March to Instinct Pt II

March to Instinct Pt II

Posted on March 26, 2020 at 11:57 pm by Brian Hollywood

“Fight. Conquer. Grind Harder. Overcome…Repeat…”


These are the endearing qualities that I look to instill as I take things one match at a time.  But there is another important quality that is dually just as important and that is respect.  When I started my time at the Five Time, I didn’t know what I was going to get.  I didn’t know what I was supposed to expect.  I’d say that my expectations were meant and then some when it came to not knowing what I was getting myself into.  When I first started, I was a hot some ways, I still fucking am.  But I’m starting to realize what is expected of me and I think I should really take the time to really state how respectful I am for the opportunity to be given the time to allow to better myself, not only as a wrestler, but an overall performer all the while bettering who I am as a person.   Two months ago, I would have NEVER expected to be where I’m at, but looking back, I’m honestly grateful that I’ve been able to develop further as a wrestler.  Looking at where I’m at in my career, I didn’t ever think that there was more that I could possibly learn and boy I couldn’t be ever more WRONG on that statement!  I feel great…I really do.  I’m learning something new every day and I only have Alan Ventura to thank for that.  I got to give credit where credit is due.  Never in a million fucking years would I have thought that I would be thanking workers from the Five Time, especially given my history with a couple men who have been all apart the Five Time, but here I am expressing my deepest of gratitudes.  But the work is only beginning..and I still have A LOT more to learn.  I still have a LONG road ahead of me…but this is where it needs to start, even if I still don’t fully see eye to eye with Alan.  But I needed to start there because after my performance the last week…I really owed that much to Alan so Alan…THANK YOU!  You’re still an asshole, but an asshole who knows what he’s talking about.  You’ll probably chastise me later for this…but at least I wanted to get that in.  You’ve really saved my career at this stage in my illustrious point..but you really do deserve the credit..”


So now…where to go from here?  Well it’s simple really…but when it comes to High Octane Wrestling, nothing really is simple, is it?  I’ve come to learn that throughout my entire career in HOW.  Even when it comes to this stipulation against Scott Stevens, where the loser between us won’t even have a chance to get onto the War Games card or even the War Games match itself, I can’t take it for granted.  No…instead I see it as an opportunity to continue to push with EVERY opportunity I’m given.  You see, Stevens, there is something you haven’t even realized when it comes to this match…EVERY match is a constant opportunity for me.  That is what I have expected for myself.  You of all people, though, should know that everything in High Octane is an opportunity.  Every match has some kind of meaning in the grand scheme of things.  It’s called a rankings system and for every match you win, you move up that rankings system.  This is just another reason why I continue to think outside of the box Stevens because while you’ve been mainly behind the scenes just continuing to “wait” for your next opportunity, I have taken the time to use every one of my matches as a moving platform that allows me to climb that ladder.  You haven’t been in great standing in HOW lately, and that has always been the difference between me and you…”


“While I have always pushed myself to that next match, you’ve always waited for Lee to dangle that fresh opportunity in front of you not knowing if that next match will be the most important.  But you see Stevens, EVERY match, in the grand scheme of things is IMPORTANT!  It’s ALWAYS been important and I’m going to tell you where you went wrong…again.  2019 was another rough year for you and so far in 2020, you’ve practically been a ghost.  You’ve had what, four matches?  The problem with that, though Stevens, is they’ve been far apart from each other and out of those four matches, you’ve managed to score one victory while I’ve managed to pile up three straight matches.  I started out 2020 with two losses.  I took a step back and gathered that was already TOO MANY when it came to wrestling this year in HOW.  Sure, I get that I may not win every match…that much was apparent in my match against Alex Redding and Steve Solex.  But I took those hard losses and learned from them.  I didn’t get a chance at getting revenge against Redding, but I sure as hell did against Solex and he’s the number one dad in all of High Octane Wrestling.  But what I did was analyze my losses and really took a step back and actually thought WHY I lost them and what I could do to make it better for myself moving forward and that is something you absolutely MUST do…especially this age in HOW.”


“So tell me Stevens…what did you learn with your losses?  I’ll tell you what you learned.  Absolutely NOTHING!  Why?  Because Scott Stevens is complacent in High Octane Wrestling and he knows that no matter what, he’ll get that shot that comes around and he’ll be just fine. 




