprise. Shane steps up wanting to intervene but also shocked.

Bobbinette: Listen good, you leave my mom’s name out of your mouth… or I stop paying for this life that you’ve all gotten accustomed to on my dime for decades. Yes, I was a bad mom. But you will never speak of my mother again or I will make sure those mob friends you told Maj about show up on your doorstep.

The woman trembles as Bobbinette stands up straight and adjusts her dress, putting on a large smile as she exits. Majandra walks behind her mother with her arms filled with her bags and boxes. She doesn’t say goodbye to her other family members. Majandra puts the stuff into her mom’s rental car in silence.

Majandra: Did you really have to do that?

Bobbinette raises an eyebrow.

Bobbinette: What?

Majandra: You’re so broken that you had to do that?

Bobbinette adjusts her seat as they drive off.

Bobbinette: That was something 20 years in the making… it was the truth.

Bobbinette doesn’t look remorseful at the statement.

Majandra: She’s old. You didn’t need to do that…

Bobbinette: They were trying to guilt you… I knew the only thing I could do was hit them in a way to stop it.

Majandra: You really are broken… fucking Jace.

Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders. 

Bobbinette: I was damaged long before. Jace just helped solidify my belief in the worst of people in this world. 

Majandra sits in silence. 

Bobbinette: That is the downside of wrestling. People are willing to go to great lengths and use mental warfare just to get themselves further ahead. You get into the head of your opponent then you throw them off their game. 

Bobbinette looks over at her daughter who appears less than amused by her answer.

Bobbinette: But Jace he is such a self absorbed piece of trash. He didn’t think of the repercussions of what he did. See, there’s a reason Scooter and I have been friends for years. Because there is a side of me… that matches his hardcore side. As much as I hate excessive violence… sometimes it’s earned. And sometimes you have to break bones and bust people open the hard way. 

Her eyes stay on the LA Traffic.

Bobbinette: You want to be a wrestler… but right now you’re having a crisis of conscience. I was simply standing up for you against her trying to manipulate you. If this is an issue for you… how do you expect to survive? In wrestling your feelings and your emotions are used against you. And as a woman, anything you do is judged harsher… I wouldn’t go through half the shit I do if I was a man in the business. That is why there has never been another me in wrestling.

She says in a matter-of-fact tone.

Bobbinette: I am a Hall of Famer. I didn’t have to have a near death experience to get into the Hall of Fame. I fucking earned it… Jace got it by being on The Board. I didn’t fucking vote for him. I earned my shit… he manipulated his station in life. He’s a usurper. A fraud to the title of King and he’s flaunting his actions around. He needs to be broken. His spirit, his bones, his mental health. I want to break it all.

Majandra looks over at her mother in silence, a look of worry spreads over her face.

Bobbinette: I’m broken and it’s beautiful. The way I intend on breaking him, though? I plan on using everything and the kitchen sink.


Bobbinette chuckles.


Majandra: But… you want to win the match, right?

Bobbinette: Sure, I’d love to win. But I’d love more to break his legs and leave him in a pool of his own blood. Shove him in the fridge and let his oxygen run out. Not let him get the chance to kick out of death this time. Do the whole world a favor and actually remove him, not just from wrestling, but the world. Save countless females the pain and heartache of manipulation by that prick.


Majandra sinks in her seat as Bobbinette smiles at this thought.


Bobbinette: That would help the wrestling industry, one small step for me, one giant step for feminism.


Bobbinette turns up the radio as Majandra takes out her phone and scrolls through social media as they continue their drive.