Master of the Craft.

Master of the Craft.

Posted on October 26, 2022 at 4:29 am by Xander Azula

Welcome to the penitentiary, Kyle McRae.

A prison you could’ve easily avoided, if you’d just taken the beating I gave you on the chin.

Apparently the four minutes of pain you suffered on your own turf wasn’t enough…like the hungry rookie you are, you came back for seconds.

But you weren’t counting on being served this, were you?

You seem to savor it so much that you want to step into my world.

You waltzed into the Best Arena a few weeks ago, stumbling into my territory as you tried to take away my moment in the spotlight.

And what did it get you?

You walked into the Xander Azula Superior Court, tried to argue your case against the judge, jury, and executioner…and you were charged with intrusion.

And your sentence?

A swift and decisive death to your fledgling career, courtesy of The Fighter…in the most fitting place to spend your final days of relevancy.

Welcome to the Rock, Granite Kid.

You wanted this opportunity, didn’t you?

Wanted to make a name for yourself?

You thought the best way to get revenge on me was to get on my level, by trying to meet me where I do my best work…but at Rumble at the Rock, this will be a different beast entirely.

The cage we’ll be in is defined by the fence surrounding a prison yard.

A yard you thought appropriate to walk into without any sense of awareness…and now, you’re facing the big dog.

A dog who likes to be creative with his attack.

See, despite what my moniker and reputation may tell you, I am not some simple-minded brute who likes to punch people really hard.

I’m a man who enjoys the art of fighting…so the match at Rumble at the Rock presents a bigger canvas to express myself.

Putting the pain in painting, if you will.

And you, Kyle McRae, are about to be the latest subject of a masterpiece of violence.

There will be no escape for you, Kyle…but you’re not really concerned with that, are you?

After all, you came after me with a PWA contract in hand after I embarrassed you in front of the crowd at the Goodfellas Casino, the sVo fans watching at home…and your boss, Jon Page.

No doubt, you’re looking to get back in his good graces after he cast you out of his kingdom for making an absolute mockery of his brand, of everything he built up over the past couple years to bring sVo back as a premier name in combat sports.

That’s a bold strategy, Kid…let’s see how well that plays out for ya.

Cause now, you’ve stepped into the gallery known as HOFC…and I am the featured artist.

Others dabbled in it as the need arose this year, but I have consistently been a master of the craft…and my signature is leaving behind broken spirits.

Look at what happened to Brian Hollywood, the first stepping stone on the path. Obsessed with taking as much punishment as he can, Brian is trying to prove he’s a tough man.

And then there’s Scott Stevens, who has now sworn his full and total loyalty to Lee Best, becoming a madman.

Imagine what I can do to you, Kyle.

How will your spirit be broken by The Fighter?

Perhaps grinding down the Granite Kid, slowly wearing down what’s left of your optimism inside that prison yard…and show you just exactly what you’re made of.

Just more material for a master craftsman to work with, until I make an example out of you.

It was one thing to put you down in front of your fans in Vegas, that was me going to worknow, I’m about to have some fun.

If you thought those four minutes were hell, just wait for the three minutes you’re trapped in that prison yard with me.

Three minutes of playtime.

Three minutes to really showcase my talents.

And when I’m done, this little uprising you tried to pull gets shut down…and you get to go back to Vegas, to your fans and Jon Page, and tell them you failed.

What will Page do with you then, Kyle?

Will he pat you on the back and say “it’s alright, you gave it your best shot”?

No, I think he’ll have you packing your bags and heading back to Scotland…forced to serve out the rest of your sentence.

And all because you tried to be a hero…but you will get no hero’s welcome.