“You see, you’re just the same old Scott Stevens.  Always trying to analyze the next opponent through tape and some cheesy promo either about your history, or some big reason on the lack of urgency you’re facing in your career and right now, Stevens, we are IN that moment..and I’m not just talking about myself, but rather, YOU as well…the BOTH of us are in that urgency when it comes to our careers.  You blatantly admit that you’re getting to the point in HOW where your opportunities are starting to become shorter and shorter and very few and far between.  A great example of that is the LBI.  Where the fuck were you even at?  Lee didn’t even bother booking you in the LBI…I wonder why?  But yet a guy like me, who practically ended 2019 with loss after loss, and had an undoubtedly shitty year, was included in the LBI.  Why do you think that was Stevens?  What do you think the answer to those questions are?  Did you just decide to take a backseat in the tournament and just not compete?  Or did Lee hold you out for a reason?  Don’t bother in answering that, Stevens…I’ll answer that for you…”


“Lee didn’t see anything valuable you could possibly bring to the table.  Nada.  Zip. Zero. Zilch.  I don’t mean that as a hardcore shot to you Stevens…but I absolutely mean that as a hardcore shot.  How many HOW rookies were included in the LBI?  We had a pretty good record number of them.  Take a HOW veteran like yourself.  You could have easily been included in that field.  You SHOULD have been included in that field but why do you think you weren’t?  Why would Lee take more of a risk with people who’ve never fucking wrestled one god damn match in HOW over a guy who’s been in HOW with a track record of accolades over the past decade?  Pretty curious isn’t it?  Maybe it’s because Lee sees you as I do.  Complacent.  High risk, no reward at this stage in your career.  The problem with you Stevens, is that you always fizzle out and you spiral out of control.  You’ve said it yourself, you’ve been there before and alarmingly, more than once.  So what do you do to LEARN from it?  How do you pick yourself up and move the fuck on?  You don’t.  You, like many people I’ve faced with this problem, are always dwelling on the past.  Why do you think I’ve been so successful with continuing on in my career?  Why do you think I was so successful in busting out win after win throughout my career with winning streaks?  It’s because I DON’T dwell on the past.  I move the fuck on and I figure out what and how the fuck I’m going to make myself better…”


“Take this run for example.  I was dog shit in 2019, but what do you think I finally did to change that?  I decided that I was going to ADAPT and stop relying on my past antics and figure out something FRESH for my career.  Why do you think I took such a big fucking risk in throwing everything I knew out the window?  It was because I genuinely WANTED to get better!  It was because I genuinely WANTED to develop myself into a better wrestler instead of dwelling and hanging out in the past where I knew that if I continued to go down that road…my HOW career…hell my wrestling career as a whole would have been fucking over!  I wasn’t about to go down that road!  I have so much more to offer this company and even myself!  I know that there is far more that I can do to make another difference in HOW.  So I did the ONE fucking thing I knew I would NEVER do in my career, and that was go BACK to the well and take a turn straight into a man I’ve always considered a rival and an enemy..and went straight into his fucking gym so I could DEVELOP myself to be better.  I gave in to my ego…the ego that I built over the years into epicness but an ego that ultimately got me into fucking trouble and I leveled the fuck out of it all for the sake of becoming something BETTER!  Someone fucking BETTER because I knew that I could be.  If there was just a fucking SHRED of a chance, no matter how big or low that chance was, of turning my career around and having a chance to become better, I was going to fucking take it because that’s the kind of man I’ve always been Stevens!  I may have completely dropped everything I once was, but the one constant that has always been engraved into my DNA was the prospect of taking that chance when I knew I saw one of becoming better.  That is the one thing that has always stood the test of time with me, Stevens, and that will NEVER change as I continue to move forward in my career!”


“So here we are…March to Glory…ONE fucking match to determine if we even GET a CHANCE at wrestling at War Games…I don’t know about you Stevens, but that shit really bothers me but not in the way that you think.  We’re still in the March to Glory PPV period, hell, the show hasn’t even happened yet but we are already in danger of not even being considered to wrestle at War Games or be apart of the War Games match itself…that is VERY disturbing to me, Stevens, and it should be for you, too.  But the difference here is that you’ve been here before Stevens and are already accustomed to it.  That’s not a very great place to be.  You said it yourself, you’ve already missed one War Games period so what’s the difference in missing one more, right?  I know what TRULY haunts you, Stevens..and it isn’t even our match.  It’s the fact that even if you were to go on your best of streaks, you STILL let the risk of not being picked for the big one get to you.  I know that tears the very fabric of your being, Stevens and I will say…I GET IT!  I get why you feel that way..hell, I would feel the same way but at the same time, I’ve NEVER been the most popular choice for a War Games team no matter how well I was doing or even if I’m a former two time HOW World Champion.  But I don’t let it get to me, Stevens, because remember…I’m always thinking of that ONE fucking chance…no matter how minor of being able to FIND some WAY of getting into that main event, Stevens.  Chances drive me, Stevens, no matter how little they may be because if there is one thing that has always kept me motivated, it was the element of chance and SURPRISE of just WHO or WHAT will happen to get you in that main event.  I’m always in go mode in HOW and I have learned that if you do things the right way and go about it the right way, you will EARN that opportunity…no matter what people have ever thought about you because they BELIEVE in you and if they see the heart, they will take that CHANCE in believing in you and that is the ultimate, most powerful tool you can possess in High Octane Wrestling and that is why I constantly believe in it.  You have to if you want to be someone in HOW, Stevens…you’ve seen that in me and you know that is what will ALWAYS drive me in the end…even now at this stage in my career when I have gone back to the basics of basics, I truly believe I can STILL make a difference in HOW and I’m going to prove that this Saturday at March to Glory, Stevens, and that is why I believe I will prosper and continue my momentum with another win.”


