Making The Cut

Making The Cut

Posted on April 6, 2021 at 5:35 pm by Scottywood

“You’ve cut too much!  Look at all the red!”

“Please… put the scalpel down!”

Shut up Frankie!

My character is dead… says everyone.  Hang up his boots… he can’t develop anymore.  Plus HOFC isn’t the place to try, right Mike?  This is where we cut each other with our shoots while Deadpooling that wall until we all witness Lee Joey Conrading us?

Silent… he’s a verb now.

See I got movie jokes too… but really Arnold?  That’s like the first meme some internet fuck would post in a chat room minutes after watching my promo and giggling at the word tumor.

And maybe you can handle your divorce better than me Mike… fucking congrats?  But it’d be easier for me to escape from mine too here if I was the “can do nothing wrong” Mike Best.  Who could dump the biggest pile of shit on the table here and everyone would eat it faster than your wife’s pussy.

But like I said, let’s fucking go Mike!  Please try to cut me down… “friend” because while you can claim the most accolades here… I without a doubt can claim to have the thickest skin ever here… period.  Thicker than yourself, Zionthews and even Stevens.  I have taken well over a decade of abuse from both you and your father… from my “family” and because of my thick skin and for who knows what other masochistic reasons, I’m still here… barely.

Oh but what about all the famous Scottywood meltdowns over the years?  Dropping shoot names on HORs, that Great Dane bitch or even the implosion of HATE.  Sure, I got emotions Mike… feelings… empathy… all are more words I know you need your dictionary for.  Yep, I’d be able to deal with shit WAY easier if I had complete apathy for everyone.  But me Mike… I care… or cared… about HOW more than anyone… even maybe Lee. 

Speaking of shoot names, who spent hours dubbing your original HOW name off HOTv cause someone was too half-brained to use it here?  He has his whole brain still?  That’s even more hilarious.  You should really do the job of licking my asshole for that work.

The Hardcore Artist’s tough skin has kept me somewhat sane Mike.  It might have bled plenty for HOW… but those superficial cuts are easy to make.  Though I’m sure Easy-M will take full advantage of that come Saturday.  But you will not cut the person that is me Mike.  You have nothing that can shake me Mike.  I’ve had a fucking tumor cut out of the middle of my brain… you think ANYTHING you say is gonna cut me deeper? 

You and your discord sideshow group can put me and everyone else in HOW down.  I don’t give a fuck if you think The Hardcore Artist… or anything about me is outdated… or I should have evolved over the years.  Just because it was created in the nineties and I still enjoy it.  For me, The Hardcore Artist is who I am.  He is my escape from the present… a present that fucking sucks.  When I take that hockey stick and wrap it across someone’s fucking head … I’m at peace from the shit stirring inside the remnants of my brain.

I agree… I have done NOTHING this era, no arguments there… well other than beat… um… oh yeah, Jiles.  But hey, let’s give that guy a second World Title shot after that.  Trust me Mike, I’m not bitter about that.  I’ve never asked for anything this year.  Cause I didn’t deserve it… I don’t deserve this shot.

But I did claim I would beat you for that HOFC Title back when the DeNucci Cup started…

Everyone thought I was crazy… and I was… I am… or just drunk.

But after I “failed”, Mike Best’s ego had to give it a shot to come true.  Knowing that I hold that HOFC “win” against you.  You couldn’t let that rest… even after you have tried to blow it up with a cannon blast.  Sure, it was never a physical bout.  It was… magic?  But what it is… is ANOTHER title I’ve taken from you.  Fine, I can make it a third Mike.

I may not have earned it… but I’m paying into this match. 

I said I was serious last night.  

Tonight I show you. 

“I can’t believe you cut them… you’re dreads… they’re gone.”

Scalpel drop.

Frankie, razor!