Madness in the Multiverse

Madness in the Multiverse

Posted on May 13, 2022 at 11:14 pm by Brian Hollywood

Oh I bet you think you’re so cute, don’t you Xander?


Thanks for looking out for number one!  Tell me something I already didn’t know, would you?


Being alone isn’t a curse…it’s a fucking god damn gift!  I haven’t needed anyone in my corner to get to the top of the mountain before..what makes you think this time is any fucking different?


I thrive on being alone.  It’s what focuses me.  I don’t have to worry about the constant distractions or the constant unknown factor of what it means to have to rely on someone to get by.  Oh but that doesn’t pertain to you, does it Xander?  No, you’ve got a whole War Games team to give you that solace.  I may have not made War Games…but I would have made for a horrible team player.  You want to know why?  It’s because I KNOW I don’t have to rely on someone to get the job done!


There’s so many elements that could go wrong for you in a War Games match…especially since the only thing anyone on any team cares about is that HOW World Championship.  There isn’t a single member of the War Games team you’re apart of that gives two fucks about you, Xander.  You qualified and that’s all it’s going to be for you.  I know for a fact not one person on your team is going to have your back.  Can they blame them?  All you did was fucking sneak onto that team.


Don’t forget who you are, Xander.  The only thing you are is pathetic and you’re just like me…a man that not a single HOW roster member gives two fucks about.  Unlike you, though, I don’t give a rats ass what people think of me.  I didn’t get to the top of the mountain with any support, let alone any help.  I don’t need a support section, so what makes you think I need any sympathy heading into our fight on Sunday?


You may be apart of War Games, but that doesn’t change what the outcome of our fight is going to be.  Seems you need reminded that things in HOW can change weekly on the drop of a simple dime.  But I won’t judge you too harshly..I mean, afterall, you think one win over an over the hill Hall of Famer automatically erases your recent trouble.


And that’s what it is.  You are just as fucking far down into the mud as I am.  It makes no difference if all that separates us is which one of us is on War Games or not.


It still doesn’t erase the stench that you’ve left in that ring when it comes to being victorious.  You reek of failure and believe me, I know the smell when I get a whiff of it.


Truth is…it doesn’t matter what universe you’re living in for the day…you’re still the same ole Xander Azula.  A man.  A broken man who has nothing left to back up his shit other than a piss poor recent record.  You’re just as pathetic as I am since you’ve put it so trifle harshly.


I don’t need to point out accolades or championships to get a point across so congratulations if you wasted your time in assuming I’d take that path.  My career has spoken for itself but you are right about one thing….lately, I’ve been stuck in a rock and a hard place…but the same logic can be used against you too, Xander.


When it comes to psychological warfare, I’m not only one of the most dangerous, but I can fire that right back in your face.


Nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose..and it just so happens that here recently, all I’ve been in the mood for is a fucking fight.  I don’t need a wrestling match to take that frustration out.  I can just fight and quite frankly, I could use it.  You’re going to find out what’s on the receiving end of a man who could have turned things around if he had just qualified for War Games.  I can assure you, I will be at the Pay Per View and I will make my own impact.


But first I’m going to send a man who’s clearly mad and out of his mind back to his own universe because it’s obvious to me that you need to learn just how fragile things in HOW are and how quickly they can change just like that!