“Even now, you would rather sit in a hotel and look back on tape and be debbie downer on your luck rather than ultimately work for it, Stevens.  Again, in your ultimate comfort of complacency, you think watching tape and talking a monologue about both of our careers will be enough to get you that win to keep your hopes alive of getting onto the War Games PPV but that is the ultimate lie, isn’t it Stevens?  It’s a wound that runs deep and those scars are more than just visible injuries you’ve racked up throughout your HOW career.  It’s scars of being rejected and ultimately not feeling like you’re worth a fuck no matter what you do and that is the thing that will haunt you forever after our match this Saturday at March to Glory, Stevens, and I’m going to fucking prove that to you.  You’ve got to keep PUSHING yourself no matter how you’re feeling Stevens, and I’m going to be that final push that pushes you into oblivion when it comes to War Games, Stevens, because I know I’m not fucking done yet.  That is why, even now with just being a few days away from March to Glory, that I’m busting my ass and pushing my endurance in getting better and finding that extra notch I need to persevere with another win.  Every match is important to me, Stevens, and our match…even with a big stipulation on the line, is as important to me as the next match before it happens.  That is why I have been able to push myself with win after win after I started off with a loss in the LBI knowing full well that that could have been my curtain call when it came to earning another shot at the HOW World Championship at March to Glory.  But did it stop me?  No!  Instead I was looking at the long game and KNOWING that I would find another way of getting back to the HOW World Championship and I have that opportunity to do just that when we lock up in the Coliseum this Saturday in Rome, Stevens.”


“This Saturday I have the chance to further prove that I still have what it takes to get myself back to the HOW World Championship.  Am I always thinking about getting the big one back?  Absofuckinglutely!  That is ALWAYS going through my mind but to start, it always begins with a HOW am I going to do that?  Even if that means I have to take the long road and bust my fucking ass in doing it.  Like I all goes back to EARNING everything and LEARNING something along the way and that is what I’ve been doing the last month and a half and I’m only going to push myself forward and get better.  I have found new life in myself, Stevens, all the while learning more about the appreciation of wrestling itself.  The only thing I regret is not finding it sooner…but I can’t let that get to me…I WON’T let that get to me!”


“So I’m going to tell you how this is going to go this Saturday Stevens.  It’s going to go from you missing War Games to getting picked last BACK to not making War Games once again and it’s going to be one big TOXIC STING for you once that bell rings and it’s all over with…because then you are going to realize what you should have been doing all along and what you should have been thinking about.  That is going to be the hard reality of what you’re going to learn Stevens, and after this match is all over and done with…you’re going to have all the time in the world as we get closer to War Games, to think about that reality and your basic instinct you’re going to feel is just how right I was and how wrong you were in thinking the way you did.  It’s going to be the biggest regret of your life, Stevens, and I’m not going to apologize for it in the least bit…because at the end of the day…it’s going to mean that my fight to better myself and get further in my redemption in my career is going to continue all the while you continue to sit in constant limbo proving to Lee Best, myself and everyone in HOW in just why you delegated and fell to the background in HOW.”


“I still expect this to be one hell of a match against each other Stevens, but I’m going to continue to surprise the HOW masses and yourself in showing just why I want it more.  I’ve always wanted it more and my training at the Five Time has proven that.  It has obviously shown me how important it is for me and I’m not about to give all that up Stevens!  I’m just going to push to be the better man once again in our chronicled history of just why I’m always finding a way to get the better of you.  It’s always been my basic instinct to be better and that much will be evident when we lock up in the middle of that coliseum.  It really isn’t anything personal Stevens, but it sure as hell is personal to me to constantly push myself to be better and grind out even harder with every passing match that comes in front of me.  It’s also going to show the GOD of HOW just how serious I am at rebettering myself and wanting to get back to the top of HOW once again.  One way or another, Stevens, that has, is and will always be my ultimate goal.  There’s no secrecy in that.  So come time for this Saturday, I expect you to come out and give me everything you’ve got because I will settle for nothing less, Stevens.  But in the end, I will just show you the error in your mistakes and just what I’m capable of accomplishing in my career in the current in HOW…because in the end and at the end of our match, Stevens, it will always continue to be, to me…a basic instinct as that is what will ALWAYS drive me…I’ll see you Saturday, Stevens…”



