Man of Many Hats

Man of Many Hats

Posted on January 27, 2021 at 8:10 pm by Devin DeSean

“ Lets see …. which hat shall I put on this time …. Baker … tossed ….. Model … can’t toss the truth about me …. better All-Around then Johnny Dorn…Couldn’t toss that one away if I tried! “

“ This headgear while not a fit for me, will fit you JUST right, Dorn! ”

“ This protective gear is used to protect SPECIAL people like you from hurting yourself, I will even bring it for you to our fight. Not like it will change me taking out a ONE TRICK PONY like youself! “

“ I can understand you are freaking out, a dunce cap wearer like you can understand you are not ready for me. I may not be a baker like you asked, but I do have a recipe for a more successful career then yours! “

“ It’s clear that you are racking that mind of yours…Just how can I beat someone like Devin DeSean, he’s sooo skilled and well rounded. So, to save myself and those watching some time … just do something you have never done in your life and fuck off politely! “

Devin pauses and feigns uneasy at cursing.

“ Sorry, my Sweet Things! I am sorry about the language there! But now let me get back on track. This is the farthest you will reach in the DeNucci Cup! I am not as experienced in the wrestling business like you are, I imagine that since I have only been training for less then a year….”

He nods as he pauses for a second.

“ Now, you did pose a question…How does one join an event like the DeNucci Cup, with not knowing anything about it? Great, great question…. Honestly! I’m shocked someone with your deficiencies was able to come up with that….”

Devin wears that ego filled smirk of his.

“ It is simple, I put feelers out to work for HOW among other places, and it was deemed by the office that I would be a good X FACTOR, the unknown element that tends to bring something special to an event! Kind of like Lee was most likely hoping you would bring some of that home grown Northside spirit to the event.  Sure, you brought more than that southside reject, but from what I understand the Southsider’s are even dimmer than your lot! So it wasn’t impressive …“

“ In this event, you have brought out the typical trash talk and you want to compare mine to Dishwater…you know what … your not wrong to compare my material to something that makes things fresh and clean, and removing dirt like you! Your material is broken, wasteful, and uselessly overdone! So, take a seat and allow me to toss the playfulness out the window and give you a rundown of just how bad and pathetic your career is inevitably going to be! “

“ You seem more concerned with drinking your Tito’s and Bangs that you had to mention that you are not drinking it, that you needed to mention it tells you may need help. Don’t worry I will give you lots of time to drink every bit of it once I bounce you. I imagine that will be the only way to deal with the ridicule coming your way when you lose to a model! “

“ You may want to try your talents on the music scene though! Given you will have more time on your hand! That was a decent tune, better then anything else I have seen you do! It must suck to be someone that made a comment about being better then Mike Best and the son that Lee wants, when you wouldn’t be able to beat his dead son in a Last Man Standing match! See … look at how easy this is playing the crappy toons of tough guy, let me educate you some more. “

“You’re going to take this L harder than you took Solex’s fist, harder then 25lbs of comp-B in your mouth, you will be waking up after the event feeling like you just got hit harder than the combined force of every single home run in the history for both of Chicago’s baseball teams! You will be lost and forgotten more than all the mafia’s disappeared! “

“ Let me educate you on the last thing you need to remember! And it’s this ONE … IMPORTANT … THING! You will never be as great as PRETTY… BOY… DEVIN … DeSean!