Five Time Academy


March 25, 2020


The scene opens up as Hollywood has been continuing that intensity in the middle of the ring as he continues to train with Alan Ventura.  What started off as back and forth spatting against each other has turned into a more focused Hollywood on concentrating on bettering himself as a more seasoned wrestler as he learns to push his endurance further and further..


Just a few short days ago, Hollywood had the fear and frustration on his mind about having to face Stevens with his War Games opportunity already on the line.  Hollywood had every right to feel frustrated amid the stipulation for his match against Stevens…but Alan Ventura has helped show him the importance about staying focused and not getting distracted by the legality of his situation.  Ventura has taught Hollywood that patience and keeping focused on the bigger picture meant the urgency of continuing his drive to be a better wrestler…no matter what the situation.  Endurance, and finding a way to channel it properly were two key ingredients Hollywood needed moving forward.  There were several times in the past where Hollywood let the current situation of his wrestling state get the better of him and it has cost him in some key highlighted moments of his career.  Not this time.  Hollywood had already come a long way in finding the better of every situation he was in.  Alan had helped teach him that and with that, Hollywood all of a sudden stops his current training session in opening up to Ventura.


Brian Hollywood: “Look man…I know we’ve already had our differences and that I’ve made things difficult for you…but I feel right now what I really owe you is a…..thank you…”


Surprisingly, Alan didn’t immediately comment right after Hollywood.  He stood there for a few moments and actually took in the history that was unraveling in front of his eyes.  I guess you could say that when it came to Hollywood and the type of man he was, gratitude and praise were the least in Hollywood’s portfolio of accolades and even Alan was showing an ego when it came to taming Hollywood’s ego.  It sure was a tall task, but Alan definitely didn’t waste the opportunity in bragging about it.


Alan Ventura: “Heh…I’ll be honest…when I heard you were coming to the Five Time in wanting to become a better wrestler and actual LEARN something, I had my fucking doubts no nuts.  But I’ve gotta say..I’m pretty surprised with the way things have turned out.  You see tweedle fuck, you actually CAN CHANGE!  You can want that drive SO MUCH that you can make a difference and really turn your career around.  Now we’re FAR from fucking done learning shit…but….this is a start..”


Brian Hollywood: “I just felt that I needed to thank you.  My three wins as of late can all be credited to you, Alan, and I really am grateful for everything you’re doing for me.”


Alan Ventura: “Now don’t get carried away now with stupidity fucker.  YOU are the reason you have been able to win again.  Sure…I may be teaching you the proper way of being a good fucking wrestler, but at the end of the day it was YOU that believed in yourself and actual took what I’ve TEACHED you and used it properly.  That is all you, asshole.  I want you to remember that…believe it or not…I’ve always believed you could actually do it.  You’re a fantastic wrestler and you’ve always been able to adapt in that ring and that is what has kept you fresh over all these years.  You just had to find your own way and I like to think you’ve done that….just don’t let it go to your fucking head now douchebag!”


Hollywood lets out a little bit of a smirk as Alan’s hard love, but true speech rings true for Hollywood.  Alan could have very well helped Hollywood divert a true disaster against Stevens this Saturday with how Hollywood was thinking..but that was simply the beginning.  Hollywood still had a test against Stevens coming this Saturday and now it was up to Hollywood to push himself forward.


Brian Hollywood: “Either way…you’ve given me something more to think about as I prepare to take on Stevens, Alan…and I’m not going to take that in vein!”


Alan nods his head in agreement as he just stands there and looks at Hollywood for a brief moment.  You could definitely see the wheels turning inside of Ventura’s head as he contemplated with his decision on what he was going to say next and boy did what he have to say was going to shock him next…


Alan Ventura: “I’m definitely curious as to what you’re going to do next Hollywood…that’s why I’m going to not only root for you this Saturday but I’m going to do it…IN PERSON!  That’s right…I’m going to be in your corner this Saturday….for better or for worse….you’ve earned it!”


Hollywood looks surprised as he couldn’t believe what Ventura just said.  Now things were really going to get interesting as Hollywood officially could call Alan his manager moving forward as the true March to Glory…proceeded on as the scene slowly fades to black…